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Li Li's Dim Sum Buffet at Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila

Monday, May 20, 2013
There are countless Chinese restaurants in Manila including those housed in hotels but only few of them offers an eat-all-you-can spread well worth one's hard earned money. So, when presented with a Dim Sum Buffet for a reasonable price just like what Li Li Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Manila is currently offering, any dim sum loving person in their right mind must grab the chance to indulge.

For the price of Php888, you may stuff yourselves silly with the best dim sum offerings you could ever find here in Manila. Note however that this promo does not include drinks but when you avail of this dim sum buffet at Li Li only up until the month of June, you'll get a serving of their to-die-for Guava Iced Tea worth Php300 for FREE, provided that you will mention that you have read this feature post at YedyLicious.Com website. Sweet, yeah? so, let's get rolling.

Weeks ago I got a chance to visit Li Li at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila to try their Dim Sum Buffet promo. I have tried several dim sum buffets in the past and I would have to say that Li Li is definitely one of those which impressed me to the core.

Li Li Restaurant has several function rooms that the guests may use for their private events. If you want to enjoy the glorious food that Li Li offers including the dim sum buffet choices in a private space, you may do so by reserving one of the function rooms available.

Before indulging on Dim Sum Buffet, two of Li Li's staff presented the art of Gongfu tea ceremony. It was a visual feast for it introduced us to the skillful approach of tea preparation which originated from Fujian and Guangdong.

This tea ceremony is not included on the Dim Sum Buffet promo but should you wish to experience and witness this form of art, you may do so by availing of the teas included on Li Li's extensive selections of teas.

After the ceremony, the feast of the palate unfolds. There are several options on the menu and while we were not able to try everything on it, what we have devoured was more than enough to satisfy our hunger for dim sum and then some.

Steamed Fish Shaped Dumpling with Cod Fish
I did have a hard time tearing this beauty apart to eat it because it was so cute and really adorable looking. Yet, the emotional blackmail will defeat the purpose of the buffet itself so, I went ahead and gorge on it anyway. Pleasing to the eyes, even more so to the palate.
Steamed Pork Dumplings with Crab Meat "Shanghai" Style
Biting into this plump dumplings was a delightful experience at its finest. The meaty taste of the pork and the fresh flavor of the crab meat were very apparent and when you dip it into the sauce that comes with it, it only elevates the flavor making it all the more palatable.
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings with Bamboo Pith
One of the best Har Gao / Hakaw I have ever eaten was at Jasmine Hotel in Makati, but it does not come as a surprise that Li Li's rendition of this classic favorite is at par with my favorite, after all, it's Li Li we are talking about.
Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumpling with Fish Roe
The classic siomai only thousand times better. Yes, that's caviar on top, right there.
Steamed Shrimp, Dried Seaweeds Roll, Asparagus, Fish Roe
One of the best included in the offerings that I have tried not because I am partial to asparagus, but because the combination of flavor is a beautiful medley that works perfectly well.
Steamed Crab Meat Dumpling with Black Mushroom and Steamed Fresh Scallop Dumpling
Between the two it was the Steamed Crab Meat that knocked me off my feet because every bite is suggestive of the distinct flavor of crab with a texture that is both pleasing and palatable. The scallop on the other hand was also good but for someone like me whose fascination for scallop is pegged at an indecent degree, it may not fit the bill as it lacks a little punch.
Deep Fried Mashed Taro Puff with Chicken
It was my first time to eat taro puff with chicken since taro puffs I've had in the past were just the simple deal, so I am not sure if I'll be a tad biased if I say that Li Li's rendition was the best I have ever tried. 
Baked Barbecue Pastry Puff
If I dare to describe how utterly good this puff pastry was, I am fully aware that there is a nagging possibility that my words will fail me. So I will not even try. Let me just say that I will make a reservation at Li Li's Dim Sum Buffet in a heartbeat if only to experience these little puff babies again.
Pan Fried Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp
Vegans or not, anyone could easily fall in love for this veggie dumplings. The distinct taste of the spinach was a beautiful break in between the meaty savory brought by other dim sum, not to mention its crisp texture was a delight to the mouth as well.
Deep Fried Becho-Becho Shrimp with Wasabi Mayonnaise
Little logs of interesting shrimp dish with a delightful texture comparable to fried chicken, well at least in my book. The wasabi mayo goes perfectly well with the dish because of the oush and pull of sweet and tangy flavor with a kick. 
Steamed Glutinous Rice with Assorted Meat
This one I skipped simply because I do not eat any form of rice with my dumplings. But judging from the way my fellow foodies reacted to it, then I must say it must be a good dish.
Hot and Sour Soup with Assorted Seafood
This could have been a beautiful prelude to the wonderful Dim Sum Buffet feast but it was served to us towards the end of the meal. Nevertheless, it does not negate how good this soup was. It is not a secret that I am not big on spicy dishes but this one has just the right amount of spicy kick to it, hence I was able to enjoy it immensely.
Chilled Mango Sago with Almond Jelly
I love the fact that this dessert served on martini glass was not overly sweet but rather it has the beautiful balance of sweetness and tartness altogether. The pomelo pulps on top was an added treat that contributed to the overall taste of the dessert.
Sesame Balls with White Belgian Chocolate
Its name was a dead giveaway that it will become an instant hit once it was served. True enough, collective ooohhhs and aaahhhs were easily dished out when everyone started biting into their fair share of these sesame balls.
Guava Iced Tea
Like what I have mentioned, this Guava Iced Tea is not included on the promo but you may spare yourselves from spending Php300 for a glass of this pure awesomeness by simply mentioning to the Li Li staff that you have read this review here at YedyLicious. I am not big on guava, but if its Li Li's Guava Iced Tea, I wouldn't mind moving mountains just to have a glass of it. That says a lot, I guess.
Li Li's Dim Sum Buffet's rate is Php 880 net. Available from Monday to Saturday 12:00noon to 3:00pm only. To make a reservation, you may contact them through telephone number 245.1234 and email address

Li Li
Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila
5th floor, Hyatt Hotel & Casino
1588 Pedro Gil, Malate, Manila
Contact No.: 245.1234
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  1. Mango sago was the best I drank in my life


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