President Tea House in Binondo

June 01, 2009

Growing up, I have fond memories of our family with our relatives eating at President Tea House in Ongpin. Even as a child, we all grew up eating and loving Chinese Food, owing to the fact that we come from Chinese Ancestors.

I could still remember how my cousins and I would be so delighted upon knowing that it's gonna be one Ongpin Trip for all of us during Sundays where everyone in the family has nothing to do. It was like a tradition that has been put into a halt when everyone else moved to different places.

Although my parents would still bring us there sometimes, it is still different if we can share the delectable food to my cousins and other relatives whom we grew up with, loving the food that they served.

Now, that my cousins and I were already grown up and have our own respective jobs, we decided to treat our parents to President Teahouse in Ongpin. Unfortunately, our grandparents are no longer around to experience yet another trip to Ongpin and savor our much loved Chinese cuisine.

Beef with Brocolli is my younger sister's favorite. This is one dish that made her eat vegetable.

Who doesn't like Sweet and Sour Pork? Not I. This is actually the first Chinese dish that I have come to love.

Chopsuey. Need I say more?

What is Chinese meal without the Pancit with generous toppings of vegetable and meat.

Steamed Chicken with butter and garlic sauce is one dish you can never forget.

Yang Chow fried rice, a must in every Chinese meal.

It's our first time to order this here in this resto and I never thought Seaweeds tasted this good.

This one, Honeyed Chicken With White Sauce and Sesame Seed is a must try. The combination of sweetness, spicyness, and the crispyness of the chicken is simply to die for.

Their Fried Chicken may look oh so lame, but beware. It is tasty. It is crispy. It is juicy. It is delicious.

Aside from their dimsum, this Short Spare Ribs in White sauce is my mother's all time favorite.

Fried Seafood Roll is my personal favorite. Crispy on the outside but once you take a bite of it, seafood meats such as shrimp, squid, and fish fillet which are surprisingly moist because of the white sauce will pop out.

This feast has always been and will always be a family affair.

President Teahouse, has always been my family's favorite. And I will surely let my future children grow up loving this Chinese resto.

President Tea House
Ongpin St., Binondo
Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 246-9082

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