Lifestyle: Spa Journey at Toccare Spa, Best Western Antel Spa Suites in Makati City

Monday, March 05, 2012
Amidst busy schedules and maddening workloads, I believe that nothing beats a blissful 4.5 hours of spa journey sealed by delectable dinner. Spa and gastronomical adventure in one could spell heaven on earth in my book. That was what my mother and I experienced at Toccare Spa.

Aptly called "Half-day Spa Experience", it is one of the spa packages offered by Tocarre Spa in which trained spa specialists will design specific package from their line of spa services in one session that suits the need of their guests.

To complete the entire spa journey that lasts for approximately 4.5 hours, delectable set of meal will be served after. I have experienced quite a number of spa services but nothing beats the one I had at Toccare. If you want to know how my spa journey went with my mom, I suggest that you read on.
Upon arriving at Toccare and after confirming our reservation, we were asked to fill out a form which includes our personal information as well as medical history. This is done so that spa specialists would have an idea on how to go about with the spa ritual depending on individual needs. 

After which, we were given options from various essential oils available to be used for our body massage treatment and for the scent of the room. My mom chose the Lavander Oil while I stick to Lemongrass. My mom let me decide which scent we would like to use for the room, so I stick to my default scent of Vanilla. 

After a little chat at the reception area, we were then led to the locker room where we were handed our respective locker keys. Inside the locker were a set of shorts, bath robe, sleepers, and towels. The locker area is where the wet room is situated. There are separate shower rooms, jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room.

After taking a shower I joined my mom at the sauna and checked out the steam room for a while. We skipped the jacuzzi since neither of us had a bathing suit that time. While I love the well maintained and cleanliness of the area, what I appreciate more was the friendly staff assigned at the locker room who assisted us all through out our stay. 

Complimentary drinks were also provided such as lemonade, iced tea, coffee, tea, and water. The staff will offer you these drinks from time to time, but do not hesitate to ask even if you're in the middle of the session because they will gladly oblige. 

Complimentary toothbrush and other bathing necessities were provided. We spent about 30 minutes in the wet area and then we decided to move on to the next session, the foot ritual.

Their foot and hand treatment room is equipped with comfortable chairs with its own separate foot spa facility. It is well lit and properly maintained with its fresh scent and squeaky clean ambiance.

The foot ritual lasted for about 30 minutes. They used green tea scented cream to massage our foot which I find relaxing. Magazines and television are provided inside the room, so aside from dozing off, you can either read (which my mom did) or watch TV (I did) while relaxing.

After our foot ritual, we were then led to the Barkada Room (Amethyst Room)for our Body Scrub Session. Dimly lit, and aesthetically pleasing, the entire room was a sight to behold. 

Equipped with three massage beds, a couch on one corner, and a lazy boy on the other. There's also a separate shower room, toilet bowl, and a lavatory with complimentary bathroom essentials for the guests' disposal. 

The body scrub that was included in our package was called Skin Nourishment in which Lemongrass Sage Salt is used. The scent of the lemon grass was so good and while the feel of the salt to the skin can be at times uncomfortable, my spa specialist has a golden hands, I manage to dozed off for a while in the process.

My mom isn't really into body scrub because of her sensitive skin but the spa specialist assigned to her was so good that my mom enjoyed the treatment well. I was expecting that mom would complain about the salt against her skin, but little did I know, she's already in the dreamland halfway through the 90 minutes body scrub session.

After the body scrub we were transferred to the couples room (Rose Room)for our Body Massage treatment and Facial. The couples room resembles to that of the Barkada Room in terms of aesthetic sense, only, it has 2 beds, 2 lazy boy chairs, and a bath tub alongside the other facilities available at the Barkada Room.

For the body massage treatment, they assigned to me one of their best seller, the Traditional Filipino Hilot. With the use of hard pressure massage and leaf with essential oil, ten minutes after starting I was already in the brink of dozing off. 

The massage lasted for 90 minutes and after which, we were given the facial treatment they call Skin Brilliance. Green olive extract, mandarin essential oil, vitamins A and E were used for the treatment. This particular combination believes to give skin a natural glow and combats dryness, dehydration, and pre-mature aging. The facial treatment lasted for about 30 minutes.

After the body massage and the facial treatment we were then assisted back to the locker room to dress up. We were given complimentary drinks, but this time, we opted for a cup of coffee since we were so relaxed that the next thing that we wanted to do was to sleep! 

We stayed at the waiting area and were asked to ring the hand bell once we are ready to seal our journey with delectable dinner at Azzurro Bistro Bar.

After minutes of relaxing at the beautiful lounging area, we decided to have our dinner and so we were led to Azzurro located at the next building. Prior to starting the spa journey, we were already given a menu to choose from.

My mom decided to have Caesar Salad and Fish Fillet. Since she is on a restricted diet, she decided to share her meal with me. The Caesar Salad was lovely. I love the freshness of the vegetable and the generous amount of cheese on it. The Fish Fillet was equally satisfying that my mom enjoyed it to the last bite.

My choice of meal composed of Greek Salad and Roast Pork. The Greek Salad was as good as the Caesar while the Roast Pork was sinfully tender it was gone in no time.

For the dessert we had fruit platter which isn't really much but good enough. Then we also had an indulging serving of chocolate pana cotta which my mom really enjoyed. The dinner we had was a perfect way to end the unforgettable spa journey we had at Toccare Spa.

Call me over reacting but truth be told, my experience at Toccare Spa was the best spa experience I've had so far. The facilities were impressive, the staff were all accommodating and friendly, and the service was stellar. Days after my experience I was still raving about it to my friends while my mom even distributed some flyers to her colleagues! 

I've had several spa experiences in the past which are okay but Toccare Spa is one of those I can highly recommend. The Half-Day Spa Experience is priced at Php6,000 per head and believe me, it's worth every single centavo you are going to pay for. Another good thing is that Toccare Spa is dishing out promos and packages with discounted price so I suggest that you visit their website ( and like their Facebook page (/toccarespa).

If you are looking for an ultimate relaxation and occasional indulgence such as spa treatment like this, I suggest that you visit Toccare Spa, because you are worth it.

Toccare Spa is located at the 4th Floor of the Antel Spa Suites, 7829 A. Venue Makati, Makati Avenue in Makati City. Call them at 555-1231 / 0927-768-6556.

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  2. Wow! Sounds heavenly! Is it expensive? =)

    1. Hi Tin, indeed it was heavenly! :) The package we got was priced at 6k per person, but they do have promotions from time to time, you just have to check out their facebook page to be updated :) thanks for dropping by my blog!


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