Italian Feast Buffet at Oakroom Restaurant, Oakwood Manila

June 07, 2014
Oakroom, the signature restaurant of Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City is currently holding Sabato Cena Italiana ~ an Italian buffet promo every Saturday night. This Italian feast will run for three consecutive months which will start today, June 7, 2014.

Variety of unlimited Italian dishes that ranges from pasta, cheeses, desserts, and chef Jerome Cartailler's famous hand-tossed pizza among many others are set to amaze diners and guests who craves for one of the most celebrated cuisine most of us love. Oakroom at Oakwood Ortigas is known to showcase themed buffet every quarter. This time, Italian cuisine lovers like myself is called to celebrate.

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Last Wednesday, media launch of Sabato Cena Italiana at Oakroom was held where we sampled some of the delectable Italian dishes that diners may expect the entire duration of the buffet promo. I enjoyed my previous buffet experience at Oakroom especially that it involved foie gras and Philadelphia cheese steak cronuts. Their current promo on the other hand reminded me why I have deep affinity for Italian cuisine.

Oakroom Restaurant at Oakwood Hotel Ortigas

Variety on the buffet spread may not be as extensive as other known hotel buffets, but it does not mean that you wouldn’t get your money’s worth.  Choices are decent in term of number. In terms of quality, it’s a bang for your buck.

Buffet Spread at Oakroom

The Appetizer section showcased variety of finger food perfect to whet one's appetite. Some of these goodies include mini fritata, marinated tomato with mozzarella and basil, and parma wrapped melon.

Appetizers at Italian Buffet Oakroom Restaurant

There were also variety of bruschetta or open faced mini sandwiches such as sundried tomato with olives in foccacia bread and bruschetta e caponata. Also a great prelude to an Italian feast is the beef carpaccio on a bed of fresh green salads which I really love. This one is included on the Salumeria section of the buffet spread.

Bruschetta and Beef Carpaccio on Oakroom Buffet

Also included in Salumeria section are pancetta, salami milano, air dried beef, and mortadelle. While I am always crazy about pancetta, Oakroom's mortadelle was equally impressive.

Salumeria Section

I deem it would be perfect for a great manly Italian sandwich, but otherwise, it was good eaten as it is.

Mortadelle and Cold Cuts on the Oakroom Buffet Spread

As if the items at Salumeria section were not good enough, the carving station boasted of Parma ham. Eat it as it is, make a sandwich out of it, or just tossed it i freshly made carbonara pasta which you may request at the buffet's pasta section. However you want to enjoy this glorious porcini bliss is your call, it's unlimited.

Cold Cuts and Parma Ham

Variety of imported cheeses were also present. I am crazy about this section that every trip back to the spread resulted to a plate with a little bit of every cheese present.

Formaggio / Cheeses at Italian Buffet at Oakroom Restaurant

We also feasted on different kinds of freshly baked bread made in house. Of all which I have tried, the focaccia bread came out as a true winner. There were plenty of bread spread available but I suggest that you start with aceto balsamico with olive oil which are both available in the same section.

Different kinds of Freshly Baked Breads

Chef Jerome Cartailler is known for his hand-tossed pizza, hence, its presence in the buffet spread. During our visit there were two variants available; margarita and rustico. The rustico was great for those who cannot not have meat on their pie. The margarita in all its simplicity and beauty was my favorite.

Pizza Margarita and Rustico

Italian feast wouldn't be complete without pasta. The pasta section boasts of different freshly made pasta. There were assortment of ingredients present so that diners may customize their pasta based on their liking. Also included in this station is the panini section.

Pasta Section Italian Buffet Oakroom Restaurant

Diners may request for whatever panini sandwich variant and pasta dish they prefer and the chefs will gladly make it for them. There were also pasta dishes on the main spread section of the buffet which I gladly feasted on. But for those who wants to personalized their pasta experience, this station should not be missed.

Freshly made pasta at Oakroom Italian Buffet

The main dishes spread comprised of variety of well-loved Italian dishes. The Gnocchi al Gorgonzola was one of my favorites. The gnocchi was light and flavorful in itself, but the addition of gorgonzola cream sauce was a delightful addition as it lends a depth of flavor to the dish. The Roasted Grouper with Italian Herbs and Olive Oil was also light and perfect for those who appreciates healthy Italian fare.

Gnocchi al Gorgonzola and Roasted Grouper / Italian Buffet Oakroom Restaurant

There was also Scaloppini di Miale which I failed to try since I was so into their Osso Bucco Bits which ended up as the best dish I have tried in the spread.  The word bits was tagged to its name but fret not because it does not mean miniature bite size beef since I was able to grab some big chunks of it. This dish was so good I was THIS close to requesting for a heaping bowl of rice. I am still Pinoy at heart, can't blame me.

Osso Bucco and Scaloppino / Italian Buffet Oakroom Restaurant

There were also Mussels in White Wine Sauce which freshness may remind one of a beautiful day in the seashore and Misto Frito which featured variety of fried seafood goodies. 

Mussels in White Wine Sauce and Misto Frito / Italian Buffet Oakroom Restaurant

The Polpettini was also good especially when combined with its cream sauce, while the Arancini was perfect for those who wants some crisp texture on their food. Between the two, it was the Polpettini which my palate favors well.

Polpettini and Aranccini

It is ideal to try having freshly cooked pasta on their pasta section but when pressed for time, one may opt for the prepared pasta dishes on the spread like I did. The Cheese Ravioli Promodoro was excellent. The ravioli was obviously made fresh, but I figured it will be way delightful if it was served in cream sauce which I am a big fan of compared to tomato based sauces. The Beef Canneloni on the other hand was so good, it can be a reason enough why I would I want to go back and enjoy this buffet again.

Ravioli and Canneloni Italian Buffet Oakroom Restaurant

The Eggplant Parmigiana  was a great addition to the spread especially for those who wants their veggie fix. The Herbed Baby Potatoes were also good and goes perfectly well with slices of Parma ham at the carving station.

Eggplant Parmigianna and Herbed Baby Potatoes

The dessert station features bountiful of delectable Italian desserts. There were gelatos, chocolate fountain, fresh fruits, cakes, and Italian donuts among many others.

Dolci at Italian Buffet Oakroom Restaurant

Some of my favorites were the chocolate covered cannelloni pastry. Some were covered with crushed pistachio nuts while the others with slivers of almonds. The cream filling was so light while the pastry itself was crisp and flavorful in itself.

Canneloni Dessert Italian Buffet Oakroom Restaurant

Another favorites were the banoffee pie and panna cotta. The banoffee was by far the best banoffee I have ever tasted recently. While the panna cotta, which has always been my favorite was elevated a notch higher with the raspberry syrup t was doused with.

Banoffe and Panna Cotta

The tiramisu which is an Italian dessert classic was equally astounding. I guess I will be a happy camper if I can have it in big servings because they were so good. 


This Italian buffet at Oakroom entitles diners to a free flow of Limoncello, one of well-known Italian refreshing drinks as well as red and white house wine.


Sabato Cena Italiana will run in eight consecutive Saturdays from June 7, 2014 until August 30, 2014, from 6pm to 10pm.  Buffet rate is Php990++ only inclusive of unlimited limoncello, red house wine, and white house wine. 

So, for those of you who haven't planned your Saturday dinner yet, I suggest that you check out this Italian Buffet at Oakroom of Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila in Ortigas for a hearty Italian feast.

Sabato Cena Italiana an Italian Buffet at Oakroom Restaurant

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