JT's Manukan Grille

July 15, 2009

Not long ago, my notion of Chicken Inasal was jaded due to an experience I had with some restaurant who claims that they served the best one. Although they are well known, the taste of their Chicken Inasal is not extraordinary, as my mother can do that for me at home, then the serving portion is as poor as it can get.

"Chicken Inorder ko, hindi Inihaw na sisiw." that is according to my mom.

After that, I no longer crave for such a cuisine. So when my friends rave about JT's Manukan Grille which specializes in Chicken Inasal, I was hesitant for a while. But since most of them gave their thumbs up, well, I thought, why not give it a try?

So, to JT's Manukan Grille near Gilmore in Cubao we went. And it erases the bad memories for Chicken Inasal that I had.

We have ordered for their PECHO chicken breast with wings, KANSI the ilonggo version of bulalo, and then their hefty Batchoy. Sawsawan is self prepared using soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi, and chilli.

Owned by a stellar actor, Mr. Joel Torre, thus the initial on the name of the resto, the first thing that you can noticed about the place aside from its carenderia ambiance, are the movie posters of the owner’s past films posted haphazardly on the walls. A very humble place that does not boast of fancy ambiance, all meals are served using banana leaf covered plates, diners sit on monoblock and chairs made out of wood.

Although not fancy, the quality of the food is superb. Big servings, friendly waiters, and fast service. And the price, oh the price is very very affordable.

JT’s Manukan Grille#4 Granada corner Valencia St.
Ortigas Ave. Extension, Quezon City
+632 721-9026
JT’s Manukan GrilleThe Courtyard Building
#26 Sgt. Esguerra St.
South Triangle, Quezon City
+632 928-8085
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