Bulgogi Brothers Korean BBQ Restaurant: 7 New Korean Classics

May 07, 2014
This year, Bulgogi Brothers Korean BBQ Restaurant added new items on their menu, the seven classic Korean dishes. Although known for dishing out well-executed Korean fares with use of quality ingredients, Bulgogi Brothers step up its game by expanding their menu with main focus on well-loved classic Korean dishes that food enthusiast here in Manila will love. 

Bulgogi Brothers Korean BBQ Restaurant introduces 7 New Korean Classic Dishes

A visit to Bulgogi Brothers' Greenbelt branch introduced me to this seven classic Korean dishes. I already have some favorites at Bulgogi Brothers menu which are default orders when visiting any of their branches. These new additions to the menu however expanded my list of favorites and gave me more reasons to visit Bulgogi Brothers again and again.

Bulgogi Brothers Banchan
Crisp Chicken Wings (Php350) - over time I have developed a deep liking for Korean fried chicken, this one is my new favorite. Sweet and savory at the same time. Crisp skin with juicy and tender meat. Flavorful and still crisp even if it is no longer hot. It is everything I want in a fried chicken. Yes, it has a kick of spiciness but only to a level that I can tolerate.

Crisp Chicken Wings at Bulgogi Brothers
Spicy Cold Noodles (Php225) - I love this dish for its flavor but it has the kind of spiciness that slapped me on the face. But then again that might be because I have low tolerance for spicy food. Fellow dinner mates who unlike me, are fans of spicy dishes seemed to enjoy this one well. The play on texture brought about by the variety of components present on the bowl was nice to the palate though.

Bulgogi Brothers Spicy Cold Noodles
Spicy Rice Cakes (Php125) - this one also possessed the kind of spice level that people who loves spicy food will surely love. While a spoonful of it got me wishing I have a glass of milk with me to counter the spiciness, the rice cake made me a happy camper.

Bulgogi Brothers Spicy Rice Cakes
Ginseng Chicken Soup (Php395) - a hearty soup that is packed with flavor you would wish for a comforting soup to have. I figured it can be the best soup to be had when you're down with flu or if you just want to have something comforting that can sooth your tummy. The term ginseng on its name may be intimidating for some, but worry not, because those are the ingredients that made this dish downright flavorful. It definitely made it to the list of my favorites.

Bulgogi Brothers Ginseng Chicken Soup
As a Korean BBQ restaurant, it is quite obvious that Bulgogi Brothers will take the road that can further take their status up a notch. Several grilling items were also added to the menu. 

T-Bone Steak - I am a heavy when it comes to eating meat hence, the T-Bone Steak at Bulgogi Brothers new menu made me excited. Every bite reminded me of the fact that Bulgogi Brothers only uses high grade meat, hence the value for money.

Bulgogi Brothers T-Bone Steak
Striploin and Boneless Short Ribs Combination (P995) - Bulgogi Brothers' premium beef platter that boasts of striploin and boneless short ribs. Cooked table side with the help of the food attendants, the smell alone of these goodies were enough to made me go crazy in anticipation of the meat feast that is about to transpire. 

Bulgogi Brothers Striploin and Boneless Short Ribs Combination
Juicy, tender, and flavorful, Bulgogi Brothers never fails to impressed me when it comes to their meaty offerings.

L.A. Galbi Ribs (Php595) - instead of the short ribs, this platter boast of equally flavorful L.A. Galbi Ribs. I find this one a tad savory as compared to the short ribs which leans on the sweet side of the spectrum. I like both platter, to be honest, because hey, all of these are premium beef!

Bulgogi Brothers L.A. Galbi Ribs
I also love the fact that when diners are not too keen on cooking their own meals, food attendants are always willing to prepare everything for the diners.

All these seven Korean classic dishes are now available at Bulgogi Brothers branches. If you are a Korean food enthusiast or if you just simply appreciates spicy food and meaty dishes, then these dishes may very well suit to your liking. As for me, I can see myself coming back for more, especially those meat platters and the chicken wings as well as the ginseng soup.

Bulgogi Brothers
Greenbelt 5, Legazpi Street, 
Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
Contact No.: +63 2 621 6216
Website: www.bulgogibrothers.com.ph
Facebook: /Bulgogi.Brothers.Philippines
Twitter: @BulgogiBrosPh

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  1. Their meat looks really lean! It provides good value for the customer! What I don't like about the unlimited korean buffets is that their beef is usually fatty sometimes its already 50% fat! It screams out cholesterol everywhere haha! Better try this one :) The TBone looks really manipis!


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