Crispiest Liempo and more at PenPen Restaurant

January 19, 2010
It was a Saturday night and almost every bar along Tomas Morato was jam packed as usual. It was almost midnight and so we no longer expect to find a decent bar within the area where my friends and I could spend the night. Good thing my friend Pol encouraged us to try to check out the resto bar where he and his other friends have gone to for a get-together. Upon arriving, I was in awe that he actually took us to a resto I’ve been wanting to visit for a food review.

It was late last year, when I started bugging my friends to accompany me to PenPen Restaurant in Tomas Morato after one of the owner and actor Ping Medina, started posting photos in Facebook of dishes that they serve. Due to different schedules and other pending Restaurants and Food Reviews, it was only this month that I had a chance to go out with friends, and as luck would have it, in front of me that night was my next target for Restaurant Review.

It was almost midnight when we get there and it looks like they were about to close. Luckily, the lady-in-charged told us that they can still accommodate us since there’s still a party on the Up-stair Bar. We were thankful for the kind gesture and so we started placing our orders.

Their menu consist mostly of Filipino Cuisine but with a remarkable PenPen twist, the main reason why this resto is slowly but surely gaining raves and good feedback from their customers.

Aside from the buckets of beer, we decided to order Crispiest Liempo and Mini Cordon Bleu for our pulutan (appetizer).

Also, we tried their Bicol Express, Chicken and Bacon Creamy Carbonara, Pesto Veggie Carbonara, and Pen-Pen Pandesal with Kesong Puti and Basil Pesto Sauce.

Their Crispiest Liempo, considered as PenPen Restaurant’s pride, I must say is the main star of the night. It is pork loin strips, sliced thinly and fried until golden brown and crispy. It can be paired with hot steamed rice, but it is the best when you eat it with a bottle of cold beer.

The Mini-Cordon Bleu are baked chicken nuggets stuffed with garlic cream cheese served with creamy mayo dip. This one has a distinct taste not comparable to any other cordon bleu I have tasted; I guess that’s what makes this restaurant special.

Their Bicol Express is the first dish that graced our table and it is an instant hit in the group. You can have it Spicy or Semi-spicy depending on your taste buds. The chunks of pork is so tender and the bagoong they used for the thick sauce is not that strong therefore it doesn’t over-power the taste of the entire dish.

Chicken and Bacon Creamy Carbonara is so far one of the best carbonara I have ever tasted. The tasty and creamy sauce is smothered in the al dente pasta with a generous mixture of bits and chunks of Chicken and Bacon.

Although I love their Creamy Carbonara, I am more impressed with their Pesto Veggie Pasta. The small chunks of vegetables are generously mixed on the creamy pesto sauce which gives it a little kick once it hits your palate. A good choice for vegans and for those who would want to stick on a healthy diet.

Lastly, we tried PenPen Pandesal with Kesong Puti and Basil Pesto Sauce. It is a big pandesal with Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, and Kesong Puti (Cottage Cheese) drizzled with Basil-Pesto Sauce. I never had Kesong Puti with any of these added veggies and so I never thought that the crunch on the vegetable compliments the distinct taste of the cheese. The basil Pesto sauce gives little kick of sweetness to it, so, if you’re the type who doesn’t want something sweet on your bread, you could just forgo the sauce.

PenPen Restaurant, having a tag line of “Comfort Food Araw-Araw” is true to every word of it since their home style cooked dishes are not just delicious, but affordable as well. The friendly and accommodating staff adds to the laid back and homey feel of the entire resto and so anyone would instantly feel that they would want to go back there anytime.

I recommend this resto to foodies who are looking for affordable and delicious food in a relaxing atmosphere. The next time that I’ll visit there, I’ll definitely give the Aligue Pasta, Creamy Garlic Calabas Soup, and Baked Bangus Belly a try.

PenPen Restaurant
Comfort Food Araw-Araw
105-C Scout Castor Street,
South Triangle, Quezon City.
Contact no. 411-41-57
They accept Reservation and Catering

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