Chicken Charlie's Soul-Satisfying Bonchon Crispy Chicken

April 19, 2011
When I received an invite from’s resident blogger, Manila Boy Spanky Enriquez to try the best chicken bonchon in town with some foodie friends, I knew instantly that he’s referring to Chicken Charlie. I was right.

I’ve already visited Chicken Charlie’s San Juan branch number of times and before making a blog post about it, came Spank’s irresistible invite since another branch in Malate, Manila has already opened. I’ve tried similar restaurants which offer chicken bonchon but Chicken Charlie still remains on top of my list. Even my family has gone loco over their chicken.

True to its promise of giving their customers a “Perfectly Non-Greasy with a Soul-Satisfying Crunch" bonchon chicken, Ifore Yu, owner of Chicken Charlie obviously mastered the recipe and the double-frying technique. The process of frying chicken twice to give it a crunchiness that can rock your world is a welcome change to the usual fried chicken.

What I love about Chicken Charlie is that the flavor does not just tease your palate as you bite on the crispy skin with all its crunch and glory, but it also plays well in every fiber of every shred of the chicken. The flavor, be it soy garlic or sweet chili flirts to your senses, making you crave for more.

Another offering one can enjoy is their Charlie’s Bowl. Steamy soft rice topped with crispy strips of chicken in soy garlic sauce. Although Chicken Charlie’s bonchon chicken is not really messy to eat because it has less grease and less sticky compare to others, if you are on the go, you can still experience the taste of their delightful chicken without fuss with their Charlie’s Bowl.

Aside from Chicken, they also have Potato Wedges and Cheesestick Dynamite. Potato wedges are big, crunchy European potatoes cooked with the skin on using unhydrogenerated oil (read: zero trans fat!). Cheesestick Dynamites are spanking big green chilis with cheese inside wrapped in crunchy wonton wrapper. Both are good combination to chicken, both are equally addictive.

For drinks aside from the usual iced tea and soft drinks, they offer Bundaberg Sarsa Parilla and Ginger Beer. Sarsa Parilla is already known to most of us as it taste just like root beer. Although it is best paired with chicken bonchon, personally, I prefer Ginger Beer because of its refreshing taste.

Note that chickens are cooked as you order, therefore there’s a little waiting time. If you are up for something really soul satisfying chicken, then it wouldn’t bother you because it is worth the wait. Some says that the crispiness of the chicken cold last for good 20 to 30 minutes, but when I brought home some, the chicken is still crispy after an hour travel time.

Young Entrepreneur, Owner of Chicken Charlie, Ifore Yu

Chicken Charlie has branches at Banawe, San Juan, and Malate. Expect for more store opening in the future because they are now open for franchising.

For franchising inquiries you can contact them through the following info details.

Chicken Charlie


Banawe - 808 Banawe St. Barangay sienna (near SOGO hotel)
San Juan - 15 J. Abad Santos St. Little Baguio SanJuan.
Malate - 1635 Adriatico St, Malate Manila (Rothman Inn Hotel),

Telephone Numbers:
Banawe: 742-3333, 475-3781, 0932-2519475
SanJuan: 477-7422, 736-9315, 0932-3125854

Email address:
Facebook: Chicken Charlie FB Fan Page
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