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Shakey's Thin Crust Pizza

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am never a big fan of Thick crust pizza.

Unless it's Chicago style pizza, I usually opt for thin crust variety. Well, of course, make Pizza Hut Viva Lasagna and Stuffed Crust Pizza an exception here.

Although I have so much respect for food, and high regards to the fact that there are people who dies of hunger every second, I can never finish a thick-crust slice because it fills me up too quickly. And I believe that it is a monumental waste of money.

I just couldn’t get my self to love the doughy kind of pizza my friends and family usually have. That is why I thank high heavens for the thin crust variety.

So, why do I love thin crust pizza? let me count the ways...

1.) As opposed to the usual pan pizza or thick crust pizza, the dough, since it is thin, does not absorb huge amount of oil which we all know is bad for our health. (you are eating pizza, if you're on a diet, you have to forgo everything or just settle for the lesser evil, so consider the alternative.)

2.) It is easier to eat especially if I'm on a raging appetite. Fold it into half then devour it to your heart's content, as many as you can.

3.) Most of the time, thick crust overpowers the taste of the toppings and I wouldn't want to have the feel of eating plain bread if I ordered for a pizza.

4.) The thick is usually too much dough and then you feel big and bloated afterwards.

5.) We are talking about pizza, not emsaymada, adobo roll, or cheese cluster for that matter.

And when it comes to thin crust pizza, Shakey's is the first thing that comes to mind.

There is always a debate between my elder sister and I when it comes to this matter because most of the time, she prefers thick crust, so, most of the time, (if she'll handle the bill) we'll meet halfway and order for a New York style variety.

But there are moments when she would just give in and so I'll have my pizza thin and crispy. And I love her for that :)

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