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GrandMomma's Kitchen in Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Quezon City

Friday, March 08, 2013

I am a true blooded Pinay but I must admit that I find thrill dining in restaurants which serve American comfort food. There are numbers of restaurants in Manila that serve such but few can pull off a homey vibe that can make its diners really feel at home.  Good thing that I was recently introduced to GrandMomma’s Kitchen located at Il Terrazzo in Tomas Morato Quezon City.  Although a new player in the field, GrandMomma’s Kitchen take on serving American comfort food and having that homey feel ambiance to it proved to be well executed.

I have always loved Tomas Morato area not just because it’s near my place but because it boasts of restaurants which I enjoy.  Having GrandMomma’s Kitchen as an addition to the band gave me all the more reason to visit the area and still feel at home, away from home. 

The ambiance is suggestive of a country style home with its wood clad interior peppered with quirky embellishments that gave the place a character on its own.  The place is relatively small which adds charm to the whole deal, but decent enough to accommodate small groups who want to indulge on freshly cooked comforting meals.

The menu was kept simple with emphasis on variety of most celebrated American comfort food including an all day breakfast fares to boot.  I am big on brekky dishes so I decided to try their Strawberry Banana French Toast (Php165) which I find really hefty in its serving portion. It’s your usual French toast made special with generous dollop of whipped cream, banana and strawberry slices, peppered with confectioners’ sugar. It was good and very comforting.

We also got to try Country Sausage, Biscuits, and Egg (Php165) with extra Bacon (Php90).  Last time I had a great biscuits was way back my late grandmother’s heyday in the kitchen, and it clearly reminded me of those lovely days when I get to try GrandMomma’s biscuits served with honey and jam. While the egg and the honey was nothing short of delicious, the country sausage I must say played the stellar character in the platter.

Breakfast Pizza (Php230) is an off menu item which was shared by our group. Judging by the way most of us reacted after a bite or two, it seems like everyone enjoyed this unique dish to bits. I am not sure if this is being offered by other restaurants but it was my first time to encounter such an innovative pizza that really got me raving. I think it has something to do with how great tasting the dough of the pizza was, but nevertheless, the entire deal proved to be its one of the dishes that Grand Momma’s Kitchen must be proud of.

Our group shared servings of Potato Croquette (Php135) to whet our palates.  I’ve had my fair share of best potato croquette in Manila but having tasted Grand Momma’s rendition to this simple dish proved that there are better things that can still get better.  While its crisp covering was delightful in the palate, its creamy mashed potato boasting of bits of ham and some cheese was what endeared this dish close to my heart.

Any dish that has crab fat on it is deemed to be sacred on my book so the Crab Fat Pasta (Php215) on the menu was an easy target. For an additional Php30, you can get a quarter of roasted chicken.  The crab fat on the pasta was very apparent but not overwhelmingly so. I love that the citrusy taste of lemon still shines through to cut through the taste. The roasted chicken on the other hand was equally satisfying in all its savory and tenderness glory. 

For the main dish I ordered for Smoked Baby Back Ribs (Php255).  Truth be told, its flavor was really downright impressive as it suggests the perfect smoky flavor that can only be achieved when the ingredients used on its marinade are well balanced.

Flavor-wise, the Smoked Back Back Ribs hit the right spot, however in terms of tenderness, it does not possess the fall-of-the-bone I would have wanted on my back ribs. They have probably overcooked the meat that night, I am not sure. If only it’s a bit tender, it could have been a perfect meal. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind having it again on my next visit, I’ll just request for them to go easy on the cooking time of the ribs.

For dessert I ordered for their Key Lime Pie (Php125) which in my opinion was the best key lime pie I have ever tried in such a long time. I love the balance the citrusy flavor of the pie and the subtle hint of sweetness. Its creaminess was also well worth mentioning as well as the goodness of the crust.

Lately I have been experiencing mean bouts of milkshake cravings; I guess it has something to do with the goodness of milkshake I experienced when I visited Granny’s Burger in Pasig.  So when I was offered an option for drinks that night, I immediately go for their Thick Milky Shake Chocolate Flavor (Php115).  It was comforting as it was delighting to the palate. It lived up to the “thick” word attached to its name because its consistency is way thicker than the usual milkshakes, hence, more enjoyable.

I have to admit that I have no expectations prior to visiting GrandMomma’s Kitchen, so it was surprising that the dinner was one of the nicest dinners I had so far. It was an unexpected feast given the numbers of the food we feasted on. But more importantly, it was a very comforting dining experience, a reminder that somewhere in the heart of Tomas Morato, there’s a place ready to welcome its diners with warm service and satisfying food.

GrandMomma's Kitchen
Il Terrazzo Mall
G/F Il Terrazzo, 305 Tomas Morato Ave.
cor. Sct. MadriƱan St.,
South Triangle, Quezon City,
Metro Manila Philippines
Facebook Page: GrandMomma's Kitchen

3 comments on "GrandMomma's Kitchen in Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Quezon City"
  1. Looks yummy esp. the french toast :D

  2. Must seriously give this place a visit! :)

  3. hi yedy! you write very well and you make me just want to take a bite of the food on your photos. They seem to just pop out! I'm definitely coming here for the crab fat pasta + chicken. :)


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