Angus Steakhouse Pizza by Shakey's

February 18, 2010
If you are craving for a prime Angus Beef and a Pizza, you can have it in one, with the new Angus Steakhouse Pizza made possible by one of our country’s leading Pizza Restaurant, Shakey’s.

Aside from the pieces of Angus Beef, this innovative Pizza is made special with juicy mushroom and onion slices, and it is made crunchy by shoestring potatoes. Since it uses prime Angus Beef, it is more tender and juicy, adding tickles to your palate as the flavor burst in every bite.

Since I am a thin crust pizza lover, I usually order mine in thin. Some of my friends however, say that they prefer it in thick crust because it tends to lean on a salty side if the crust is too thin. But it is not salty on my taste, so I am fine with it. Good thing that it is also available in New York crust, meaning not too thick and not too thin type of crust, if you can’t decide on the two.
Also, some friends are quite disappointed because they are expecting literally a steak on the pizza but found ground beef instead. Nonetheless, it taste good and it is definitely worth your money. I love how they incorporate the shoestring potatoes on it, and the sweet and meaty aftertaste will leave you craving for more.

Visit your nearest Shakey's Restaurant or dial 77-777 for on-time delivery

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