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Karada Philippines at Serendra The Fort BGC

Monday, October 14, 2013
So, this is a break from the usual blog post about restaurants in Manila. While this may not be the typical gustatory delights I am sharing with you now, I believe that my experience at the newly opened branch of KARADA at Serendra, The Fort BGC is well worth sharing. So let's give this a go.

Typical notion about Karada is that it is a spa, when in fact it is not. KARADA is a Japanese Seitai Salon that focuses on bone/body therapy through massage that can affect overall wellness. It aims to provide its clients an invigorating way to achieve body balance. So clearly, KARADA is not a spa, but a therapy salon. I dig that.


For a while now, my cousin The Hefty Foodie and my dear friend Blogalag were bugging me to try KARADA. Judging from the way they demonstrate all the possible maneuver that may transpire once I try it myself, I deemed that I don't really need it. Okay, I chickened out. So I was really adamant to try it from the get go. Little did I know, I badly needed a visit.


My fear I guess, was rooted from the belief that no one except my trusted calcium tablet has business with my bones, especially with my spinal cord. Sure I had my fair share of massages and spa treatments every now and then, but those are for relaxation purposes. Karada is all for body therapy and the word therapy feared the heck out of me.

For a while I was blissfully unaware that I needed some treatment until I visited Karada at Serendra myself, together with my friends to get over my fear once and for all experience what is Karada all about.

Karada Serendra Manager Ms. Irma Marcelo and my dear friend Rina of Rina's Rainbow Blog
Karada at Serendra exudes a well-lit and impeccably clean surroundings that you wouldn't mind having your treatment in it. I was told that Compared to other Karada branches, the therapy beds are more exposed with no partition whatsoever patterned with Karada salons in Japan. Black shirt, jogging pants, and slippers are provided for every guests, as well as a orange plastic basket where they can put in their belongings while undergoing the therapy.


Before my treatment started, I answered a form which asked for some basic information about me and some medical history as well. Upon entering the treatment area I was then thrown in with several questions from the therapist based on the form I have filled out. This process helped them assess things that should be address on my body.


According to the assessment, my left shoulder was more stiff than the right. Also my pelvic bone wasn't aligned the way it was supposed to. Hence, an AP Balance Treatment which we signed up for was just perfect.  AP Balance Treatment (Atlas Pelvis) aims to improve body condition by addressing problems on the upper part (Atlas) of your body that covers your back up to the neck, and on the lower part (Pelvis) part of your body.


Different massage maneuvers, albeit not at all fearful, were done. Some crackling sounds of the bone I found a little uncomfortable at first, but then it was explained to me that those were the sounds of toxic waste in the body.


The treatment lasted for good 20 minutes and right after that, I felt very relax and really light. I was told that I should expect some soreness that could last for 48 hours. The therapist also shed some light about the things that one should do and should not do to maintain not just a good body posture but a well conditioned body as well. My experience at Karada was an enjoyable one and I wouldn't mind going back again to experience other services that they offer.


Karada Philippines at Serendra 
Phase Number C214 
2nd Flr. Serendra 
11th Ave, The Fort BGC 
Contact No.: 0927-267-1826 
Facebook Page: Karada.Philippines

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