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Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant at Burgos Circle, The Fort

Monday, July 08, 2013
I have to admit that whenever I am in for some restaurant hopping within Metro Manila, The Fort at Bonifacio Global City area in Taguig is always on top of my list. While I frequent the area though, I have not really immersed myself on the delicious endless possibilities that can happen at The Burgos Circle also at The Fort. Good thing though that I was introduced to Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant because aside from their downright satisfying choices of tapas and other Spanish food, they do serve really mean mojitos alongside equally swell cocktail drinks and other alcoholic beverages.

Now, their mojito I must say is enough for me to go back at Rastro, but I cannot talk about mojito for the entire post, really. It will be a disservice to you my dear friends since for those of you who have not been there, you deserve a glimpse of what you can have at Rastro. And for those who have been there like myself, well, we deserve to be reminded of the great time well spent at this tapas bar and restaurant.

Equipped with the knowledge that Rastro made a recent revamped on their management as well as on their menu, we headed to Burgos Circle to check on what's in store for diners like us. To say that I went home satiated that night would be an understatement, because seriously, all things considered, I really had a grand time.

A bar boasting of alcoholic beverages and such will greet you as you enter the first floor of Rastro. Although the space is somewhat limited, it extends to the front area where you can enjoy the night with good food and booze with a view of Burgos Circle. First wave of our food and booze trippin' was held outside where we enjoyed our pre-diner cocktail like a boss.

For oyster-lover like myself, there could not be more apt time to visit Rastro than on Tuesday nights where feast of oyster is scheduled to blew one's mind. Fresh oyster, fried oyster with aioli sauce, and baked oyster with pancetta bits started our night on a high note.

It's not as if beautiful and upbeat Spanish music that served as musical scoring that night were not enough, parade of impressive cocktail drinks lend a beautiful medley to the night which were enough for everyone to get into the groove with a cool swag.

Indeed, a night at Rastro posts an endless possibilities of having a good time.

A night of endless possibilities and good times, it was.

With cool guys speaking in codes. 

Dude4Food and Spanky Enriquez
With great tasting tapas and feel-good drinks.

And with good friends sharing the same passion for good food and great drinks.

Rina's Rainbow a.k.a. Mrs. Pickiest Eater, Dude4Food, and HeftyFoodie
Compare to the chic and hip vibe at the bar area of Rastro, their second floor suggests a vibe meant to be savored while having leisurely meal. Unique and classy pieces of antique kitchen wares and appliances peppered the entire place, lending it an interesting flair.

Although this part of Rastro is seems like where the downright serious dining experience can happen, diners are still in for some awesome and fun night.

Especially when you're with the company of great people, having drinks and feasting on good food...

Mr. and Mrs. Pickiest Eater
and just enjoying the night away, like a boss.

Spanky chillin' like a boss!

Several drinks were served and just like what I mentioned at the first part of this post, it was Rastro's Mojito that stole my heart that night. My friend Rina a.k.a. Mrs. Pickiest Eater / Rina's Rainbow fell for Rastro's Guavatini, but we both agreed that the mojito was really something. Other drinks include Harvey Wallbangers, Sidecars, Red Wine Spritzers, and White Wine Spritzers.

I could go on forever reiterating how I managed to down countless glass of these drinks but Rastro's selections of tapas deserve the spotlight as well. Huevos Rancheros was good with the interesting texture playing together and mixture of flavors meant to complement each other. The shoestring potato and the egg worked well, and while I am not big on chorizos, it was a tapa well worth a try. Chorizo from Spain called Chistora on Rastro's menu was another tapa that graced our table in all its meaty and garlicky flavor. Not really my favorite, but then again, I am not a fan of chorizo in general, so no judgement here. The Tinapa Triangles on the other hand were lovely combination of tinapa flakes and cream cheese on a triangular pockets. Fish and cream cheese combination is always a winner on my book and Rastro's rendition did not disappoint.

There were also Bolitos Negros or deep fried paella negra balls, Croquetas, Crispy Tawilis, Gambas al Ananda, and Pizzetas. The Bolitos Negros could be a meal in itself if you can muster the courage to pop into your mouth countless of these balls to satisfy your palate, because trust me, it was so good you cannot just stop with a couple of pop. The Gambas al Ananda (not in photo) was sinfully satisfying because seriously, shrimp and crab fat sauce? Sin then repent, shall we?

The Chorizo which was served at the latter part of the evening came rather late because I deem it could be a good starter for an awesome meal. Regardless, it was still a welcome member of the feast. Note however that the chorizo bits must be mixed and well incorporated to the entire dish otherwise you may find it a tad bland for your liking.

The tapas came in rather endless parade but when the mains were served on our table, despite the degree of fulness we are all experiencing, we happily devoured each. Who could blame us? edible beauties are meant to be feasted on.

Paella Catalana was a thing of beauty. Jumbo prawns stole the spotlight but in terms of flavor, everything made its presence known. While I missed the socarat part of the paella, it did not made the experience less satisfying.

Paella Negra was equally satisfying as it suggest the distinct taste of squid without overbearingly so. The aioli sauce helped sending this dish a notch higher than usual.

Rastro's Pollo Asado Ariero for me was the star of the night. It reminded me of Casa Armas' famous Asado de Pollo Ensu Jugo Plato Speciales without threatening my breathing rhythm just by pronouncing its name. But seriously, it was really good that I wouldn't mind coming back at Rastro just for this, and of course, the mojito.

We were halfway through the feast and the drinks were still coming like a wave, a wave that we all enjoy like surfers because we are hardcore that way, yeah.

I know it was such a cliche to note that the night will not be complete without good desserts to cap off the meal, but really, cliches are called cliches for a reason. And no matter how we love/hate cliches, we had desserts. True story.

The Turrones Pastor may sound and look like an innocent looking piece of pedestrian cheese sticks, but dare I say that these mean babies were so good I could dip it into my mojito which can turn it into a sloppy soggy stuff but I will still eat it anyway. It was that good. What made it so good? These long little crunchies were stuffed with creme brulle. Need I say more?

Equally delicious and well worth the rave was Rastro's Triple Chocolate Silk. Layers of white, milk, and dark chocolate, pontifically nestled on an Oreo crust. Each layer is spunky enough to fight for their distinct flavor. Nothing really overpowers anything, it's just a beautiful medley of chocolatey flavor with texture that could put anyone's silky night gown out of business. What is up with that, eh? It was good. Take my word for it and have it when you're there.

Like what I have mentioned, at Rastro, there are endless possibilities in terms of gastronomic experience. The service was thoughtful, friendly but professional. The ambiance can jump from some cool party scene to the laid back and cozy dining vibe. The food ranges from small plates to big paelleras. Special requests may be granted whenever possible and surprises may just pop in, who knows?

Pickiest Eaters photobombing The Food Scout with Beau
There are a lot of bar and restaurants at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City and I am pretty sure there will be more to be added in the coming years. Despite the impressive choices, Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant at Burgos Circle is definitely well worth the visit. If you are up for some great time over good food and awesome drinks, then you are invited at Rastro and enjoy everything like a boss.


Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant

WS 4, Forbes Town Centre, Burgos Circle,

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact No.: (632) 556-1497
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