The Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 PART 1: The Event

September 07, 2011
Last Sunday I was in a food coma due to what transpired the day before.  Don’t get me wrong.  I could have faded away that day and wouldn’t mind because it will definitely be a delicious death.   I am still alive right now, hey, so, let me just share with you what happened last Saturday.

I woke up around 8 in the morning and while contemplating a game plan for the itinerary of the day, my mother served me breakfast in bed.  A plateful of fried rice, cream dory fish, and beef stewed.  It was lovely, yes, but having breakfast was the last thing on my mind.  That day, I swore to try all the food that will be served at Our Awesome Planet and Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test.  No big deal, yeah.  The thing is, I still have a dinner buffet to attend to at Sambo Kojin in Eastwood City, Libis after the Ultimate Taste Test.  Not wanting to break my mother’s heart, I ate the breakfast, and that was the start of an all day hardcore mean food tripping.

Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 was a whole day event, from 11am to 9pm and you can come whatever time you want. I always believed that gratification delayed is gratification denied, so, a little past the opening of the event, Glenn of The Strolling Spoon Blog and I were already having our way at every stall feasting on glorious food.  We couldn’t stay until the end of the event, so we have to make the most of our time to savor every food served.  I could have worn roller blades for faster trips to every stall, but that would be crazy and downright funny, so I let go of the idea.

Basically the main goal of the event was to let the 1000 foodies taste different food offered by the 55 food vendors.  Foodies will then score each vendors whose food they have tasted.  Scores ranges from 1 to 5, equivalents of such you’ll see on the photo below.  Whoever scored the highest will be featured at Our Awesome Planet Website, which will definitely boost their popularity and sales. 

For every four food stalls visited, we looked for a table where we could settle to savor the flavor of the food and answer the score sheet.  It worked for me that way since there were too many food to taste, I don’t want to forget what satisfies my palate before dishing out grades and comments for the food vendors.

Manila Boy, Spanky Enriquez was one of the event's host

Marian The Foodie and Spanky Enriquez interviewing foodies

We were done trying out around 8 food stalls when selected food bloggers were invited for an interview.  That was the first interview of the day, it was still early, so, I faced the camera and the interviewer as my perky self.  

Towards the afternoon, we were then called again for another interview, this time with Marian The Foodie, in front of everybody at the event.  I have already completed the list of all the food stalls, I was so full I could collapse, and I have to be on my foot to think of substantial answer to whatever questions Marian would throw me.  With all the perkiness left in my system, I was able to plug my food blog, give a short advice about food blogging, share my favorite food stall, and my take on the event.  And did I mention that I was blogger-strucked over Marian The Foodie? I was!

There were performances, cooking demo, raffles, interviews, and question & answer which give further highlights to the already rocking event.  I bumped into some of my fellow bloggers who were obviously having a good time as well.  It was such a nice thing to see people gathered having one goal in mind, and that is to eat!

It was my first time to attend UTT, so it wouldn’t be complete without a photo op with  the man behind this awesome event, The God Father of Food Blogging, Mr. Awesome Man himself, Anton Diaz

Anton Diaz and Glenn

Glenn and I only took 3 breaks in between the awesome food tasting and we were done before the sunset.  As much as we wouldn’t want to leave the event yet, we still need to prepare ourselves for a buffet dinner so we handed our score sheets to one of the organizers, and headed off with a big smile on our face and a full tummy.

Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 was an awesome gastronomical experience.  If not for an important dinner, I would definitely stay until the end,, but the short hours I spent there was pure bliss.  I couldn’t thank Anton and Spanky enough for having invited me to this awesome event.  YedyLicious will definitely be in full support for more Ultimate Taste Tests to come in the future.


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