Seattle's Best Coffee: Heavenly Cheesecake and Red Velvet Drinks

July 29, 2012
Seattle's Best Coffee Philippines recently launched its new line of seasonal drinks which aims to give delight to their customer this rainy season - SBC Heavenly Cheesecake and SBC Red Velvet drinks.  Despite the gloomy weather we have been experiencing this season, Seattle's Best Coffee believes that these dessert inspired drinks can surely brighten up a day.

Given the fact that most Filipino considered dessert as their comfort food, Seattle's Best Coffee took the initiative in transforming two of the well-loved desserts into delightful drinks that everyone will love.
During the launching, we were given a chance to sample these new creations and were asked to find the one that suits us best. Want to know which of the two drinks my palate favored? I suggest you stay with me on this and read on.

SBC Heavenly Cheesecake and Red Velvet are both available in Hot Mocha and ice-blended Javakula variant.  Hot Mocha is priced at Pph140 (small), Pph150 (medium), Pph160 (large), while Javakula is at Php160 (small), Php170 (medium), Php180 (large). 

As a cheesecake lover myself, I find SBC Heavenly Cheesecake fitting to its name. It is a combination of SBC smooth coffee, white fudge and cheesecake bits topped with a cloud of whipped cream and graham crust. 

While both hot and cold variant pleases my palate, I find the hot mocha more delightful in every sip. The cloud of whipped cream already hinted of cheese on the get go given the temperature of the drink. Also, it made the entire treat all the more creamier and definitely comforting. The javakula variant on the other hand isn't bad either as it exudes the liquified version of the real deal.

SBC Red Velvet is a combination of SBC coffee, red velvet fudge and chocolate chunks, covered with whipped cream and red velvet crumbs. In contrast to the Heavenly Cheesecake, I prefer the javakula variant than the hot mocha. Chocolate chunks adds a beautiful texture so I'd rather not have it melted. But it does not discount the fact that the hot mocha yields the distinct taste of red velvet more, hence, it is also an enjoyable drink.

"Find the one that suits you best" is the tagline that SBC uses for this new addition to their seasonal drinks. Indeed, having tasted both Heavenly Cheesecake and Red Velvet drinks, I found what suits to my liking best. With that, I suggest that you visit the nearest Seattle's Best Coffee on your area to check which of the two suits to your liking. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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