My Top Picks at The Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 Mercato Centrale

November 30, 2011
Last November 17, 2011 Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City, has once again proved that it is the mecca of anything good, delicious, and awesome when the seventh serving of Our Awesome Planet’s The Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 was held at the venue.

Having attended the Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 at Rockwell, I thought that I’ll be ready to face yet another ultimate food tasting, but Ultimate Taste Test never fails to overwhelm me.  Yes, food were given on food taste portion, but if you sum up everything that the merchants fed the foodies, it was indeed hefty.  I was able to try all the food that the 50+ merchants served during the UTT 6, and I was able to do the same during the UTT 7.  I am hardcore that way.

According to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet who’s the genius behind Ultimate Taste Test Events, the recent UTT was conducted especially for the Christmas season.  Food merchants offered their food which can be served during the holiday and/or can be purchased for gift giving purposes.  True enough, there are some food that I am keeping an eye on because I know it’ll be perfect for my Christmas gift list.

Be it for gift giving or something we can serve to our loved ones during the holiday, most of the food that were offered during the event were good, if not awesome.  Just like the previous UTT, I admire every food merchants who participated to the event for having done a great job.  In my book, everyone is a winner.  While I enjoy everything I have feasted on that night, there are some which I tagged as remarkably unforgettable.  So, here’s the list of my top picks, in random order.

Choclery Artisan Chocolates – I was able to try both of the flavors they offered that night, the Manchego and Almond Cointreau.  My palate favors the Manchego which I was told a combination of cheese and chocolate.  Life tasted better with cheese and chocolate, I suppose no one can argue with me on that.

Green Pig's Kitchen – everything that they offered were so good!  I am not big on noodles but their Birthday Misua knocks me off big time.  The Mushroom and Tuna Stuffed Tomato are combination of everything I love, so needless to say, they made this girl really happy.

Mio Gelati – when I learned that they have a branch in San Juan near my place, the only thing I asked myself was where on earth have I been?  It was my first time to taste Mio Gelati and I fell in love with it in an instant.  While their Gelati reminds me of Merry Moo and their Mochilato reminds me of the well-loved Mochiko, Mio Gelati is definitely good on its own right.

Joanie’s Cupcakes Heart – They offered Melting chocolate cupcake and Cupcake de Mercedes.  Of all the things in this world that can melt, chocolate is definitely the most beautiful and yes, delicious.  And in that aspect, Joanie’s Cupcakes delivered.

Tacoholics – I love tacos and I love that Tacoholics’ Pinoy Tacos tasted like Spaghetti Sauce. Okay I am weird that way.

Manila Boy, Spanky Enriquez and Mr. Awesome Man, Anton Diaz

Blackinese Brownies - Jack Daniel's and Absolut vodka Brownies.  Liquor and chocolate. Enough said.

Happy Tummy – Spam Masubi was already good on its own, but when I tried it with chocolate and caramel sauce, it was pure bliss. 

M Siblings – I have tasted Inutak before but M Siblings’ version of it is definitely the most delish I have tasted.

Merry Moo – one thing that I admire about Merry Moo is their creativity in coming up with flavors that blew my mind away.  Queso de Bola and Fiesta Ham, who would have thought? I am already expecting that they’ll be on my list because I always love them ever since.

Dulcelin – Honeyed Beef Bourguignon and Shrimp & Uni pasta are the culmination of anything good and delicious that will complete a lovely holiday season.

Sassy Sisig – one of the best Sisig I have every tasted! I love that it leans on the savory sweet side of the spectrum.  Although they run out of cups, it really didn’t bother me at all because it tasted so good I can forget about everything!

Edible Options – I am not big on their sweets but their Chicken Galantina and Ham are enough reason for me to visit them at Mercato again and again and again.

Swiss Gourmet – their Hungarian sausage with cheese on top was so perfect for San Miguel Beer’s Premium All Malt.  But with or without beer, those sausages are way way to good to be forgotten.

Joan & Jane Cake Bites – Their Beef Pot Pie was okay for me, but it was their Cassava Tart with Parmesan, Cassava Tart with Salted Caramel topping and their Custard Cake which made my night that event.

Chinque - their Chicken Inasal Fillet and Chicken Bbq Fillet are my new favorites.  My sister was also impressed especially with their inasal. It was so tasty that I instantly crave for rice upon first bite!

It’s a long list I know, and almost everything who participated on the event is on my list.  But who can blame me? Everything was good and just perfect for the holiday season.

It was yet again a very successful event by Our Awesome Planet and San Miguel Beer and I couldn’t thank them enough for putting up events like these where foodies unite and food merchants showcase their culinary creation in celebration of life that is awesome and delicious.

Thank you and congratulations to Anton of Our Awesome Planet and to the sponsors.  More UTTs to come in the future.

Check out Ultimate Taste Test Facebook Page and be updated as to who will win the Ultimate Taste Test 7.0

*credits to my sister Eichel Calaguas for some of the photos 

5 comments on "My Top Picks at The Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 Mercato Centrale"
  1. Thanks for the love! We'll give you an extra crown once we open a stall and invite you for a visit (to make up for the missing cups) :)

    We decided to name the edible cups as crowns. :)

    Thanks again!

    Sassy Sisig

  2. @the food dude- I'm also looking forward to more UTTs to come :)

    @Trixie Torralba - with or without the crowns, your sisig is amazing ;)

  3. Hi,

    Just saw this. Thank you for featuring us in your 7. It was our first time to join UTT and want to offer more for the next.

    - Choclery

  4. Thank you so much. Joining in such challenge is our first and i would say it really was an ULTIMATE experience. Thanks to the people behind the UTT. Awesome!- MSibling's Inutak


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