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Aristocrat Restaurant and Bakeshop at Jupiter St. in Makati, Open 24-Hours!

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Aristocrat Restaurant and Bakeshop, Home of the Best Barbecue in Town is one of the oldest restaurants in Manila that stood the test of time for 75 years already. There are countless of beautiful memories that involved great Filipino food happened at Aristocrat Restaurant which has 11 restaurant branches and 4 bakeshop branches to date. Aristocrat menu boasts of all-time favorite Filipino cuisines and that includes their famous chicken barbecue.

I, myself have fond memories of Aristocrat Restaurant but nothing as glaring as my parents who admit that Aristocrat was part of their growing up years. For a restaurant to last a good 75 years, it must be doing something right. Clear enough, Aristocrat, despite the emerging competitors in the Philippines Restaurant Scene is still doing its best to be at par in terms of serving quality food and good service.

Aristocrat Restaurant in Jupiter St. Makati Open 24-Hours
Known for dishing out great choices of Filipino food which every Filipino Family enjoys, Aristocrat's vision has further expanded into serving good quality food anytime of the day. This resulted into transforming their Jupiter st. Makati branch into a 24-Hour restaurant that can cater to anyone who would like to enjoy their Aristocrat favorites at any given time.

This move is relatively apt since Makati is known to be one of the hubs for BPO and Call Center Offices which operates mainly at nighttime. It goes to show that Aristocrat, being able to adapt to the changes of times is still on top of its game. Currently, it is their Makati branch that is on 24-Hour operation but who knows, maybe in time, all of the branches might be converted as well.

Aristocrat Restaurant Jupiter St. Makati Open 24-Hours - Interior Photo
Since Aristocrat now caters to night owls, there couldn't be more apt time to put the spotlight on their Breakfast Menu but now. There are several breakfast choices that are available at Aristocrat. Each caters to Aristocrat diners from all walks of life.

Aristocrat Restaurant Makati Menu
Some of my food blogger friends tried some of this breakfast choices at Aristocrat in Makati before heading out to our Subic Tour where we visited Aristocrat Subic Branch (more of this on my next post). Our day started with a very filling breakfast, a sign that we are in for a good food experience that day.

Freshly Brewed Coffee for Breakfast at Aristocrat Restaurant and Bakeshop
Daing na Bangus Plate (Php255) ~ Fried daing na bangus (smoked milkfish) served with two fried eggs, tomato slices, garlic rice, and your choice among coffee, hot tea, hot native chocolate, milk or juice.

Aristocrat Restaurant Jupiter St. Makati Breakfast Daing na Bangus

Aling Asiang's Chicken and Pork Adobo Plate (Php255) ~ combination of Aristocrat's Signature take on traditional chicken pork adobo, two fried eggs, rice, and your choice among coffee, hot tea, hot native chocolate, milk or juice. I have tried a piece of this adobo and I must say that aristocrat's rendition of this classic dish is by far one of the best here in Manila.

Aristocrat Restaurant Breakfast Chicken Pork Adobo
Longanisa with Chicken and Pork Adobo Plate (Php270) ~ special longanisa, chicken pork adobo, two fried eggs, rice, and your choice among coffee, hot tea, hot native chocolate, milk or juice. If one wants a variety in flavor but cannot let go of Aristocrat's Chicken and Pork Adobo, this can be a good option.

Aristocrat Restaurant Breakfast Chicken Pork Adobo
Beef Tapa Plate (Php255) ~ two thin slices of beef tapa, two fried eggs, garlic rice,and and your choice among coffee, hot tea, hot native chocolate, milk or juice. Tried a bite of this beef tapa and all I can say was that for sure, I will be having it on my next visit.

Aristocrat Restaurant Breakfast Beef Tapa Plate

Tocino Plate (Php255) ~ two slices of pork tocino, two fried eggs, garlic rice, and your choice among coffee, hot tea, hot native chocolate, milk or juice. Who doesn't love tocino? I love the savory sweet marriage of flavor, hence this one was a sure winner for me.

Aristocrat Restaurant Breakfast Tocino Plate
Bacon Plate (Php255) - three strips of bacon, two fried egs, two slices of white bread and butter, seasonal fruit, and your choice among coffee, hot tea, hot native chocolate, milk or juice. Aristocrat did well in executing their All Native Breakfast choices, but it does not mean that they cannot whip up a decent All American Breakfast meals because surely, I did have a great time polishing off this plate!

Aristocrat Restaurant Breakfast Bacon Plate

Aside from the breakfast choices, there are other delectable dishes at Aristocrat Makati that diners can enjoy anytime of the day. Take for instance their Shanghai Fried Rice (Php210/Big, Php80/Small). A simple garlic or steamed rice at Aristocrat is already good but a rice loaded with pork, shrimp, ham, and sausage is not bad either.

Aristocrat Restaurant Menu - Shanghai Fried Rice
If gearing towards the healthy side of the spectrum, Aristocrat's Tokwa at Tokwa can be a good option. Utterly crisp and flavorful when doused with special sauce, this dish can be a perfect accompaniment to every dish and can be eaten on its own too!

Aristocrat Restaurant Menu - Tokwa't Tokwa
Equally healthy and filling is Aristocrat's Pinakbet (Php245). Yes, it is loaded with vegetables from string beans to bitter gourd to squash, but it also boasts of generous shrimps. The sauce is really savory, a perfect companion to a heaping bowl of steamed rice.

Aristocrat Restaurant Menu - Pinakbet
If there is something that I would rave about unceasingly at Aristocrat, it is definitely their Mechado (Php395). Aristocrat is known for their barbecue and crispy pata, sadly, this extremely satisfying beef mechado is often overshadowed. But take my word for it, its extreme tenderness and savory flare is downright addicting. Extra rice is a must!

Aristocrat Restaurant Menu - Beef Mechado
There are a lot of restaurants in Manila that serve delicious fried chicken and Aristocrat is one of those. Aristocrat's Chicken Honey (Php450/Whole, Php250/Half) boasts of flavorful and tender meat with skin so crisp and delightful to the bite.

Aristocrat Restaurant Menu - Chicken Honey

Aristocrat also boasts of their delicious Crispy Pata (Php695) Crisp skin and tender meat oozing out with juices when bitten, it goes perfectly well with the atchara it is served with. Be careful though because this baby is extremely addicting, moderation is still the key.

Aristocrat Restaurant Menu - Crispy Pata

Feasting on indulging chicken, beef, and pork is definitely delightful. But when one craves for seafood, Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus (Php340) is a good bet. The soup which has the right amount of sourness to it and the medley of vegetables are perfect accompaniment to the fat milk fish belly. If you are is into sour type of seafood viands, this one should not be missed.

Aristocrat Restaurant Menu - Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus

While Aristocrat Bakeshop undoubtedly dishes out impressive line of desserts, it is their Torta de los Reyes that is forever on the spotlight. I for one is a big fan and dare I say that it is one of the best cakes in Manila ever! Describing it through words may not do it justice, hence, I highly encourage you to try it yourself. You will not regret it.

Aristocrat Restaurant and Bakeshop Menu - Torta delos Reyes

I would say that for a restaurant to adapt and adhere to the ever changing lifestyle of the Filipinos, it is no wonder that Aristocrat is still as strong as ever. Their take on Filipino food which rooted from past generation is undoubtedly still celebrated up to now. There are not many restaurants in Manila that open 24-hours, hence something that dishes out heartwarming Filipino dishes and then some is definitely a good addition to the queue.

Aristocrat Restaurant in Jupiter St. makati City is Open 24 Hours
 Aristocrat Restaurant and Bakeshop
Open 24 Hours

146 Jupiter Street, 

Bel-Air Village, 
Makati City
Contact No. 895-0101 / 895-0725

Facebook: /The OriginalAristocrat
Twitter: @Aristocrat

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