All Time Favorites at Shakey's

July 23, 2011
My unwavering love for their thin crust pizza made Shakey’s one of my all time favorite pizza parlors.  For years now, the quality of their food has never changed, at least in my opinion.  Add to that the superb customer experience I always get from them whenever I visit.  I may have fallen in love with other pizza restaurants, but Shakey’s still has a spot on my list.

Thin Crust Belly Buster Pizza is one of my all time favorites.  Packed with 11 kinds of toppings, Italian sausage, beef, pepperoni, ham, salami, cheddar cheese, salami bits, mushrooms, red and green bell pepper, onions, and black olives.  A bite of this ultimately satisfying pizza will send a burst of flavor inside your mouth, while its crunchy thin crust only adds delight to the experience.

Thin Crust Belly Buster Pizza

When dining alone or whenever I am with a just a couple of friends, I usually opt for their Wholesome Combos.  Their Bunch of Lunch or Hero, Salad and Chicken Combo are my usual choices. An extra order of their creamy mushroom soup is always a must.

Bunch of Lunch Combo
Spaghetti, chicken, mojos, and a slice of pizza.  Bunch of Lunch is one filling meal where you can have a taste of the good things that Shakey's offers.

Hero, Salad, and Chicken Combo
Half a Hero sandwich, salad, and chicken. If I don't want to get fully loaded, this combo meal is perfect for me.

Creamy Mushroom Soup
Their Mushroom Soup was surprisingly delicious, a meal without it would be incomplete.

If in the event that I am in a company of more than three, it is rather practical to order for their Monster Deals.  The last time I visited, I was with three of my friends and we feasted on the deal which consists of Angus Steak Pizza ( our personal choice ), chicken, mojos, a platter of spaghetti, garlic bread, and a pitcher of cola.

Angus Steakhouse Pizza
I've already written about Shakey's Angus Steakhouse Pizza, and up to this day, I still enjoy this variant.  However, there are times when it can be a bit salty, so I always request for them to go a little easy on the seasoning for my order. 

Chicken and Mojos
I have gone crazy over Shakey's chicken and mojos way back and up to now, I still have incessant cravings from time to time.  

Spaghetti Platter
Their spaghetti may not look appetizing at all, but it is one of my favorite store bought spaghetti as it reminds me of the one my sister cooks at home.  There's a fine balance between sweet and sour flavor in the sauce which blends perfectly with the al dente pasta.

Garlic Bread
Their good old spaghetti would be very very lonely without these yummy pieces of garlic bread.  The bread was perfectly crunchy and generously smothered with garlic butter.  I can eat this alone if only it is sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on top.

Several Shakey’s are near in my area, but their branch in P. Tuazon Cubao, Quezon City is the one I frequent to for guaranteed fast and good service. Shakey's is and will always be an all time classic favorite, I hope they won't change the good quality of their food and the good customer service.

Shakey's - P.Tuazon Cubao
P. Tuazon Blvd. cor. 10th Ave., Brgy. Socorro
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 9120331, (63 2) 912-0156

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