Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant in Greenhills San Juan, New Location of The Classic Favorite

July 13, 2013
Chinese restaurants here in Manila, or in the entire Philippines in general are aplenty. Despite the number, not all of it have the staying power like those who are now considered an institution in Manila restaurant scene. One of these Chinese restaurants that managed to stay up to now is Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant in Greenhills San Juan City.

I am guessing most of you would agree, some of us grew up indulging in authentic Chinese cuisine that Gloria Maris in Greenhills offers. It has been there for years. Recent relocation and revamped on its menu reveals that the new Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant in Greenhills is still in it for the long haul.

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Recently, together with other food bloggers in Manila, we were introduced to the new Gloria Maris to sample some of their classic and new dishes. But that is after we toured the impressively enormous new location, albeit still in Greenhills area.

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With its 7,500 sq. meters area to boot, the new Gloria Maris boasts of a gigantic main dining hall, a large banquet area, a separate dining spaces for dimsum and hot pot dishes, and 13 private function rooms. The vastness of the area is not the only thing that one should look forward to upon visiting, because the way the interior was arranged, one could easily mistook it for a grand hotel. When it comes to food, rest assured that the authenticity is still there, coupled with consistent goal to serve their diners better.

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First dish that graced our table with such dramatic entrance during our visit was the Abalone Sashimi (Php3,600). It was not actually raw since the abalone slices were blanched already. It's chewy texture wasn't something I am fond of, but in terms of its taste, it was quite a good way to whet one's appetite.

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I never thought that prawn and strawberry could work well together until I tried Gloria Maris' Prawns with Pop Rice and Strawberry Sauce (Php1,800). While the pop rice lends a beautiful texture to the dish, it was the impressive medley of the savory prawn and the distinct sour-sweetness of the strawberry that made this dish a stellar in my book.

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I could easily say that one pop of this prawn dish wouldn't be enough especially if you are a big fan of prawn like I am. 

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Chiu Chow Cold Cuts (Php2,800) came next. It was a big sereving of appetizer sampler consisting of fried Enoki mushroom, fried bacon rolls, csliced crispy pork belly, sliced roasted duck, and California maki.

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I loved everything on the platter, however I thought that the Enoki mushroom was a tad bland for my taste. The crispy pork belly and the roasted duck was as good as classic gets, while the bacon roll was an instant favorite.

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The Scallop and Shell Meat with French Beans and Radish Cake (Php3,800) was one of my old time favorites at Gloria Maris. It still is the same savory and flavorful dish which I love all these years.

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The combination of scallops and the cubes of radish cake were impeccable as always, while the crunch that the French beans lend to the dish made it all the more enjoyable to feast on.

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If Gloria Maris' Peking Chicken Salad (Php2,200) was not considered a thing of beauty, then I dont't know what is. Slices of pecking chicken with its glistening crispy skin that beckons sitting atop sliced mantou are meant to be eaten with shredded meat and fresh greens in the middle of the big platter.

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For a salad this, this one was quite a stunner, dare I say.

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I have encountered Fried Crab with Salted Egg (Php2,800) before but it was only recently that I get a chance to really taste it. I do not take pleasure in dealing with crab dishes with its shell intact because I am all for convenient eating. Little did I know, I missed half of my life by not minding this one stellar of a dish in the past.

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The combination of salted egg and crab sounds quite deadly, but there are things in life worth risking, I believe. So that afternoon, I risked and found myself indulging on this babies even if my dinner mates were already having their desserts. It was so sinfully good I have been dreaming of it since then.

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Steamed Lapu-lapu fillet with Egg White (Php240/pc) was a delicate dish that served as a respite from the heavy flavors laden dishes we've been feasting all through out our meal. It was light and comforting.

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For the desserts we were served with Marshmallow Pastries and Jumbo Butchi. Both were pleasing to the eyes and a treat to the palate whose preference for desserts does not involved sweet things.

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I am all for sweet desserts but having these beautiful babies was a welcome changed from the usual. The way it was presented was obviously made out of passion for creating arts in food which I really appreciate.

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Free flow of champagne made our feast all the more special. Different variety of wines are available at Gloria Maris for diners who wants to pair their feast with it. For those who does not have affinity for alcoholic beverages, fresh fruit juices, sodas, teas, and other drinks are also available.

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Our luncheon feast at the new Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant at Greenhills San Juan City was a reminder of classic impressive dining experience and an introduction to the all new and much improved menu and service at the same time. The new location was downright impressive in its hugeness while the quality of food remained unprecedented.

With the experience we had, I think it is high time for everyone to pay Gloria Maris in Greenhills a visit again, and remind ourselves why it is one of the well loved Chinese restaurants here in Manila.

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In celebration of their first year anniversary in their new location, Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant is giving away a treat for their diners. For every a minimum spend of Php1,000, you will be given a 30% off of your total bill. This promo is valid every Monday to Friday and will run until the 31st of July, 2013 only.

Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant

Greenhills Shopping Center, 
Missouri St cor. Connecticut, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
Contact Numbers: 570-0921, 570-0923, 570-0924

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  1. In May of 2012, my sisters treated me and my daughter Katy Rose to a sumptous lunch at Gloria Maris. My daughter and I were so awed by the enormity of the main dining hall. We just don't have that kind of Chinese restaurant in the states. We took pictures of Katy Rose going down that impressive staircase pretending she was a Chinese princess. I remember we were having so much fun. But above all the food at Glora Maris is tops - I can honestly say that the quality of their food is comparable to some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong. Needless to say, we were impressed. Gloria Maris is on top of the list of restaurants that I will be visiting this coming May :)

    Pete de Leon


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