President Tea House, Revisited

February 12, 2010
When it comes to Chinese Restaurant, as I have mentioned on an Interview by, President Tea House in Binondo has always been on the top of my list,

It may not be one of the fancy places where you can expect a fine dining experience at its best, but this simple restaurant in Salazar St. in Binondo screams authentic yet affordable Chinese Cuisine. Just like what have mentioned on my previous review here, it will always be close to my heart.

Walking down the streets of Binondo to buy Tikoy for the celebration of Chinese New Year, we cannot get passed this little quaint without having a simple feast of Chinese delicacies.

A plate of different Dim-Sum
One of the best things about President Tea House’s is their Dim-Sum on a Cart. Food are freshly cooked as you placed your order but you wouldn’t even noticed the waiting time since you could always call on the food server who handles the Dim-Sum Cart and have a feast of different dim-sums for your appetizer.

Some of my favorites are the Sharks Fin, Vegetable Dumpling, Hakao, Cucumber Dunpling, and Japanese Siomai among many others.

Aside from the Dim-Sums, their Meat Lumpia is simply scrumptious. At first glance it can be very deceiving because it could be passed on as the usual Lumpiang Togue. But lo and behold, this Lumpia is something you wouldn’t want to miss because it is made out of pure pork and shrimp meat.
Meat Lumpia

It’s like eating a log of Pork and Shrimp Dumpling, only it is wrapped in a crunchy golden brown lumpia wrapper. The meat inside is very tender and juicy, while the crunchiness of the wrap can add to the delectably satisfying treat to your palate.

Inside of the Meat Lumpia

I have raved about their Seafood Roll on my previous review and I will definitely rave abut this again. At a glance, it looks like a pizza roll. The one your mother would make out of tasty white bread stuffed with pizza toppings, rolled in bread crumbs and egg, then deep fried it after rolling it into a log. But it’s not. It’s a Sea Food Roll, which made out of minced sea food such as crab meat, shrimp, squid, fish, and then accompanied by minced carrots and ripe mango.

Fried Seafood Roll

Also, it has a white sauce in it which resembles that of a yogurt and mayo sauce, but I am not sure. What I am sure of is that it is so delectably satisfying. You bite into its crunchiness then the moist bits and pieces of sea food and vegetable will slowly slipped into your tongue with the creaminess of the white sauce, and so the fusion of different flavor will explode inside your mouth, leaving you wanting for more.

Inside of Fried Seafood Roll

Now let me move on to their Roasting Combo. It is basically a platter of roasted pork, roasted chicken, and roasted beef morcon with sea weeds and century eggs. This one I must say is a stellar. Everything tasted so good whether you mixed it with the sweet sauce or the garlic ginger sauce that comes with the platter. If you are not sure of what to order, this platter is always a good choice as you can taste a little of almost everything.

The Roasting Combo Platter

As for the drinks on their menu, their Black Gulaman, and Almond Lychee are definitely worth a try. Black Gulaman is not too sweet but nonetheless tastes good, while the Almond Lychee is a drink and a dessert in one.

Black Gulaman and Almond Lychee

After feasting on the delectable meal, you will be served with their house tea that does wonder to your tummy. As you sip on the tea, you’ll be greeted with a warm and very soothing earthy but not over-powering flavor of it, and you can feel that it is slowly taking away the uncomfortable feeling of fullness.

The House Tea

Be it a family affair or just a simple quick snack, President Tea House is one place that can give everyone an authentic Chinese cuisine, not to mention a Chinese-feel that its ambiance has.

President Tea House

809 Salazar Street
Binondo, Manila
(632) 246-9802

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