Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcoal Grill at Makati Ave.

February 05, 2013

I used to be very apprehensive in trying Korean dishes way back when I started this food blog. But as my food writing experiences progress, I have learned to embrace and love the distinct flavor that Korean dishes has to offer. Korean restaurants sprouting here in Manila helped a lot as it opened my palate to new and exciting flavors of their culture. I admit that I am still starting my journey in exploring Korean dishes, and I am definitely enjoying the ride.

Recently, I was introduced to Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcoal Grill located at Makati Ave. I am quite familiar with their location at Makati A.Venue Mall since I always frequent to The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf just right beside it.  I know for a fact that within the area, there are a lot of Korean restaurants in every corner.  Thus, I was surprised by the spunk and the courage of this new player in the field for holding itself with pride amidst the amateurs.  And I can perfectly understand the guts, because despite being a newbie, Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcola Grill restaurant has its own charm that will surely make its diners fall in love with it.

As compare to other Korean restaurants I usually frequent to, Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcoal Grill restaurant aims to make its diner experience a street-style Korean gastronomical experience. This goal is very apparent in its funky ambiance reminiscent of streets and alley ways in Korea.  

Since they are specializing in grilled dishes, each table is sporting an interesting metal tube suspended from the ceiling to the grilling apparatus affixed on the table.  The concept of grilling variety of meats in front of the diners is not new to Korean restaurants but it does not mean that it gets less exciting.

At Ba-Be-Q, you have the option to have their food attendant grill the food for you, or you can do it yourself for more exciting experience. 

The concept of eating at Ba-Be-Q is rather simple; 

1.) Revel in the goodness of your banchan. (complimentary, horayyy!)
2.) Choose the meat/s you want to feast on. (gopchang a.k.a. chicharon bulaklak is off the menu, order it!)
3.) Grill everything to perfection. (don't be lazy, grill the food yourself, it is so much fun yah know?)
4.) Eat like there's no tomorrow. (not too fast, savor every bite)
5.) Consider ordering other items on the menu (because you wouldn't regret it)

And oh, these grilled goodies are perfect partner for beer, so if you must, go grab a bottle or two and drink in moderation.

Okay, since we are all visual here (admit it, dude) here are the photos of our Korean feast at Ba-Be-Q and the guidelines I just made up myself for the sheer fun of it (see above).

1.) Revel in the goodness of your banchan.

Different dipping sauces / Lettuce leaves / Kimchi
This Scallion Salad was superb, do not stop on the first round, if I may suggest!
2.) Choose the meat/s you want to feast on.
There are several types of meat available on the menu, exercise your freedom of choice, the liberty is yours, honey.

I tend to cringe whenever the words pork and lean are combined together, but Ba-Be-Q's Lean Pork (Php290) was juicy and tasty enough that I do not mind skipping the well loved pork fats on this dish.

I appreciate the fact that they consider Filipino palate in making their Boneless Chicken Barbecue (Php250). It has the sweet savory flavor that Filipinos love in their barbecue. This was my second favorite of all the meats I have tried. (Stop guessing what's my first favorite, just read on, I promise you'll get there)

Korean Sweet Beef Ribs (Php480) was equally flavorful in its savory sweet glory. It tends to lean on a meatier taste though as compare to the Chicken Barbecue but nevertheless, equally satisfying.

Now, at a glance I thought I was already familiar with this babies, but little did I know, it's not a thick cut of bacon I initially hoped it to be.  But really, the disappointment didn't matter at all because this fatty treat named Pork Jowl (Php250) did not disappoint either.  A tad chewy in texture with an exciting flavor hinting of pork cracklings when grilled. I was told that its part of a pork's shoulder cut.

Now this I tell you, when you got a chance to visit Ba-Be-Q and you are as hardcore as I am, do yourself a favor and grab an order or two of their chicharon bulaklak and grill it like it's nobody's business. Grill it until you hear its crackling sound reverberating to your earlobes. Grill and eat it like there's no tomorrow (be wary of your health conditions though before indulging otherwise I'm afraid there would really be no tomorrow).
3.) Grill everything to perfection.
Like what I've said, try to grill your own food for the sake of adventure and experience. Do not imitate your resident foodie here who stuffed herself silly while the food attendant grill everything we have ordered. But if you prefer to have the time of your life consuming all the goodness placed on your plate, then by all means, ask for food attendants to do the works for you.

That's my new friend Pork Jowl right there.

My mom and I eat really slow so the food attendant decided to grill everything together but he was careful enough to take note of the invisible partitions otherwise everything will just taste the same.

Chicken Barbecue for the win!

4.) Eat like there's no tomorrow.
While I enjoyed eating the grilled items on its own, the best way to enjoy it is to wrapped it with lettuce and throw in some of the banchan for good measure. 

Add some scallion salad on your lettuce wrapped grilled goodies, dip it in your choice of sauce, then you're good to go.

I have this nagging feeling that this griled chicharon bulaklak will be awesome with a cup of white rice. Are you with me on that belief? I should probably go back soon, yeah?
5.) Consider ordering other items on the menu
Aside from the awesome meats, there are items on the menu which does not call for grilling. Take for example their Cold Buckwheat Noodle (Php200).  Although complimentary miso soup was also provided, I do appreciate the welcome change in taste when I savor the noodle that was served to us. I am not really crazy about cold noodle but this one fares really.

Alcoholic beverages is almost always a good combination with grilled goodies so Ba-Be-Q also sells such.  I even noticed that most of their patrons go to Ba-Be-Q to enjoy cold beer and/or soju while having a grand time with their companions. 

My experience at Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcoal Grill was an enjoyable one. With its casual ambiance and great food, I feel rather comfortable savoring the dishes we have ordered.  I cannot remember any dish which I did not like and truth be told, even their variety of banchan tasted really good.  So if you are in the area and are looking to try new restaurant, I suggest you visit Ba-Be-Q for an enjoyable Korean gastronomical experience and follow the guidelines I provided above for maximum satisfaction (Okay, I'm kidding, just do your thing, okay?).  The service was superb, prices were affordable, and food were satisfying.

Ba-Be-Q Korean Charcoal Grill

G/F A.Venue Mall (beside The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf),
7829 Makati Ave. cor. B. Valdez St., Poblacion, Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact No.: (02) 625-0443

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  1. I really miss going to Korean barbecue restos. The food looks good and the prices are really affordable. We must try this soon! Great photos by the way! :)

  2. Hi, Have you been to yoogane?

  3. hellooo!!! what's youre contact #!???


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