Buffet at Café d’Asie of Bellevue Manila

May 11, 2014
Our lunch buffet at Café d’Asie of Bellevue Manila happened on the second day of our epic staycation at B Hotel in Alabang. It literally transpired after yet another buffet, albeit breakfast, that we devoured during that weekend. I wouldn't call it epic weekend for nothing. I even have proof that doesn't involve weighing scale, I tell you. Read, that's all you have to do.

Café d’Asie, one of the signature restaurants of Bellevue Manila in Alabang features an all-day buffet and ala carte offerings for both the hotel guests and walk-in diners. This 180-seaters boasts of an elegant ambiance coupled with impressive buffet selections meant to make people with deep affinity for an Eat-All-You-Can restaurants, like me.

BUFFET AT CAFE D'ASIE BELLEVUE MANILA HOTEL IN ALABANG, Cafe D' Asie Buffet Price, Rate, Address, Location, Menu, Operating Hours
Whether you decides to go an a feast of the senses on lunch or dinner, you'll be charged of Php 1,390 net per head and Php 695 for kids ages 6 to 12. Those who are below 6 years of age can dine for free. Breakfast buffet costs Php 770 net per head and half the price for kids 6 to 12. Kiddos under 6 of course, can have their little brekky for free.

Cafe D'Asie in Bellevue Manila
People rave about the sight of the elegant chandelier that welcomes guests as they enter Café d’Asie. I find it well worth an infatuation-driven glance, yes. But as per usual, I deemed that it's the selections of food that deserves a salivating stare.

The lunch buffet spread features decent amount of selections. Not as wide as some of my favorite buffets, but the quality of food based on what I have devoured that afternoon was impressive.

The bread station features variety of bread best enjoyed with butter or selection of imported cheeses which are also accessible in the same station. 

Bread Station
Variety of cheeses during our visit were decent enough to got me salivating over the thoughts of indulging in some, for a start. There were also fruits and nuts alongside the cheese platter.

Cheese Selections
The salad bar was bountiful. Fresh greens and a lot of ingredients known to work best on a salad were laid for those who has a knack for customizing their own healthy fix. Pre-made cold salads were there for the taking while a big wooden bowl indicates that food attendants are always more than happy to toss up freshly made Caesar salad for the guests.

salad  station
Right beside the salad station is the cold cuts counter that boasts of plates of great tasting cured meat and fish. There were also different kinds of olives and some feta cheese and cucumber skewers which is perfect should one fancy a Greek salad. 

cold cuts
Fruit section features variety of sliced fruits in season. While the variety of colors can be an eye candy for some, the carved fruit sitting amidst the plates shouldn't go unnoticed.

Fresh Fruits
Although of limited variety, appearance of International section such as Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, and Indian food station on the buffet spread sealed the fact that Cafe D' Asie aims to provide value for your money.

International Food Sections
The grilling station however made up for what was lacking in terms of selections on other stations because choices here are aplenty. Seafood, meat, veggies, among many others are laid in an enticing way just right beside the grill where accommodating food attendants are always ready to assist.

The pasta station holds variety of pasta sauces and pasta noodles where guests can choose from. Just like the grill station, it is also manned by attendants who are more than happy to cook your pasta dish right in front of you.

Pasta Station
There are a lot of choices in terms of condiments and pasta toppings so one may go crazy on choosing whatever they fancy. 

Fresh Pasta
The carving station on our visit featured US Roasted Rib Eye which garnered some raves from our group. I was told that at some days they may feature different meat depending on what's available.

Rib Eye at the Carving Station of Café d’Asie Buffet
The sushi station also holds plenty of choices. Colorful in sight and impressive to the palate, these Japanese goodies were one of the stations that are most visited. Good thing though that the attendants are always quick to replenish the station.

Sushi Section
Amidst the food stations is the long counter that features variety of hot dishes. Numbers of circular chaffing dish with little burner at the bottom carries cooked selections meant to be eaten with heaping bowl of rice - be it steamed or fried.

Hot Dishes
Some of the hot dishes includes Pan Fried Fish with Florentine Sauce and Buttered Vegetables. The fish dish I find really impressive especially that it was incorporated with vegetables I loved dearly.The veggies which made all the more flavorful with butter was a great accompaniment to the grilled goodies such as the rib eye and some sea food.

Fish and Vegetables
The Chicken and Mushroom was equally impressive. It exudes the vibe of something I would enjoy in a Chinese restaurant with all the bokchoy and oyster sauce going on. The Sweet and Sour Pork was okay although I wish it could be a little sweeter instead of it being just downright savory. But the pork were crisp and the veggies still has crunch on it.

Chicken and Pork Dishes
I regretted not being able to try the Beef Stroganoff because by the look of it, I figured it could be something I would enjoy. The Herbed Baked Potatoes were delightful to the because as it exudes an impressive balance of flavor brought about by the herbs. 

Beef and Veggies
Café d’Asie
Also located amidst the food stations was the desserts table that holds an attractive arrangement of bite sized cakes and other delectable desserts one may wish to have when feasting on an Eat-All-You-Can meal. 

There were also big servings of cakes for those who are mad crazy about sweets and a separate station for variety of ice cream flavors.

Although I was certain that the coming hours after the lunch buffet at Cafe D' Asie will be laden with more eating, I cannot resist leaving the vicinity without partaking of the lunch buffet. The photos bellow were some snapshots of my feast, but don't be deceived, the operative word is "some", you very well knew I have more than these.

YedyLicious' rule of thumb, sushi and other Japanese goodies for appetizers. Always.

Sushi Plate at Café d’Asie
My nth plate of chicken and mushroom, grilled prawns, buttered veggies, and tempura.

Hot Dishes at Café d’Asie
Desserts were slice of cakes, fruits, and avocado ice cream which I thought was Matcha.

Desserts at Café d’Asie
All-Day Buffet at Café D'Asie may not carry wide variety like that of the usual buffets I am guessing most of us may use as a benchmark, but the quality is really impressive. It's a hotel buffet after all. And the priced of Php1k+ isn't bad at all for the choices, not to mention the service and the ambiance.

All-Day Buffet at Café d’Asie
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Café d’Asie

2/F Main Wing, The Bellevue Manila Hotel, North Bridgeway, Filinvest City, Alabang
Contact No.: 771-8181
Website: thebellevue.com/manila
Email: tbmnl@thebellevue.com
Facebook: /thebellevuemanila

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  1. I love their buffet! I've been maybe 2 or 3 times. I've never stayed at Bellvue, though. Are the rooms okay?

    1. Hi Bagtinghangin, during our staycation, we stayed at B Hotel which I find really impressive for a business hotel. I haven't stayed at Bellevue Hotel yet although I heard the rooms are quite impressive :)


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