Chops Chicago Steakhouse in Greenbelt 5 Makati City: Executive Lunch and More!

Ever since Chops Chicago Steakhouse opened its door and dive to Philippines' restaurant scene friends who share the same passion for meat had been prodding me to give it a try and write recommendations here on my blog.  The past few months was crazy busy for me so it was only recently that I get to visit Chops located at Greenbelt 5 in Makati City when they introduced their Executive Lunch Set Menu to some Manila bloggers.

I was told by some foodies who have tried it before that indeed they do serve great tasting steaks that will surely satisfy one's inner carnivore. I only got to try the power lunch promo they are currently offering alongside some items which they deem as some of their bestsellers. It's too early to decide but with my short stay and judging from the dishes I have tasted particularly the Wisconsin Beef Tenderloin included on the set menu, I could say that they are one of the best restaurants that serves great steaks here in Manila

Then again, I have not tried some of the cuts they are offering so I am looking forward to a more extensive food review hopefully soon. Meanwhile, let me share with you my take on their Executive Lunch Set Menu and some of the dishes we feasted on.

With its ambiance exuding an upscale gentleman's steakhouse with a flair of sheer elegance, Chops Chicago Steakhouse is aptly tucked on the 4th floor of Greenbelt 5 where sense of privacy is very apparent.  It has a classy atmosphere without being snobbish. It holds a decent space of a room where private functions and meetings can be held.

Meals at Chops Chicago Steakhouse always starts with a serving of complimentary house made bread and whipped butter.  I was able to try whole wheat rolls and ciabatta bread and both suggested that each was freshly baked.

While the breads with butter were satisfying in itself, on to the Executive Lunch Set Menu we go.  Priced at Php888 the set menu includes the following; Soup of the Day, Caesar Salad, Wisonsin Tenderloin with sauce, Siding, and Dark Chocolate Cigars.

Please note that the photos below are just sampler of the main set lunch. It does not reflect the exact serving portions/sizes of the meal when you avail of the Executive Lunch Set Menu at Chops.

We started with Cream of Asparagus Soup which was the soup of the day during our visit followed by a serving of Caesar Salad. There's really nothing exceptional about these two starters but it does not mean that both were bad.  The soup was creamy enough and the greens were fresh as I hoped it to be. I do not mind not having some mind blowing experience with these starters, after all, the steak is expected to be the main star of the deal.

When dining at Chops and you cannot decide what particular cuts of meat to go for, you may ask their friendly food attendants to present to you the Steak Board and they will gladly oblige. When asked, they will explain to you the difference between the cuts except for its appearance, and would gladly thrown in some recommendations for a good measure.

Next up was the Wisconsin Tenderloin Steak.  I love fats on my steak and knowing that tenderloin cuts doesn't hold that reputation I really didn't expect for it to be something I would rave about.  But when I took my first bite, I was stunned that it was surprisingly juicy and downright flavorful. 

I guess I underestimate the fact that I was at Chops Chicago Steakhouse and no matter how lean the steak cuts they will dish out, it will still be well executed hence, extremely satisfying in so many different levels.  Medium rare is the only way for me, and although the photo didn't do justice in showcasing how beautifully cooked the steak was (read: I forgot my speedlite), I could still remember the perfection that I savored that lunch.

Also included in the Executive Lunch Set Menu is a choice of sidings which Chops has a lot of options.  We got to try some of their well loved sidings and enjoyed everything to bits.

Their Beer Battered Onion Rings may looked as hard as rock at a glance but believe me when I say that those were the crunchiest onion rings I have ever tried. Crunchy in a very way as every crisp bite will lead you to the innate sweetness of the white onion inside.  The Potato Overload stayed true to its name. Baked potato loaded with mashed potatoes on top smothered with butter, cheese sauce and sprinkled with bacon bits ans spring onions.  

Double Smoked Bacon with Garlic Broccoli is a dish that features best of both worlds.  Enjoy the health benefits of broccoli and revel in the sumptuousness of the thick bacon, then you are good to go.

Chops' House Fries is not your run-of-the-mill fried no matter how ordinary looking it may look. It holds a certain crisp to it that will nudge you to munch on it endlessly. It was quite addicting, I must say. Skillet Buttered Corn for me was a welcome change from the usual commercialized butter corn I get from other restaurants. Its generous butter was notably delightful making every kernel more flavorful than it was.

Creamed spinach has always been my default siding when having a steak and having a taste of Chops' Creamed Spinach with Organic Eggs and Parmesan Cheese gave the experience an entire different meaning to me. I guess it has something to do with the use of organic eggs because it tasted somewhat clean and light despite having loads of cream on it. The Buttered Asparagus tasted like, well buttered asparagus. Something I would not mind not having again on my next visit, but I must say that the bite was mas remarkable. It can be enjoyed by those who will most likely to feel guilty while drowning themselves with the great steaks that Chops has to offer.

For the dessert, Chocolate Cigars is included in the lunch set.  Simple yet delectable, these logs boasted of impeccably delicious bourbon mascarpone cream stuffed inside rolled thin pastry covered with dark chocolate. It was light yet satisfying.

Aside from the Executive Lunch Set Menu, we also got to try some of the dishes that Chops offered. Note that these are not included on the set menu, but by all means, feel free to order it along with your lunch. 

Chops Barbecued Pork Ribs served with fried and onion rings was one of the reasons why I would go back at Chops. It was juicy and tender. Though not your fall ff the bone kind of tenderness but nevertheless it was something that anyone wouldn't have a hard time munching on. I love the barbecue sauce that they used as it carries distinct smokiness that you would only find in a well made barbecue.

Charbroiled Slab of Bacon is yet another dish I would definitely go back for at Chops. It's innate smokiness and sweetness that plays on the palate in every bite were gastronomically stimulating, to say the least.  It's meaty flavor was par excellence and when smothered with Pomengranate Honey Mustard with Black Pepper Dip, it was an embodiment of perfection in a dish.

Smothered in crunchy crostini, the Bone Marrow is definitely one dish worth indulging in. Best eaten while hot, I could only imagine how fare it will go with steamed white rice in a tow. Lovely dish, equally lovely was the presentation.

Like what I have mentioned at the onset of this post, it is too early to tell for me whether I have found a soulmate restaurant in the presence of Chops Chicago Steakhouse. There are tons of items in the menu I have still yet to try and I could not wait to share it with you here on YedyLicious.  But with my experience on the recent lunch, I must say that it's worth all the raves I have been hearing from friends.

Their Executive Lunch Set Menu is a perfect way to have a prelude to the beautiful flavors you can expect form them, although I wish they do not limit the steaks to Wisconsin Tenderloin. Still I can recommend it especially to those who does have the liberty of time to explore their menu.  It is perfect for those who wants to impressed their clients during a lunch meeting and equally perfect for those who just wants to have a great meal at Chops.

Chops Chicago Steakhouse
4/F Greenbelt 5, Legazpi St
Legazpi Village, Makati
Opens daily 11am to 10pm

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