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The Vegan Grocer: A Store Where You Can Buy Vegan Food And Other Vegan Products in Manila Philippines

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I was searching online for some ingredients for the vegetarian and vegan recipes I am currently working on when I chanced upon The Vegan Grocer PH on Facebook. With a bit of research, I learned that they are carrying some of the ingredients I was looking for among many other vegan products that piqued my interest.

The Vegan Grocer is said to be a one-stop shop vegan grocery store that carries variety of vegan brands. They offer healthy vegan food products, eco-friendly hygienic products, and even vegan merchandise. They are located in San Juan City, Metro Manila and they also double as vegan online shop that do door to door delivery if your area is accessible to couriers.

Keep Your Home Spick and Span with 3M Scotch-Brite Cleaning Products

I admit, aside from food, one of the many things that I am crazy about is keeping things clean. I am a bit of an O.C. when it comes to cleanliness. And while I appreciate and always thankful for our kindly house helpers, I make it a point to be hands-on when it comes to maintaining the overall cleanliness of our home. I work mostly at home hence, and it will drive me crazy if my home office especially my studio aren't spick and span. 

And when it comes maintaining the cleanliness in our home, I believe in having the right tools. My current favorite, 3M Scotch-Brite Home Cleaning Products.

3M Scotch-Brite Household Cleaning Products Blog Review

3M Scotch-Brite brand carries several cleaning materials perfect for household chores. If you are very particular when it comes to cleanliness and keeping your place neat and tidy, I am pretty sure you would want these items too just like I do. 

Luke Skin PH: Korean Face Mask, Cleansing Nose Strip, and Hydrogel Eye Patch

Luke Total Skin Solution is a Korean beauty brand that was recently launched here in the Philippines. It specializes mainly on total skin care solutions through their products namely; face masks, cleansing nose strips, and hydrogel eye patches. All of which are inexpensive yet very effective one-time treatment that works wonders on all types of skin.

Just like most of skincare junkies I know, I am crazy about Korean facial masks. It's the holy grail in my humble skin care regimen.

Luke Skin PH Korean Face Mask, Cleansing Nose Strip, and Hydrogel Eye Patch, Luke Total Skin Solution Korean Beauty Brand in the Philippines, Where To Buy Luke Total Skin Solution, Best Korean Beauty Skincare Brand in The Philippines Blog Review YedyLicious Manila Blog Yedy Calaguas

That is why I am so stoked to be introduced to Luke Skin PH because after trying their masks, nose strips, and eye patches for weeks, I can say that this brand works really well for me. All thanks to Luke Total Skin Solutions for using only natural ingredients on their products that work even on sensitive skin.

Snow Crystal White Tomato: An Amazing Natural Sunscreen for Healthy Radiant Skin

I was recently introduced to Snow Crystal White Tomato, and let me tell you that after trying out this product and knowing its numerous health benefits, I knew that it is something that is well worth sharing. A food supplement that works wonders on skin and overall health - what's not to love?

It is no secret to you my dear readers that it was only late last year when I decided to ditch smoking and start to focus more on my well-being. That propelled this blog to give way to health and wellness blog posts aside from usual stuff we normally talk about. So for today, Snow Crystal White Tomato, tagged as the "Natural Sunscreen" has the spotlight.

Snow Crystal White Tomato: An Amazing Food Supplement Glutathione and Natural Sunscreen for Healthy Radiant Skin, Snow Crystal White Tomato Glutathione Blog Review Price Before and After Result, Best Glutathione in the Philippines, Best Whitening Pampaputi Soap Toner Glutathione in Manila Philippines, YedyLicious Manila Lifestyle and Food Blog Review Yedy Calaguas
Snow Crystal White Tomato is a food supplement that combines potent ingredients for healthy white skin and other health benefits. Yes, it is considered as "Natural Sunscreen" so, fellow skin care enthusiasts, we have our new best friend.

SM Cherry Antipolo

SM Cherry Antipolo recently opened its door to the public and is poised to serve customers especially those who are locals not just of Antipolo City but of the entire province of Rizal. It is set to provide shopping environment for the surrounding community with services beyond the traditional grocery experience as it includes three levels of retail including brand shops, restaurants, and SM Supermarket.

SM Cherry Antipolo that opens last June 30 marked as the 63rd SM Supermall, and the fifth in the province of Rizal after SM City San Mateo, SM Center Angono, SM City Masinag, and SM City Taytay.

SM Cherry Antipolo, SM Supermarket and Malls in Antipolo Rizal Province, Where To Shop in Antipolo City Rizal, Grocery Shopping in Antipolo Rizal, SM Supermall, SM Cherry Mall Blog Review, YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
Located along Marikina-Infanta Highway in Antipolo, SM Cherry Antipolo is the third SM Cherry Mall after SM Cherry Shaw and SM Cherry Congressional. 

Restaurants in SM Center Angono #SMCenterAngonoFoodCrawl

First time I experienced an Angono Rizal Food Crawl was during my second TV guesting for Pop Talk of GMA News 11. I also had a bit of food trip in the area when I featured one of the famous restaurants in Angono Rizal on one of the food and travel magazines I am writing for. These two food trips were unforgettable as it paved way for me to explore the culinary landscape of Angono Rizal even for just a little while.

When SM Center Angono invited me to join them for their SM Center Angono Food Crawl, I deem it could be another way to explore current food scene at the Art Capital of the Philippines, so I said yes.

Restaurants in SM Center Angono Rizal, Giligan's Restaurant, Sisig Hooray Gourmet Express Big Daddy's Burger Snow Panda, SM Angono Food Crawl, List of Restaurants in Angono Rizal, Angono Rizal Food Trip, Best Restaurants in Angono Rizal, Where To Eat in Angono Rizal, Blog Review YedyLicious Manila Food Blog
I also figured that since I am doing my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series here at YedyLicious, it would also be nice to visit the neighboring towns. Because who knows, I might eventually expand my little adventure into Rizal Food Trip Blog Series instead of just focusing on one area. As with all things in life, possibilities are endless.

My Restaurant Adventures with Huawei P9

One whole day, three restaurants, and Huawei P9 mobile phone – Challenge accepted!

This is all about my restaurant adventures in one day with Huawei P9 mobile phone at hand as a tool to use in fulfilling tasks as a food blogger.

Ever since having Huawei P9, I must say that things gets a tad easier for me especially when it comes to my restaurant adventures. Huawei P9’s classic and stylish appearance is a sure winner for me but what made me fall in love to it all the more is its efficiency as a smartphone and its dual-lens camera co-engineered by Leica.

Restaurant Adventures Mobile Food Photography Using Huawei P9, Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series with Huawei P9 Mobile Phone, Huawei P9 Blog Review Camera Sample Photos YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas

As you may have known, I live a bit far from Manila and having to carry my heavy DSLR and its lenses when attending events and venturing into food trips can be tiring at times. Needless to say, a Smartphone with highly impressive camera good enough to use in my food blogging is indispensable.

Food Trip at Robinsons Place Antipolo [World Food Tour Without Passport]

Over the weekend, I was invited to join a Bloggers Food Trip wherein we visited different restaurants at Robinsons Place Antipolo.  If you have poked around my blog a bit, you would know that I am currently doing my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series in which I feature those I deem as the best restaurants in Antipolo City.

With that in mind, I am grateful and humbled to be part of the bloggers’ activity at Robinsons Antipolo because truth be told, some of the best places to eat when in Antipolo is housed within the confines of this amazing mall. Also, this Antipolo Food Tour we had courtesy of Robinsons Malls is just like a World Food Tour without Passport. How? I promise, I will get to that.

Bloggers Antipolo Food Trip at Robinsons Place Antipolo, Restaurants at Robinsons Place Antipolo, Where To Eat In Antipolo, Antipolo Food Trip, Antipolo Restaurants Blog Review Menu List Address Contact No Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YedyLicious Manila Food Blog Yedy Calaguas
A lot has been said and written online about Robinsons Place Antipolo since it opened its door to the public. For someone who resides in the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines - upper and rather secluded Antipolo area if I might add - Robinsons Antipolo is a prayer answered. We do not have much big malls around here, thanks to Robinsons Malls for providing us that.

How to Get Your Own Robinsons VIP Card + Robinsons Malls Hot Summer Sale 2016

So this is about two good news from our friends at Robinsons Malls; first, the new Robinsons VIP Card and second, the Robinsons Malls Hot Summer Sale  2016 that offers up to 70% off on great selections this season. I am pretty sure that some of you are as excited as me about these two exciting news so let us get into it. 

If you are familiar with Robinsons Privilege Card – that powerful red card thing applicable at Robinsons Malls and its partner businesses – Robinsons VIP Card is pretty much the same thing, only it is way better. This time, this new Robinsons VIP Card offers more discounts, more privileges, and more benefits

How to Get Your Own Robinsons Malls VIP Card, Robinsons Hot Summer Sale 2016, Robinsons Malls Privilege Discount Card Promo
For those who want to know how to get your own Robinsons VIP Card and be the VIP that you are while shopping at Robinsons Malls, I highly suggest that you read on. All the more reason to do so is the information I will be dishing out about the Robinsons Malls Hot Summer Sale. So, let’s!

KTG Manila Bloggers Went MAD FOR WAGYU at Heat Buffet, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

When your reality as of late has always been about control and the inevitable avoidance of things that has the potential to screw over your will to strike a balance health-wise, you would long for the good old days. You would long for the time when you can just throw caution to the wind and indulge on whatever the hell that can make you happy.

No, I am not trying to specifically shed off the unwanted pounds. But these days, I am doing my best to be healthy. Novice that I am in this league, I tell you, the beginning of this journey is hard AF.

Mad For Wagyu at Heat Buffet Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, KTG Manila Food Bloggers Party, Best Buffet in Manila, Heat Blog Review Rate Contact No Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Food Bloggers in Manila Eat All You Can
On a good day, I could say yes to one dining engagement. One, being the operative word. (Note to self: Cheat Days are so 1980s, let's go for Cheat Hours. Let's stick to our guns, go for Cheat Hours, and go over those goddamn choices you made with your life while in the process, Yedy.)

SM Cinema at SM Center Angono, Now Open!

Despite the rain today, there was no stopping SM Center Angono from opening its digitized cinema which marks the 55th SM Cinema branch and the 4th in whole of Rizal Province. The blessing ceremony which happened early this morning was graced with the presence  Hon. Mayor Gerardo Calderon of Angono, Rizal, Prof. Ligaya Rubin (Wife of Vice Mayor Antonio Rubin), and other leaders of the Municipality of Angono Rizal.

SM Executives were also present such as Mr. Edgar Tejerero, President, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc., Mr. Joaquin San Agustin, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Shopping Center Management Corporation, and Ms. Edwin Nava, Vice President of Operations, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc.

SM Cinema at SM Center Angono Now Open, SM Cinema, SM Center Angono Rizal, Cinema in Rizal, Cinema in Angono, SM Cinema
SM Center Angono houses 4 cinemas with stadium-like seating that can accommodate 200 guests each. It boasts of noteworthy feats which makes it a great destination in the area when one wishes to relax and unwind by watching the latest movies. 

Angono Food Crawl at Pop Talk GMA News TV

It's all about good food with a little bit of art at tonight's Angono Food Crawl episode of Poptalk, GMA News TV Channel 11 at 8pm. Our favorite host Kuya Tonipet will be joined by actress Coleen Perez, vlogger/model Wil Dasovich, and myself as the guest food blogger.

I'm just going to keep this short and sweet as I am currently nursing a mean flu coupled with some ill bouts of asthma attacks. Yep, chills and incessant coughing while I am typing this, the struggle is real I tell you. But in due course, I will be sharing with you some behind-the-scene snapshots and stories of our shoot.

Angono Food Crawl at Pop Talk GMA News TV
It's my second time to have a guesting at Pop Talk but compared to our LRT 1 Food Trip before, this Angono Food Crawl is close to my heart since I spent most of my growing years in this humble town tagged as the Artist Paradise before moving elsewhere to study and work. So this is pretty special to me.

Five Things I Love About ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL @AsusPH #ZenfoneLaser #SeeWhatOthersCantSee

There are a lot of things which I love about ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL but for this blog post, I am going to narrow things down to five to keep it as uncomplicated as possible. After all, ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL is like that - uncomplicated yet efficient. Very user friendly which made me love it all the more. 

And don't we all love uncomplicated gadgets for our daily use?

Review and Unboxing of ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KL
I myself is guilty for having penchant for uncomplicated gadgets because as a blogger and photographer, I tend to deal with techie stuff on a daily basis. And the least thing I want to come across with is something which requires creating havoc in my brain just to get things done. 

SM City Masinag Welcomes Holiday Season with Fairytale Christmas Theme and Disney Princesses @SMCityMasinag @SMSupermalls

Today, SM City Masinag welcomes the holiday season with a Royal Holiday gathering. I am currently doing my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series and SM City Masinag, being on of the few malls in Antipolo which houses several restaurants and food businesses is one of those which I have been wanting to explore. Being part of this event made me all the more excited with that endeavor. 

SM Supermalls nationwide is all set to give the best holiday shopping experience treats to their shoppers. One of them is SM City Masinag, hence this exciting event.

SM City Masinag in Antipolo City Rizal Province, Christmas Holiday Theme
One of the highlights of this event was the revealing of the fairytale-themed centerpiece sitting amidst the Atrium. Now, shoppers can take their photos with the castle tower as their background. This will make for a good remembrance for Holiday 2015.

Max's Restaurant 70th Anniversary #HBDMaxs #ChickenLove #MaxsFriedChicken @maxsrestaurant

Max's Restaurant, “The House That Fried Chicken Built” and the home of Sarap-to-the-Bones Fried Chicken celebrates its 70th Anniversary this year. 70 long years, they have been in the business, making history and creating memories with Filipino families. 

With staying power such as that, and the ability to cross boarders to share their well-loved fried chicken alongside other dishes which are very Filipino to the core, Max's Restaurant made us proud to be Filipino. Indeed, they are already part of our history.

Max's Restaurant 70th Anniversary Celebration Party
I am glad to be part of this event so despite the schedule I made it a point to set some time for this celebration. After all, I grew up loving this restaurant. I myself have some awesome memories with max's Restaurant hence, I am more than happy to share this milestone with them.

Deal Grocer Experience

Let me say this from the get-go, before trying out Deal Grocer, I am skeptical when it comes to group buying sites. Case in point, during the time when majority of the food bloggers I know were writing about their dining experiences made possible through the vouchers they bought at some group buying site sprouting those days, I got nothing to contribute. Simply because I do not patronize such.

Those horrifying group buying sites experiences documented on blog posts you can find all over the internet also didn't help. So, call me a less than smart consumer if you must, but I will still stand firm on my belief that if I want good quality food and service, I must pay it with fair price.

Deal Grocer Blog Review Dining Deal Xin Tian Di Crowne Plaza Manila
I have been blogging about restaurants for nearly eight years now, that cliche that says "You get what you pay for" holds truth in it. So, I would rather work hard and save money for those experiences which will guarantee a good quality food and service instead of pushing my luck that my vouchers will not disappoint me. It's food that nourishes the body we are talking about, I hate being disappointed when it comes to that, so I don't mind spending.

Karada Philippines at Serendra The Fort BGC

So, this is a break from the usual blog post about restaurants in Manila. While this may not be the typical gustatory delights I am sharing with you now, I believe that my experience at the newly opened branch of KARADA at Serendra, The Fort BGC is well worth sharing. So let's give this a go.

Typical notion about Karada is that it is a spa, when in fact it is not. KARADA is a Japanese Seitai Salon that focuses on bone/body therapy through massage that can affect overall wellness. It aims to provide its clients an invigorating way to achieve body balance. So clearly, KARADA is not a spa, but a therapy salon. I dig that.


For a while now, my cousin The Hefty Foodie and my dear friend Blogalag were bugging me to try KARADA. Judging from the way they demonstrate all the possible maneuver that may transpire once I try it myself, I deemed that I don't really need it. Okay, I chickened out. So I was really adamant to try it from the get go. Little did I know, I badly needed a visit.

[BORACAY] Mandarin Spa at Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

Some friends say that a visit at Boracay Island wouldn’t be complete without having a spa session.  After all, it is almost always the culmination of one relaxing getaway.  Good thing that our stay at Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel includes a spa session at the Mandarin Spa.

Relaxing Spa at Mandarin Spa of Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel Philippines Blog Review

I was torn choosing between Traditional Filipino Hilot, which the Mandarin Spa was known for, and the Aroma Stone Therapy but decided to go with the latter.  Traditional massage technique using volcanic basalt stone which promises to release muscular tension and balance the spirit sound mystically enticing to me, so I decided to give it a go.

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