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Mercato Favorites Weekend Treat, A Special Weekend All Foodies Should Look Forward To

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A couple of weeks before the Lent, I was able to experience the wonder of a foodie heaven that is Mercato Centrale. Despite the scorching heat of the sun that day, the countless number of food from different merchants that lies before me serves as an oasis of hope that it is going to be one hardcore food tripping. Nothing beats the feeling of feasting on good food and being acquainted with people who have as much love and respect for food like you do. I promised myself that I would definitely go back to Mercato Centrale and experience Midnight Mercato as well.

Mercato Centrale

Although it has always been a practice to avoid meat during Lenten Season, the recent holy week was indeed a sacrifice for me. I was diagnosed with a rare kind of allergy which obliges me to forgo eating some food that I would normally take during Lent. I was rather forced to take fasting seriously because of my allergy and I have never felt so deprived of food until that time. During those time, I cannot help but remember all the good food I have enjoyed at Mercato.

Rodrigo's Roast

Bagwang of ManilaQ

Grilled Seafood and Meats by Oysters Seafood Grill

Lasagna of Mad About Spuds by Juana's Kitchen

Cheezy Potato of Mad About Spuds by Juana's Kitchen

Desserts by Madonna's Cuisine

Now, after days of medication and rest, the allergy somehow subside and I was advised that I can already go back enjoying the food I love without the fear of being hospitalized again. Fasting days are over as well. I am thankful of the favorable medical result and another thing that I am thankful for is the Mercato Favorites Weekend Treat that will happen on
April 30 and May 1, 2011. This special weekend will happen just in time for me to pick up my pacing of being a foodie that I am.

It is not as if the idea of food tripping isn’t exciting enough, but the great deals and discounts that Mercato Central Merchants have for foodies are all amazingly irresistible. This weekend is going to be really special.
Baked By Anita (Buy 3 cupcakes and get 3 more for free)Bale Dutung (Get 1 Lechon Tortilla for every 3 Tortillas purchased)Big Bob’s Charcoal Grilled Burgers (Buy 2 Big Bob’s Burgers and get a third at 50% off)The Classic Roast (Purchase any item on the menu and get a cocktail-size duck siopao for free)Chucks’s Grubberie ( Chuck’s Triple Grub: Buy 2 orders of any regular fish , and get a third order for free)Homemade Ravioli ( Buy 1 box of frozen ravioli (any flavor) and get a sampler plate of ALL the ravioli flavors, including the all new Spinach and Mushroon cannelloni)Jam Foods & Co. (Buy 2 and get the 3rd at 50% off)Little Miss O.C.'s Kitchen ( Buy 4 Terra Chips and get 1 Free, Buy 4 3D Cupcakes and get 1 Free)Manang's Chicken (50% off on Set Meal of 1 pc. chicken with rice and drink)Merry Moo (Buy one scoop and get P20 off on the second scoop)Mochiko (Buy 5 mochi ice creams and get another one for free)Off Beat (Buy 2 Offbeat Glazed Donut Bun Burgers and get 50% off the Enzo Ensaymada Chorizo Burger)Tina's Pie (P20 off on all chicken pies, chicken with chorizo and chicken cordon bleu)Risa (For every 700php purchase, get a free 6-pc assorted trufles set or 1 Cuadro Chocolate Bar)Simply Pie! (P50 off on every box of mini-quiches)

People can’t help falling in love with Mercato Central. I, myself have already taken the plunge in this delightful love affair with this foodie paradise. If you haven’t been to Mercato, this weekend is the right time to pay a visit and feast on delectable food with your loved ones. See you there!

Mercato Central
Location:34th street and 8th avenue (across MC Home Depot)
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Sat: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
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  1. thank you :) we are glad you liked Madonna's desserts :) thank u so much :)


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