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Lobster Buffet at Corniche, Diamond Hotel Manila, Philippines

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
A lot has been said about the Lobster Buffet of Corniche Restaurant in Diamond Hotel. Some of the best food bloggers in Manila raved about it since its launching, tagging it as one of the best promos that ever happen in hotel restaurants' buffet scene in Manila. Having experienced this generous crustacean feast myself, I share the same enthusiastic and gleeful approval in favor of this buffet treat.

I could have written about this post way back but sad things in life are bound to happen at times, like say, your hard drive giving up on you despite the fact that it contains all the important photos you haven't posted on your blog yet. Things like that. I hope you got my drift. Good thing though that files were recovered and we were advised by our friends from Corniche Diamond Hotel that their promo will run until the end of May. So yeah, there's still time.

Although time is limited, I cannot pass up sharing with you this awesome experience because personally, an eat-all-you-can lobster treat is just too much if kept within yourself, you know what I mean. I sincerely hope that despite them having another awesome festival, which is Cucina Filipina by Chef Bruce Lim, they will still carry on with the Lobster Buffet and maybe, just maybe, consider extending it for another month or so. Let's just cross our fingers for that.
Buffet at Corniche Diamond Hotel is one of those buffets I am quite familiar with and I would say that their seafood spread and choices have always been an eye candy for me. So you could probably imagine how elated I was upon learning that despite them having great seafood dishes for option already, they'll be carrying unlimited servings of lobster cooked whichever way you want.

Yes, you got that right. Unlimited lobsters. Cooked whichever way you want, provided that they do have ingredients available. Or you can always ask for their recommendation because those chefs at Corniche are all geniuses that you can trust their judgement when it comes to lobster dish execution.

There are different kind of lobsters sourced from everywhere for the diners' disposal. I had a great time choosing the fattest and the most kick ass looking lobsters to satisfy my cravings. and boy do they have that. There are even those that can definitely put your appetite to shame, because they're just plain humongous and fatty and just awesome.

And while I was at it, there are countless of lobster dishes that crossed my mind but since my fellow foodies who I was with during the dinner have already requested for several lobster dishes for everyone to share, I just opted for my all time favorite, Baked Lobster with Cheese. And judging by the way they raved about that particular dish, I must say that it was a clear crowd pleaser.

You may settle for the usual steamed lobster variant or you may play with the creative kid in you by coming up with unique lobster creation (just be reasonable with your request, people.) The photos below are some of those which we devoured. Check it out and judge us not.

Steamed Lobster
There is beauty in simplicity, yeah.

Lobster with Lemon Butter sauce
Who could resist a perfect marriage of lemon and butter? Not us, definitely not us.

Lobster Thermidore
Onion-mustard chutney and bearnaise sauce for the win.

Singaporean-Style Lobster
Downright delish!

And another Lobster with Lemon Butter Sauce because it was that good!

But not as good as...

Four Cheese Lobster
My soulmate. 'Nuff said.

Of course we should not forget that aside from the lobster, you may also indulge on other fresh seafood on the spread and have it cooked anyway you want it as well.

The usual suspects are also well worth checking out and indulging in because well, all of the are equally awesome.

Fresh sashimi? Say hello to their Japanese station and savor the freshness of every dish there is.

After indulging on hardcore lobster feast, you may want to have some soba noodles for, well, long life.

Then visit their roasting section and forget the guilt.

One of the best thing about Buffet at Corniche Diamond Hotel is that their dessert station carries to-die-for cakes, albeit in mini version, from the well loved The Cake Club and The Lobby Lounge. And oh, yes, homemade ice cream also included.

Also, availing their lobster buffet promo will entitle you to a free one round of wine (red or white, it's your call) to further elevate your awesome lobster buffet dining experience.

I really wish I could have shared this with you earlier as much as I wish that they extend this promo for the months to come. Our lobster buffet experience was a delight to my heart and to my tummy. 

Lobster Buffet rate is priced at Php2,385 net, pretty steep but with all the lobster you can eat, you will definitely get your money's worth. Just be sure that you are not allergic to lobster, okay?

Should this promo be over, Corniche Late Night Buffet is also worth checking out. For only Php 888 net, you may enjoy a good spread with free flow of lemonade, sodas, and beers. Not to mention, live band performances will be there to entertain y'all. Late Night Buffet happens from Friday to Saturday 10:00pm to 2:00am.

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  1. Oh wow yedy! Must-try! :D I love lobster! And the one with 4 cheeses looks divine! :D

    1. Hi Gail! I miss you! thanks for dropping by! Diamond Hotel has new promo for the month of June, Salmon Buffet! :D


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