Go Mad For Chicken at Clucky's in Rockwell Business Center Ortigas

July 28, 2012

Tucked in a posh and restaurant laden Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas Ave. Pasig City, a new player in the field of Korean fried chicken is slowly but surely making its name known to foodies out there.  Aptly called Clucky’s, a fast-serve restaurant specializing in twice-fried chicken boast of a special sauce hailing from the genius folks at the celebrated Mad For Chicken in New York.

Amidst the craze that is Korean fried chicken, Clucky’s in Rockwell Ortigas is set to serve Filipino palates with their impressive and affordable line of offerings. With focus on the freshness of the chicken and other ingredients used, their dishes are meant to be savored without feeling guilty and burning a hole in one’s pocket.

Fresh chicken coupled with tried and tested Mad For Chicken’s special sauce, Clucky’s version can be tagged as several leagues better than their competitors.  I may be one of those who at first deem that they are yet another addition to Korean fried chicken places in town, but upon trying what Clucky’s can offer, I must say that yes, my mom and I have gone mad for their chicken and more!

One of the best things about Clucky’s twice-fried chicken side from the sauce is that they use fresh chicken, never frozen.  The difference can be checked through to the color of the bones. Chickens at Clucky’s have a clean looking bone that exudes freshness.  The fact that the meat is way juicier is also a clear indication of such claim. No wonder that every bite brings out not just the taste of the sauce, but the distinct flavor of the chicken as well.

Another thing that can be notice about Clucky’s chicken is the smooth texture of the chicken coating. No extra batter on the layer which other may use as a false illusion that the chicken is way bigger than it actually is.  For sanitary purposes, the tips of the chicken wings are cut off while the top parts (near the thigh) of the chicken legs are also cut off as it gives extra juiciness to the meat.  One may deem that Clucky’s chicken are smaller than the others, but owners said that they do not want to compromise the quality of their product for size. I am not sure about those who have tried it, but I find their chicken sizes decent enough for a Korean fried chicken. Note also that their chicken meals are served with corn salad as a side dish which lends a contrasting, albeit exciting flavor and texture to the chicken.

Available in two flavors, Soy Garlic and Spicy, Clucky’s another strong suite is their affordability.  Prices per baskets are as follows:  Wings (8pcs.) Php229, (16pcs.) Php449, (24pcs.) Php669. Drums (4pcs.) Php229, (8pcs.)Php449, (12pcs.)Php669. Combo (4 wings + 2 drums)Php229, (8 wings + 4 drums)Php449, (12 wings + 6 drums)Php 669. Wings Meal which includes 4pcs wings, rice, corn salad, and 12oz soda/iced tea is priced at Php139. Drums Meal includes 1 or 2 pc drumstick, rice, corn salad, and 12oz soda/iced tea and are pricd at Php79 and Php139 respectively.

Other items on their menu are equally impressive. During our visit, we get to try some which left an impression to me that they are indeed worth visiting.  Aside from savoring baskets of their Korean fried chicken, ordering Clucky’s Meal can also be a filling and delightful treat.

If one is to take a break from their delightful chickens, Bulgogi and Kimchi Meal are also available for the taking.  The kimchi they use for the Kimchi Meal (Php149) is homemade, hence authentic taste and distinct flavor is very apparent as compare to other kimchi rice available in other restaurants.  While I am pleased with the kimchi treat on my rice, their Bulgogi Meal (Php149) is a declaration of all things good and savory and impressive in one meal.  Tender beef with savory kick of fresh ingredients and sauce mixed with fluffy rice, it was a Bulgogi treat at its finest. Each meal comes with a 12oz. soda/ iced tea.

For health conscious folks, Clucky’s also offers different salads.  Their House Salad (Php119)is a combination of fresh greens and seasonal fruits.  We got to try their House Salad with chucks of melon and fresh pomelo on top. It was a refreshing salad made all the more delightful with sesame ginger dressing.  The Chicken Tender Salad (Php149) on the other hand is a combination of fresh greens with two big chunks of Clucky’s Chicken Tender tossed with honey mustard dressing.

While the freshness of the ingredients is remarkable, it was the homemade dressings which I find equally noteworthy, not to mention the generous servings.  As if these offerings are not good enough, diners can opt for organic vegetable greens for their salad for a minimal addition to its original price.   

Also included in their menu is Clucky’s Parmesan Fries (regular Php49 / large Php79) which go perfectly well with their chicken.  Generous cut potatoes sprinkled with parmesan cheese and fried into perfect hue of golden brown, Clucky’s parmesan fries scream flavor in every bite.  While it is surely flavorful on its own, the spicy mayo that comes with every serving takes it a notch higher from the usual fare. To cap off a beautiful meal, Clucky’s also offers extremely good Homemade Gelatos (Php65) for dessert.  We were able to try the coffee crumble boasting of generous bits and pieces of chocolate and the mango flavor which tasted more like fruit in its freshness than commercialized gelato.  Both were equally satisfying, but as a coffee lover, it’s the coffee crumble gelato which got raving.

While the menu at Clucky’s are rather limited, one of the owner and recipe developer, Jerwin told me that they are currently working on further enhancing their recipes and working on more to be added on their menu in the future.  They are excited to introduce new specials but they are doing it slowly but surely so as not to compromise the quality of their food.

The place is dominated with colors of white and orange that exudes a vibrant and lively feel to it.  While it is spacious enough, the place can get pretty busy during lunch hours when people line up to grab their share of the delicious chicken and other dishes that Clucky’s offers.  Whether you dine inside the store or al fresco, food servers are very accommodating and attentive.
I was with my mother during my visit and while it rarely happens, days after our lunch at Clucky’s, she is still raving about how good and pleasant the experience was.  Due to my mother’s persistent raving, my father who works nearby excitedly brought his colleagues at Clucky’s on a Friday night to enjoy their chicken alongside some beer which the resto also offers.  As expected, everyone agreed that indeed, Clucky’s is very impressive in terms of quality of food, service, and ambiance.

Needless to say, Clucky’s is definitely one of those fast serve restaurants I could highly recommend.  I love the fact that they are very keen on focusing on the quality of their food instead of dishing out everything without even an attempt for perfection.  I am impressed that they are rather enthusiastic in perfecting every dish that they will be serving their diners.  With that, they earn my respect.
Although the location is a tad hidden, dare I say that it is worth the trip since once you step foot at Clucky’s, you wouldn’t just be greeted with a warm welcome from their attendants, but you can expect a gastronomical fare that is surely satisfying.

G/F Tower 2, Rockwell Business Center
Ortigas Ave., Pasig City
Contact No.: 234.1401
Facebook: facebook.com/ilovecluckys
Email: info@cluckyschicken.com
Website: www.cluckyschicken.com

Monday to Thursday ~ 7am to 10pm
Friday ~ 7am to 12am
Saturday ~ 12am to 9pm
Sunday ~ Close

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  1. Food looks good! Is Clucky's a lot like Bon Chon or better? I'd so love to find out!!! Visit my site too please


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