Chili's Grill & Bar at Tomas Morato, Quezon City

June 11, 2009

After months or even years of not seeing each other, it is always good to spend a dinner with good old friends over a plateful of delectable food couple up with stories to share to catch up with each others lives.

When I finally have a chance to meet up with my friends, we roam around Tomas Morato in search for a nice resto where we could spend the night away without the hustle and the noise of local bars where we used to meet up during college days.

Chilli's Tomas Morato is a perfect place because aside from the good food that they serve, they also have a great customer service and really nice ambiance.

Marinated, grilled chicken breast w/ BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, mixed cheese and diced tomatoes. Served with mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy and seasonal veggies.

Generous portions of marinated tender pork belly grilled to perfection. Served with Pueblo rice and fresh veggies with sour spicy vinegar and garlic sauce for dipping.
Grilled marinated chicken breast with rice and fresh veggies.
Since the food is so good, I cannot help myself but to bring home some more.

It was a night of good catching up stories, good friends, and good food on a good night like it was.

Chili's Bar and Grill -Tomas Morato
199 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Fernandez
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone Number: (02) 372-5007 

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