Salmon Nights Buffet at Corniche Restaurant, Diamond Hotel Manila, Philippines

July 12, 2013
After foodies and some of our favorite top food bloggers in Manila raved about the awesome Lobster Buffet that was, Corniche at Diamond Hotel Manila has once again rolled out something that will blow foodies’ minds every Friday night; Salmon Nights Buffet at Corniche. One of known hotel buffets in Manila, Corniche buffet is dishing out premium quality and fresh Norwegian salmon prepared countless ways every Friday nights for the whole month of July and August 2013.

Corniche Salmon Nights Buffet suggests healthy indulgent feast by incorporating salmon dishes in every buffet station it has except for the dessert station. Whether you want your salmon grilled, raw, fried, steamed, or whatever tickles your fancy, Corniche got you covered.

I admit that I was one of those who prayed for Corniche’s Lobster Buffet promo to be extended further because my gastronomical experience with those lovely lobsters was simply legendary. Just like with any other prayers, it may be unanswered, but good heaven was so kind to replace it with something equally awesome and downright satisfying.

Usual dishes in each buffet station at Corniche are still ever present. However, if it is Salmon Nights, there is no reason for one not to indulge on all things salmon, just like what I did.

You cannot go wrong by starting your salmon feast with appetizers such as Salmon and Lobster Soup, Salmon Ceviche, and the Steamed salmon with Mayonnaise.  The soup was heart warming albeit a tad heavy on the tummy, so I suggest you go easy on it. The steamed salmon on the other hand was a delight to the palate and goes perfectly well with different breads and cheeses also offered at the buffet spread.

Salmon and Lobster Soup
Salmon Ceviche
Steamed Salmon with Mayonnaise
For the mains there are Grilled Salmon in Spicy Mango Salso which I love for its herby taste, the Salmon Kebab that boasts of distinct Persian flair in terms of spices used in its execution, and the salmon Paella for its hearty and filling appeal to it.

Grilled Salmon in Spicy Mango Salsa
Salmon Kebab
Salmon Paella
The Slow Roasted Salmon in Dill Sauce was equally alluring. The distinct taste of the dill took the delicate flavor of salmon a notch higher. While the Paksiw na Salmon was reminiscent of the homegrown paksiw dish we all loved, albeit a tad fancier.

Slow Roasted Salmon in Dill Sauce

Paksiw na Salmon
You may also feast your heart out in salmon sashimi that your tummy could handle but do not forget to have a bite or two of the Salmon Marinated in Sake Jime because take my word for it, it was one of the finest salmon sashimi infused with flavor that you could ever hope to taste. It is not as if these sashimis are not good enough, but the Sous Vide Salmon begged to be had. One of the many things that you definitely should not miss when availing of the Salmon Buffet at Corniche.

Salmon Sashimi
Salmon Marinated in Sake Jime

Sous Vide Salmon
Czech Baked Salmon and Salmon Gravlax with Vodka and Dill were a thing of beauty. In terms of taste, these two can be considered as the highness in the buffet spread. The salmon gravlax in particular, I took an immense liking for because of its intricate flavor that flirted with my taste buds.

Czech Baked Salmon
Salmon Gravlax with Vodka and Dill
The Salmon Pizza, Ricotta Pasta Salad with Salmon, and the Salmon Canneloni on the other hand were good especially for those who are up for some carbo loading. While I could hope for a much thinner crust, this one didn't fail to impress anyway. The ricotta pasta boasts of creamy texture that blends well with the delicateness of the salmon, and the canneloni was good enough, although I thought it could use more seasoning.

Salmon Pizza
Ricotta Pasta salad with Salmon
Salmon Canneloni
Raw salmon at the grilling station were bountiful. Different cuts were presented for the diners' enjoyment. Be sure not to miss the salmon belly and have it grilled with butter.

There are other salmon dishes which I failed to try that night, but since Salmon Night Buffet at Cornich of Diamond Hotel will run until the end of August, I still have time to try them all. After the feast of salmon, the enduring charm of Corniche' dessert station boasting of delightful sweet goodies awaits. 

Salmon Night Buffet at Corniche of Diamond Hotel Manila is priced at Php 2,385 nett per person. If you are a salmon lover like me, I am pretty sure you can have a great time with this feast. For reservations and inquiries, you may contact Diamond Hotel at (02) 528 – 3000 local 1121.

Salmon Nights Buffet at Corniche

Diamond Hotel Philippines

Roxas Boulevard. cor Dr. J Quintos St.
Manila, Philippines
Telephone no. : 528-3000

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