Geicks! brings Rodillas Yema Cake to Manila

November 28, 2011

The Rodillas Yema Cake which originates from Rodillas Restaurant in Tayabas Quezon used to be a distant gastronomical tease in my book, until GEICKS! Cakes bring it here in Manila together with Rodillas Caramel Cake.

Yema filling sandwiched in between soft and fluffy chiffon cake smothered with yema cream which stands as its icing, sprinkled with generous grated cheese.  A combination of two different tastes from each side of the pole.  Sweet and salty.  Matrimony of two flavors meant to oppose yet complement as it flirted with each other while seducing one’s palate.

The apparent mark of a beautiful mess indicating the yema custard’s will to slowly drip and hold on at the same time  as it cover the chiffon was very inviting that it would be impossible not to lick when you get your hands on it.  One may fear a death by sugar load but the salty component of the cheese is your saving grace.

Half (8" by 6") for PhP299.00 Whole (8" by 12") for PhP549.00

If you have not tasted this delicious and famous pasalubong from Tayabas, Quezon Province, you can visit GEICKS website to place your order and get to experience this delectable treat and their other offerings.  I would love to hear if you liked it as much as I do.

Mobile No. 0927 688 1591
Email Address:
Facebook Page: GEICKS!
Twitter: @geicks

9 comments on "Geicks! brings Rodillas Yema Cake to Manila"
  1. This looks awesome! Will try this!

  2. Hi food dude, it tasted awesome too. Would love to hear your thoughts on it as well!

  3. Hi pinkc00kies! it tasted delish too :)

  4. i tried this while i'm in lucban and really tastes like heaven. no wonder, pinupuntahan talaga sya ng mga tao. good thing i don't have to go to quezon anymore...

  5. Hi coffeecrammer, yeah Geicks made it easy for us to have a piece of this delicious heaven ;)

  6. Hey everyone,

    I'm accepting pre-orders for Rodillas Yema Cakes until June 26, 2014 (Thursday). Meetups will be held at Ali Mall, UP AyalaLand Technohub and TriNoma.

    Php 220 = Half (8" x 6")
    Php 370 = Whole (8" x 12")

    Viber or SMS me at: 0908-816-6395 for orders
    Thank you!


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