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Osaka Ohsho at SM Megamall: New Dishes on the Menu

Friday, September 05, 2014
We recently visited Osaka Ohsho in SM Megamall to try new dishes on their menu. Osaka Ohsho is known for their gyoza tagged by many as "World's No. 1 Gyoza" but they also offer other great tasting dishes well worth one's hard earned money. The newly added dishes on the menu are variety of Fuwatoro Tenshin Han which can be availed ala carte or through Fuwatoro sets.

For those who is not familiar, Fuwatoro Tenshin Han is one of Osaka Ohsho's best sellers that is made of soft and fluffy Koshihikari rice covered with equally fluffy and velvety scrambled egg. It is sort of like omu rice, only better.

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Although with limited choices, Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Set is already available at Osaka Ohsho when it opened here in our country. Now, Osaka Ohsho expanded the choices for this set by adding four new options; Ebi Tempura, Chicken Karaage, Curry Cheese Tonkatsu, and Mabo Tofu. 

As mentioned, these Fuwatoro Tenshin Han dishes can be availed ala carte. But for those who has big appetite or for those who wants to share their meal, this set is perfect as it comes with your choice of Fuwatoro Tenshin Han dish, two servings of miso soup, two servings of fruit, and six pieces gyoza.

Osaka Ohsho Megamall
Ebi Tempura Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (Php395/ala carte, Php675/set menu)
~ Among the four new Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, this Ebi Tempura variant ended up as my favorite simply because the shrimps were plump, big, and juicy. It was perfectly cook with its crisp golden batter. It also helps that the sauce blanketing the rice and egg features sweet-savory flavor which is a perfect combination to the ebi.

Osaka Ohsho Megamall Ebi Tempura Fuwatoro Tenshin Han

Chicken Karaage Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (Php395/ala carte, Php675/set menu)
~ If my memory serves me right, karaage was already part of the Fuwatoro Set before. The difference however was that the karaage was served on a separate serving dish as opposed to it being on topped of the egg-rice combination. But regardless if it was part of the old menu or not, Osaka Ohsho's Chicken Karaage has always been impressive on its own.

Osaka Ohsho Megamall Chicken Karaage Fuwatoro Tenshin Han

Mabo Tofu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (Php380/ala carte, Php650/set menu)
~ Osaka Ohsho's Mabo Tofu is not something I would normally have. I remember completely ignoring it on several occasions because I am not really into spicy food before. Now that my aversion to spicy food is slowly tearing down, I find myself enjoying this dish more.

Osaka Ohsho Megamall Mabo Tofu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han

Curry Cheese Tonkatsu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (Php450/ala carte, Php695/set menu)
~ I believe we are still in the days when tonkatsu still holds its charm that can easily entice foodies from all walks of life. People love tonkatsu and it is good to know that they do offer it at Osaka Ohsho. The fact that it is incorporated with curry and cheese and it can be had as part of the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han Set is a lovely bonus. I love Japanese curry, hence, I was not surprise that this dish is also a winner for me.

Osaka Ohsho Megamall Curry Cheese Tonkatsu Fuwatoro Tenshin Han
Osaka Ohsho Megamall Artistic Interior

While these new items on Osaka Oshsho's menu can be really enticing, there are still the old favorites at Osaka Ohsho that you should not missed when you visit. 

Osaka Ohsho Salad (Php195/half order, Php330/full order)
~ This hefty serving of salad that is bursting with both colors and flavors is a great meal starter when having a feast at Osaka Ohsho. While I love the apparent freshness of the ingredients, it was its dressing that kind of remind of Teriyaki sauce that made me love this dish more.

Osaka Ohsho Salad

Salmon Teriyaki (Php395)
~ This dish is part of Osaka Ohsho's Yakimono choices on their menu and it has always been one of my favorites. I cannot count how many visits I have had at Osaka Ohsho wherein I have feasted on this dish. It is that good, and I am that kind of fan.

Osaka Ohsho Salmon Teriyaki

Black Vinegar Chicken (Php325)
~ I have not met anyone who tried Osaka Ohsho's Black Vinegar Chicken and doesn't liked it. Understandably so because this dish I must say should be one of the reason why you must visit Osaka Ohsho if you have not yet. This sweet-savory chicken with crisp skin and flavorful sauce is something you cannot find anywhere else making the experience all the more special.

Osaka Ohsho Black Vinegar Chicken

Beef and Eggplant in Special Hoikoro Sauce (Php330)
~ Equally impressive is this beef dish at Osaka Ohsho which can turn non-eggplant-lover into a convert. I am not crazy about eggplants with sauce since I want it straight up fried and dipped in our local sweet bagoong. But having it with thin slices of beef in Hoikoro sauce which features savory flavorful taste is a whole new level of deliciousness.

Osaka Ohsho Beef and Eggplant in Special Hoikoro Sauce

Beef Saikoro Teppanyaki (Php450)
~ Another beef dish on Osaka Ohsho's menu that should not be missed id this Beef Saikoro Teppanyaki. The chunks of beef were downright tender and very flavorful. A serving can be shared since it is on a generous side, but if you have an appetite as big as mine, then by all means, grab all the rice you can finish and indulge by your lonesome beacause trust me, you will enjoy it.

Osaka Ohsho Beef Saikoro Teppanyaki
Osaka Ohsho Megamall Interior

Certainly, a visit at Osaka Ohsho would no be complete without having their famous gyoza. Still, among the three variants, I am still partial with Nori Gyoza but it is not to say that the Original flavor a well as the Cheese Gyoza are not good, because they all are. Be sure to enjoy them with dipping sauces such as Osaka Ohsho Original, Miso, and Chili Sauce.

Osaka Ohsho King of Gyoza

Osaka Ohsho's Original Gyoza is priced at Php175/6pcs and Php350/12pcs, Cheese Gyoza and Nori Gyoza on the other hand are priced at Php190/6pcs and Php380/12pcs. All these flavors are also available for take out whether cooked or frozen. 

Nori Gyoza at Osaka Ohsho

I have written in my previous post about Osaka Ohsho that the first time I visit at their restaurant, I never really bother to try the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han since I find it lacking in aesthetics and did not enticed me at all. The second time I visit, I was talked into trying it until I give in and fell in love with the dish. Needless to say that I am happy with these new Fuwatoro Tenshin Han dishes since it widens my options. 

Osaka Ohsho Megamall

Osaka Ohsho
3/F SM Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
Contact Nos.: +63 2 631 7074 / +63 917 828 5011
Facebook: /OsakaOhshoPH

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