October 19, 2011
After weeks of continuous rain and series of typhoon, I find it refreshing to be awaken with the slightly warm touch of sun rays on my face for days now.   Sunbeam peeking through my window every morning is always a lovely sight hinting a promise of a beautiful day ahead. 

Though I could sometimes complain by the harshness of warm weather, I’d rather take it as a way to view things as a glass half full instead of half empty.  Yes, heat can be downright uncomfortable, but it is during the hottest days that I get to enjoy some of my favorite treats most.  One of them is Californiaberry’s Frozen Yogurt.

Known as the only frozen yogurt chain in the country to guarantee 100% nonfat, Californiaberry still never fails to satisfy foodies like me when it comes to indulging in a healthy and refreshing frozen yogurt alongside other products which does not only satisfy, but delight as well.

Aside from the fact that they offer 100% nonfat froyo, what I love about Californiaberry is the affordability of the product.  They are one of the most affordable, if not the cheapest of all the frozen yogurt stores that I have tried which does not compromised its quality.  I also appreciate that there are variants of products you could choose from aside from their froyo, like their Ice Ice Baby.

Ice Ice Baby is a combination of ice shavings and yogurt which made interestingly palatable with its different flavors and toppings.

Californiaberry’s Fruit Shakes which are basically fruit smoothies with touch of yogurt is another product gracing the menu.  They also offer organic coffee for customers who wants a healthier take for their caffeine fix.  Four variants of pasta such as spaghetti bolognese, seafood alfredo, pasta carbonara, and my favorite, cheesy lasagna are also available.

Their branch at Mezza Residences is has a minimalist, yet friendly fresh ambiance.  It is one of the branches I frequent to because of its proximity to San Juan City where I live. 

An afternoon filled with healthy froyo and delicious snacks spent at Californiaberry with fellow foodies Anton, John, and the lovely Roch was truly enjoyable.  This small foodie gatherings with fellow bloggers was made all the more special with Californiaberry’s delicious treats.

Visit Californiaberry at Mezza Residences (beside Starbucks) in Sta Mesa, Quezon City or check out their website for their list of branches.  They are open for franchising and for interested parties you may contact them through and you may also want to check out their Facebook and Twitter account for more updates.

2 comments on "Californiaberry"
  1. Yedy!!!!

    It was nice seeing you girl!! See you next week for our next food trip :D:D:D:D

  2. Hi Roch! yes, awesome food trip again next week yey! :) see you! :)


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