Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins: Take a Break and Beat the Heat

March 20, 2014
Have you noticed the weather lately? I know. It seems like summer is upon us. Although it is usually perpetually cold where I live, stepping outside home these days could mean a struggle not to have a heat stroke.  Yeah, that is why I am writing about Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins right now. You see, this relatively new product of the number one local fast food chain in the Philippines is one of the cold desserts I have been digging lately.

One of the reasons why Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins sits well with me is the fact that well, it has Kit-Kat Chocolate, one of my favorite products by Nestle Philippines, in it. I love Kit Kat Chocolate, I love ice cream, therefore Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins is just perfect way to combat the heat while enjoying in the process.

Jollibee Philippines Introduce Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins
As with any other Jollibee Mix-ins introduced by Jollibee, this new mix-ins variant has Jollibee creamy vanilla soft serve as its base. Thrown into the mix for a good measure is crushed Kit Kat Chocolate that lends palatable chocolaty flavor and pleasant texture to the entire deal.

Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins, a Perfect Way to Beat the Summer Heat

People like me who has this thing for Kit Kat Chocolate will definitely enjoy this Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins. Unlike any other flavor soft serve available in the market, this mix-ins by Jollibee will not kill you with excessive sweetness. It has the fine balance between sweetness from the chocolate tempered by the creaminess of the vanilla soft serve. Even my 4 year old nephew loves it to bits.

Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins, New Cold Dessert Product by Jollibee Philippines
Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins is now available at all branches of Jollibee nationwide. You may drop by to any Jollibee branches near you or you may opt to have it delivered right in your doorstep together with other Jollibee treats you enjoy. (Do not miss Jollibee Tuna Pie. It is soooo good, I tell you.) For delivery, call Jollibee Express Delivery Service hotline at 8-7000 or log on to For only Php38, you are guaranteed with an indulgent cold chocolaty treat that is just perfect for summer.

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  1. I haven't tried the Kit Kat mix-ins. I'm looking forward to trying it this summer :)


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