Kamayan Restaurant's Buffet Grande

July 13, 2009
Our family is big when it comes to food. And since we've been hearing a lot about the Kamayan Restaurant's ultimate buffet, we decided to hold the reception of a family event there. True enough, we were not disappointed.

From the time that we called in for reservation, the manager has been very accommodating. Also, the chefs and the food server were all friendly and hospitable.

And since this it is a smorgasbord set up, it is indeed pinoy food overload at its finest. The quantity as well as the quality of food is superb, that is why according to some people, the place is always jam packed.

For the reference of my fellow foodies, here are the menu of Kamayan Restaurant Ultimate Buffet.
Sisig, Bangus, Pusit Sagitsit, Mangingisda, Kangkong

Asohos, Chicken BBQ, Hito, Pork BBQ, Pusit Big, Sinulog, Inihaw Na Baboy Bicol, Tagalog, Talong, Tambakol

Kuhol Sa Gata, Crispy Kangkong, Kilawing Tanigue, Crispy Fried Dapa

Kamayan Soup, Pochero Cebu

Lechon De Leche, Lechon Liempo, Lechon Kawali

Kare-Kare, Kalderetang Baka

Banagoongang Baboy, Paksiw Na Lechon, Pork Humba, Bopis

Manok Sa Pugad, Chicken Pastel

Adobong Kangkong, Pinakbet, Sauteed Mix Vegetables

SEAFOOD: Seafood in Chili Sauce, Rellenong Bangus, Alimasag at Gulay Sa Gata

Lumpiang Ubod, Lumpiang Sariwa, Lumpiang Shanghai

Pancit Luglog, Pansit Mixed, Pansit, Bihon, Pansit Canton

Pandan Rice, Seafood Rice

Kamayan Salad, Mangga Buro, Pipino Salad, Ensaladang Talong

Atcharang Kangkong, Atcharang Papapya, Atcharang Singkamas

Bibingka, Buko Pandan, Fresh Fruits, Gelatin, Halo-Halo, Leche Flan, Maja Blanca, Matamis Na Saging, Palitaw, Puto Bumbong, turon Supremo, Muron

Moreover, one of Kamayan's trademark is the musicians ready to sing the songs that the customers requested for by going around from table to table. Now, a remarkable way to entertain customers while dining.

Since the place is always jam packed, it is recommended to have a reservation prior to visiting the resto. Moreover, since the resto consist of not just Kamayan, but Dads which specializes in American Food, and Saisaki for the japanese food, One can have a choice of what cuisine that suits their taste.
If you choose to have a feast of Filipino Food, you can just settle for Kamayan Buffet just like what we did. The price is only 335php per head, drinks not yet included. But if you want to include the Dads and Saisaki buffet, it will cost you 555php per person. The drinks are priced at 71php, and that is bottomless softdrinks, while its 82php for the bottomless Iced Tea.

Very affordable, you'll definitely get your money's worth.
This is indeed a true gastronomical experience for those who has big appetite for food.

Kamayan/ Dads / Saisaki Restaurant
207 EDSA, Greenhills
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Contact Numbers: 722-8125 / 726-5870
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3 comments on "Kamayan Restaurant's Buffet Grande"
  1. I was looking forward to going here. A relative had her despidida party held here. The restaurant layout leave much to be desired. Parang naguguluhan ako ng sobra sa ayos ng restaurant na ito. My biggest disappointments:

    1. The food were all cold and BLAND.
    2. There were many near-empty or empty platters and getting the food replenished took a while. That should not be.
    3. Variety was not their best feature. They all tasted the same. Nothing stood out.
    4. Saisaki, being a Japanese restaurant, there should have been Japanese desserts but I did not see any. The desserts were just too ordinary, too native. Sana meron man lang leche plan..eh kaso alaws! Very disppointed talaga me.
    5. As for the "HARANA", OH PUHLEEZE, spare me the bad singing. I went there to eat and not be bothered. If they want to have entertainment, put them on a podium away from the diners. They are very distracting.

    The positive:

    1. The service was OK but not great.

    For the money we paid (which I thought was overpriced) for all 3 restaurants, other smorgasbord place that we have tried in the past gave us more bang for our bucks...like Kamay-Kainan and Cabalen both in S.M. North and Red Crab.

    I therefore give this place a thumbs down and if you are looking for a place to have a sumptuous dinner that's reasonably priced, this place is not it.

    Check out their website at http://www.saisaki.com.ph.
    I would have wished that they allowed feedback in their website so I can tell them how disappointed and felt ripped off I was. Sigurista silang walang mag-popost ng negative comments sa official sloppy website nila. I will never give the place a second visit and will tell friends, associates and family/relatives to take their business somewhere else.

    ADDRESS: Level 4 Bridgeway, SM Megamall EDSA, Mandaluyong City
    TEL NO: (632) 636-3785, (632) 633-1758


  2. The kamayan/dads in edsa is the dirtiest i experienced. I was eating the sushi and found a rat dropping in the rice. When i complained, they grabbed the plate and took it away. Then the guy said, it was just a rock. I have seen mouse poop and it cant be anything other than poop.

  3. I feel sorry you guys experienced that. Lucky me for having a satisfactory dining experience. Let's just hope that their management would do something about it so as to assure they're serving their customers well. After all, they have been in the industry for quite a while now. Good vibes! :)


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