T.G.I.Friday’s at Robinsons Galleria: Giving In To Extreme Cravings!

October 11, 2012

Couple of weeks ago, when stress from all the work and some responsibilities at hand took its toll on me; I was bitten by a mean flu.  And being a responsible person that I am, I am well aware that there is only one thing that could make me feel better, T.G.I.Friday’s Queso Fondido.  I guess I am weird that way.

So, when thermometer showed a decent enough body temperature, I immediately dragged my sister at T.G.I.Friday’s Robinson’s Galleria to satisfy a sick person’s (read: me) wish.  I wasn’t supposed to indulge on too much food so as not to upset my recuperating body system. But again, being a responsible person that I am, I let go all the notion of moderation and convinced myself that I am going to eat my way to recovery.  No regrets, I am still alive as of the time of writing.

 Known as an international casual dining restaurant and bar, T.G.I.Friday’s serves great food choices ranging from burgers, pasta, steaks, other specialty food, and awesome line up of drinks.  No wonder that it has been a favorite place to celebrate festive occasions or to just simply hang out and relax over great food and drinks.  I have always been a fan of T.G.I.Friday’s so it really doesn’t came as a shock to me that despite the fever I was nursing, the foodie in me still craves for T.G.I.Friday’s

Needless to say, we weren’t seated yet but I have already summoned the food attendant to serve us Queso Fondido (Php295).  I was on the verge of saying, “Forget about the chairs dear, I just need my Queso Fondido fix” like a mad alcoholic, but thankfully, the pleasant smile and comforting attention from the food attendant stopped me from doing so.  Imagine what extreme cravings can do to a lady on her way to recovery. Crazy, I know.

In no time, I was presented with a fact that the road to happiness is paved way with fulfillment of cravings as I finished a serving of Queso Fondido at a breakneck speed that would put The Flash to shame.  It was so good, I could cry.

I never thought that crisp corn tortilla chips dipped on a melted Monterey Jack cheese with crisp bacon, roasted peppers and onion, jalapeno, pico de gallo could turn my world inside out.  I guess gone are the days when three orders of fried mozzarella mean the world to me.  Because right now, I could say that Queso Fondido is the center of my universe.

I was dead set on consuming more greens to avoid yet another ill bout of sickness so I ordered for Citrus Summer Salad (Php425 Small / Php575 To Share).  The combination of crisp romaine, pomelos, mangoes, pecans, goat cheese tossed in mango citrus dressing and topped with prawns is a revelation that healthy may also mean delicious.

I was so focused on scraping the remains of the cheese and pasta on my plate when I saw my sister digging into her beloved slices of Filipino Pork Liempo (Php325 Small / Php445 To Share).  When she handed me several slices of glistening pork belly grilled into perfection, I realized that my own slim likelihood of moderate eating was slowly vanishing away.  So, I ordered the 8Pacific Grilled Pork Chop (Php395 One Piece / Php575 Two Piece).  

The char grilled pork loin chops hinting of special spices exudes an exciting flavor one can only find through the use of fresh ingredients cooked with so much respect for the dish.  The meat was so tender and flavorful, not to mention the slice of pineapple added another layer of exciting flavor to the dish.

Another favorite from TGIFriday’s is their Chicken Club Sandwich (Php395).  My sister decided on ordering it which I supported with all the strength I have left in me. After all, how could I say no to layers of char grilled chicken breast, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and tomato? Certainly not I.  To keep the guilt at bay, we chose wheat bread instead of white anyway.

I could have ordered a glass or two of my favorite T.G.I.Friday’s Ultimate Margarita at the onset of our meal but since my sister is holding a camera which is known to gather blackmail potential stuff that she can show to our mom, I settled for a Mango Shake (Php165) instead.  Very wholesome with an extra whipped cream on top which made me a happy camper.

T.G.I.Friday’s has always been one of my to go place to satisfy some cravings.  During the time that I still work at Ortigas area, Friday nights would always mean some bonding time with friends over delightful meals and couple of glass of our favorite cocktails.  It is good to know that even after all these years, T.G.I.Friday’s is still on top of its game and is still further improving.

T.G.I.Friday's Robinsons Galleria
Level 2 East Wing
Robinsons Galleria,
Quezon City
Contact No - 6379274
Fax No - 6379274
Website: http://fridays.com.ph
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/welovefridays

4 comments on "T.G.I.Friday’s at Robinsons Galleria: Giving In To Extreme Cravings!"
  1. You mean all that food just for the two of you? Woah. I don't think you just came from an illness but rather from a hunger strike, ha ha ha. joke :)

  2. Hi. May I know exactly what's with Queso Fondido? I'm just curious :) Thanks!


  3. The Queso Fundido looks really good! I gotta try that out on our next Friday's visit. :)

  4. Di ko pa na try ang queso fondido. Hope to try it pag kumain uli kami dyan. Ang favorite kong orderin e yung Jack Daniel's Porkchop.


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