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Jollibee Choco Mallow Pie

May 10, 2017
Jollibee Choco Mallow Pie is back and internet is going crazy about it. But while it's announcement has been shared on Facebook numerous times, people are skeptic about it thinking that it might be one of those false news circulating. Some friends and readers of this blog even sent me emails just to confirm if the news is indeed true when it started popping on their news feed since last May 8. 

So I went to the nearest Jollibee branch last Monday to check if the buzz was true. Upon confirming, I sent a group reply to those who have asked and now I am writing about it because quite honestly, it was the first time that I have tried this Choco Mallow Pie by Jollibee.
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I might be living under the rock in the past because I cannot, for the love of all things yummy, remember that there ever was a Choco Mallow Pie at Jollibee. Perhaps because I am and still a loyalist of their Peach Mango Pie? I am not sure. I did an online research about the Choco Mallow Pie in the past and even that yields no result save for some forum that says it was no good.

Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy #Extraordinarylicious

February 13, 2015
Have you tried Jollibee's new product Glazed Chickenjoy yet? I have, just this afternoon. And I tell you, I find it amazing. Maybe because it made use of the usual crispylicious and juicylicious Jollibee Chickenjoy and just generously glazed it with this amazing sauce akin to honey. Or maybe because I am a sucker for sweet and savory combination in my food.

Whatever the reason is, I am glad that Jollibee released their Glazed Chickenjoy just in time for the sweetest time of the year. 

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I have always been a fan of Jollibee Chickenjoy. Ask me about my comfort food and this proudly Pinoy spin on the well-loved fried chicken is always on my list. I grew up loving it and I don't intend to outgrow my affinity for it. Now that they throw in an exciting twist to this classic, with flavor combination that I adore, it made me love it all the more.

Jollibee Amazing Aloha Champ is Back! #AmazingAlohaChamp @jollibee

July 21, 2014

Few days ago I got a news from our friends at Jollibee, one of the leading fast food chains here in our country, about the big come back of Jollibee Amazing Aloha Champ. The word “big” is indeed an apt word since compared to its previous resurfacing in Jollibee’s menu, this time, the amazingness that is Amazing Aloha comes in big size, hence considered a champ burger.

I remember being quite sad when Jollibee Amazing Aloha was re-introduced to the market last year since it is just in a form of regular burger. It was delicious alright, but for something downright enjoyable, you would really want to have it in hefty servings. 

Jollibee Amazing Aloha Champ is Back!

Today, Jolibee Amazing Aloha Champ boasts of a 1/3 pound 100% pure beef patty topped with a juicy pineapple slice, crispy bacon strips, honey mustard dressing, lettuce, and cheese.  As with the usual Jollibee Champ Burger, Amazing Aloha Champ is big enough to satisfy even those who has manly appetite.

Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins: Take a Break and Beat the Heat

March 20, 2014
Have you noticed the weather lately? I know. It seems like summer is upon us. Although it is usually perpetually cold where I live, stepping outside home these days could mean a struggle not to have a heat stroke.  Yeah, that is why I am writing about Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins right now. You see, this relatively new product of the number one local fast food chain in the Philippines is one of the cold desserts I have been digging lately.

One of the reasons why Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins sits well with me is the fact that well, it has Kit-Kat Chocolate, one of my favorite products by Nestle Philippines, in it. I love Kit Kat Chocolate, I love ice cream, therefore Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins is just perfect way to combat the heat while enjoying in the process.

Jollibee Philippines Introduce Jollibee KIT KAT Mix-ins
As with any other Jollibee Mix-ins introduced by Jollibee, this new mix-ins variant has Jollibee creamy vanilla soft serve as its base. Thrown into the mix for a good measure is crushed Kit Kat Chocolate that lends palatable chocolaty flavor and pleasant texture to the entire deal.

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