Backyard Burgers at Sgt. Esguerra, Quezon City

March 12, 2013

One of the best things about having foodie friends ready to catch your drift when mean cravings hit you on a lazy Sunday afternoon is their undying support to keep your sanity intact. That was the case weeks ago which led us to Backyard Burgers located along Sgt. Esquerra St, Quezon City.

I have read about Backyard Burgers at Table For Three, Please website and the urge to pay them a visit called for immediate action, hence the Sunday food trip.  Sure, there are a lot of restaurants that claim to carry the best burgers in Manila, but I believe in the noble pursuit of giving new players in the field a fair and just tryout.

Backyard Burgers is tucked right across ABS-CBN main building so it is not really hard to find. This burger joint boasts of decent variety of burgers meant to satisfy one's hunger with its bigger than usual serving portion.

Backyard Burger's menu was kept simple with main focus on variation of burgers and sizes of its patty ( available for backyard burger and cheese burger only). These sizes ranges from supreme (1/3 lb. patty), extreme (1/2 lb. patty), and extreme (1 lb. patty). They uses freshly-baked hoagie buns but diners are given an option of whole wheat buns for an additional Php10 only.

First thing that caught my attention while perusing the menu was The Godfather (Php195) not because its namesake is my favorite movie but because of the "mozzarella-stuffed 1/2 lb. beef patty" attached to its description. Pesto, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato were also thrown in for a good measure.

I love how the distinct taste of pesto cut through the meaty taste of the 1/2 lb. patty without overpowering it. Just a beautiful balance of flavor that made this variant uniquely satisfying as compare to other mozzarella-stuffed burger I've had. The cheese stuffing was generous enough that it oozes out in every bite. The veggies included contributed to the beautiful play in texture of the entire dish, and added a clean taste to a rather carnivore-driven palate treat.

We also had the Brekkie (Php195) which boasts of 100% bacon patty topped with fried egg and hash brown. I am a breakfast person so this one didn't go unnoticed.

The bacon patty was smoky enough that it echoes a reminder that you're actually eating a bacon and not a beef patty. While the hash brown was an added treat, this meal could have been perfect if the egg yolk was a bit runny. Nevertheless, it was a satisfying take on burger and any breakfast-loving dude could appreciate.

Since I believe that everything that has truffle on it should always be enjoyed, we ordered for Backyard Burger's Truffle Burger (Php215). Considering its price, I must say that it's really a steal, flavor-wise, I don't have any complaint either.

The shitake mushroom pontifically sitting on top of the slice cheddar cheese and the 1/2 lb. mozzarella-stuffed burger patty possess that pleasingly intoxicating aroma of truffle oil that swept me off my feet. We had our patty medium rare so its juiciness that blends perfectly well with the mozzarella took the entire experience several notch higher. 

The Heart Attack (Php195) on the other hand was beautifully graced with crunchy pork belly on top of the 1/2 lb. patty and cheddar cheese. Just like downright good looking bad boy on the street (or at the backyard, for that matter) this burger sent thrill down my spine.

Aptly named Heart Attack, having a bite or two will definitely drive you to a mental sparring with your cardiologist, but you wouldn't mind. Delicious death is well worth it, always.

For dessert, our group shared 2 scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream (Php80) and a slice of Triple Chocolate Cake (Php95). Both these goodies are homemade, so you can forget about the distinct commercial taste of the usual desserts. And just like great homemade goodies, they didn't scrimp on the ingredients so an explosion of chocolatey overdrive in your palate should be expected. The Triple Chocolate Cake in particular, is enough reason for you to brave the Quezon City traffic jam, believe me.

I have been to a lot of burger joints in the past and I must say that Backyard Burgers is one of those I would definitely pay a visit again. The place is relatively small but ample chairs and table outside are available for al fresco dining. I am satisfied on how well they execute a comfortable burger joint concept and I am still looking forward to try some items on their menu just like the Beef Belly Cheese Steak. 

Backyard Burgers
#52 Sgt. Esguerra St.,
Quezon City
Contact Nos.: (02) 384-4140 / (0916) 912-0612
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @Backyard_Burger

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  1. This is exactly what I need right now. Wah!!!

  2. I haven't had burgers in ages! I think I'll have one for lunch tomorrow. =)

  3. OMG this looks really good.. I will be trying this out when I head Manila this weekend, I promise. I'll trackback to your post when I do post about it :)

  4. Which is the best burger to try?

  5. Which is the best burger to try? Can you rank them?

  6. this is a perfect burger for my appetite :D gonna try this one :)))


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