Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant at Shangri-La Mall

July 08, 2013
When Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant opened at Edsa Shangri-La Mall months ago, it got me into thinking that there are not many German restaurants here in Manila. Sure there are some but not really comparable to Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and Korean Restaurants in terms of numbers. So when Brotzeit created quite a noise on its landing, it was a welcome respite from the usual.

Peoples' positive reception of Brotzeit that offers a taste of Germany is another step towards cuisine appreciation maturity in Manila restaurant scene. For those whose exposure to German and Bavarian cuisine are rather limited, choices are slightly disconcerting at first. But essentially, Brotzeit menu offers variety of well-known German food (think sausages, spatzle, stews, and the whole nine yards) and German beer

Brotzeit which means "Bread Time" in English suggests snack time which in German culture usually accompanied by beer. And while I deem that Brotzeit can be a good place to spend a rainy afternoon over great food and impressive line of beers, it actually is a great place to visit when having a great time is in mind anytime of the day within the bound of its operating hours.

A Singaporean franchise, Brotzeit captured the hearts of many beer-loving people here in Manila since the time it opened its door to the diners. Who could blame us them? Beers at Brotzeit are exquisitely good. Selections are impressive and the price are well worth it. The food, although they are good, for me, those are just icing on the cake.

My curiosity on German beers was kept at bay when I tried the Hefe-Weissbier (Php165 – before 6pm | Php200 – after 6pm) and Original Munchner Dunkel Lager (Php165 – before 6pm | Php200 – after 6pm) during my first visit. The former suggests a fruity note while the latter leans on more malty side. I do not claim to be knowledgeable on German beer, or beer in general because I am more of cocktail-drinks-kind-of-girl so, I will not expound on it further. But if you are into it, I suggest that you visit my friend Dude4Food's write up about Brotzeit and its beers because personally, I consider Dude4Food my personal alcoholic beverages almanac and one of my favorite drinking buddies.

Brotzeit proves its take on German/Bavarian food in something as simple as soup. Gulaschsuppe / Goulash Soup (Php270) was a rich beef soup with succulent pieces of beef meat and equally satisfying potato cubes. The Pumpkin on the other hand was earthy in flavor but at par with the goulash in terms of richness. Both were satisfyingly delightful, simple, albeit hearty.

The German breads that were served to us went perfectly well with the soup dishes. I deemed that it was a match made in heaven. When Griebenschmalz / Bacon Spread (Php290) came along however, I was expecting to be blown away since we are talking about bacon here. Sadly, it wasn't the case. The combination of bacon bits, apples, onions, and cream may work well for others but I find it a tand bland for my liking. 

Now, hail to the mother of all pork dishes, Brotzeit's Schweinshaxn / Pork Knuckle (Php1,280) just made Brotzeit close to my heart. This dish is considered a close relative of our very own Crispy Pata although baked and not fried. Served with potato salad, sauerkraut, crisp onion rings, and a rich brown gravy, Schweinshaxn is one hefty dish meant to be shared.

German dining experience would not be complete without servings of their well-loved sausages. Brotzeit offers a handful of varieties but we only get to try two varieties. It could only mean revisits which I don't really mind.

Huhnerwurst / Spicy Chicken Sausages (Php460) served with sauerkraut and potato salad was a beautiful combination of flavor that tiptoes into the mouth. The sausage was tender and it has the distinct spunk of herby flavors which German sausages are known for. It was spicy but not overbearingly so, just the right amount that tickles and lingers for a bit.

Currywurst / Pork Curry Sausage (Php430) served with potato wedges and some green salads on the other hand has a pronounced taste of curry. Equally noticeable was the meatiness and savory flavor of the pork sausage. It has a slight resistance to the bite, but it was well worth the chew when the savory juice greeted your palate and the tenderness of the meat played along with it.

While the Schweinshaxn stole the spotlight on the table, Brotzeit's Kasespatzle / Cheese Spatzle (Php580) shared the same raves as my dinner mates dig for more and indulged on its cheesy glory. Soft egg noodles luxuriously bathing on different kind of cheeses, topped with crisp onion rings, this dish was really comforting to say the least.

Amidst the meat feast, Brotzeit served Lachs / Salmon Fillet (Php650) as a beautiful contrast to the carnivorous fares gracing our table that night. The fillet was succulent and silky in texture, while pleasantly herby in taste. 

For dessert we were served with three kinds of sweet and delightful treats. Kaiserschmarren / Emperor’s Cake (Php350) was a shredded rum and raisin pancake served with plum sauce on the side. I am not really crazy about this dessert but I heard some took particular liking to it, so there.

Apfelstrudel / Apple Strudel (Php280) served with vanilla ice cream on the side was something I would definitely order again on my next visit. I love that although apple bits took the center stage, the cinnamon flavor held a spunk that made its presence known, not subtle at all, which I find really pleasant.
Schokokuchen / Chocolate Cake (Php270) is more of like a lava cake with a melted chocolate-filled center. The combination of hot chocolate cake and the coldness of the ice cream that came with it offered a push and pull of both side of the spectrum, equally enticing even if you're already digging in. 

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant gives Manila a chance to immerse itself not just on the wonderful German/Bavarian cuisine but on the wide selection of premium beers as well which are rather hard to come by if you're not in some fancy hotels. It's location at the ground floor of Edsa Shangri-La Mall facing the new Shangri-La Mall East Wing made it rather friendly as opposed to intimidating. With the kind of food it serves and the premium beer it offers, I am pretty sure that one visit will not be enough.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant

Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Unit 112 Street Level
Mandaluyong City
Contact nos.: (632) 631-1489 / 668-4325

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