Royce Nama Chocolate

July 14, 2009
When a friend, and fellow food enthusiast emailed me this picture, it was sleepless night ever since.

I learned that it is Royce, a chocolate brand hailing from Hokkaido, Japan, that is responsible for this delightfully sinful piece of heaven on earth they called Nama Chocolate.

And as luck would have it, my friend Glenn and CJ chance upon one of its stores in Rockwell. Though it used to be a favorite pasalubong from Singapore, we are lucky enough that they now have a store in Rockwell and Connecticut St. in Greenhills.
Although I was deceived by the photo I first saw in terms of its size because I though each block is as big as a size of a regular match box, the taste did not disappoint me. It even exceeded my expectations, so I guess it evens the score.
Upon purchase, it comes in an insulated bag to keep the temperature steady and avoid the melting of the chocolate for couple of hours. It is best kept below 10 degrees.
When you open the box, you can see a tiny plastic knife (it looks like a spoon to me though, but they said it's a knife) and a tiny booklet of Royce's other products is provided ( the booklet is in japanese, so, just look at the pictures instead )

The chocolate is covered with cocoa powder to avoid them from sticking to the plastic just in case. It is beautifully arrange in a partition that is enough for you to have a taste of heaven.

Royce Nama Chocolate, as expected is pure bliss.

Its taste is velvety smooth creamy goodness with a subtle hint of liqueur since what we have tried out is its Champagne variant. The smooth texture hints of strong and bitter cocoa, but as it explodes in your mouth and gently melts on it, the sweetness and creaminess will set in. Therefore, you wouldn't be assaulted with its strong flavor. A balance is indeed struck as each tastes of goodness complements each other.

As much as one would like to stockpile on this Nama, it is not advisable because it expires rather quickly and is really best enjoyed upon purchased to experience its freshness. It is highly perishable, with a relatively short shelf life.

The variants available in Manila Stores are Au Lait, White, Champagne, Mild Cacao and Bitter. And each box will cost you 580php.
Not bad for a heavenly experience of this delightful chocolate. Next time, we'll try their Potato Chip Chocolate!

Konbini#57 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills
San Juan City
Tel. No.: 722-4263

Playground Section, R3
Rockwell Center, Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Drive cor. Estrella St.
Makati, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: 495-50-51

RoyceGround Level
Greenbelt 5
Legaspi St.
Legaspi Village
Makati, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: 489-6946

photos #1 and #4 (from the top) were grabbed from the email sent, while the rest are from the author of this blog.
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