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September 15, 2014
Sizzlin' Steak is not a new concept in Philippines restaurant scene. It used to go by the name Sizzlin' Pepper Steak which most of us are familiar with giving their years in the business. They are known to serve variety of food choices on a patented hot plate system wherein diners can cook their own food, particularly steak, in no time. The slight change in name was brought about by the restaurants re-branding in keeping with the ever changing needs in the market.

This re-branding is slowly being rolled out in every Sizzlin' Steak branch nationwide. With this re-branding, new items like the Sizzlin' Pasta and processes such as the customizable sizzlin' plate are being slowly introduced to the market.

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Recently, I went to check out their branch at Greenhills, Promenade to try some of their specialties and to experience the new ordering process they are now rolling out which is the make your own sizzlin' steak plate. While Sizzlin' Steak is not foreign to me, the customizable plate was.

Sizzlin' Steak Greenhills San Juan

Familiar items on the menu are still ever present, specifically the Beef Pepper Rice and the Burger Steak which they are known for. People who still crave for their old time favorites can still enjoy their default order since pre-made sizzlin' plate items are still available. 

Sizzlin Steak Menu

For those diners who want variations on their sizzlin' plate, the customizable sizzlin' plate can be a great option. Food attendants are very accommodating in assisting diners with this new concept, but placing your order is fairly simple.

Sizzlin Steak Greenhills Promenade Menu
First, you just have to pick your choice of sizzlin' plate from the given options. You may opt for Steaks which options range from burger, rib-eye, tenderloin, chicken, and salmon steak. The Strips on the other hands contains options such as beef, pork, pork bbq, chicken, and salmon. If you want more meat on your plate than usual, the magic word is "overload".

Then, you may now choose your preferred sauce among the choices; gravy, teriyaki, steak sauce, and teri mayo. After which, decide whether you will opt for rice or vegetables to go with your main dish. If you think you can still accommodate loads of extra happiness, then by all means, feel free to add extra items on your plate for additional price.

Sizzlin' Steak New Menu

During my visit, I went for three items on their menu, deviating from the usual Beef Pepper Rice which has always been my favorite. I could simply order the pre-made sizzlin' plates options but the goal of my visit was to experience the personalized sizzlin' plate so I went for it.
Sizzlin' Steak Sauces

First on the table was the Rib-Eye Steak (Php650) with Steak Sauce and Pepper Rice. I could go for an extra bacon as sidings but there were two plates I have yet to conquer so I forego that option, which did not came easy if I do say o myself. The pre-made ala carte Rib Eye Steak Sizzlin' Palte comes with veggies and mashed potato. But since I opted for the customizable, I was able to ditched the mashed potatoes and veggies and opted for the rice instead.

Rib Eye Steak at Sizzlin Steak

It was my first time to try the Rib Eye at Sizzlin' Steak since it was their Beef Pepper Rice that I normally have in every visit. I was surprised upon knowing that it was one of the best rib eye steak I have had in such a long time. It was so tender and juicy, not to mention flavorful. Really, I was so surprise that it was that good considering its affordable price.

Rib Eye at Sizzlin Steak

To balance out the sinfully indulging rib eye steak, I opted for Salmon Steak (Php400) with Teriyaki Sauce and Vegetable Sidings, plus extra Pepper Rice (not shown in photo below). The pre-made ala carte Salmon Steak comes with mashed potato and veggies. My personalized plate was devoid of the mashed potato because again, I opted for Pepper Rice instead. More rice, more fun. Such motto in life I live by.

Salmon Steak at Sizzlin Steak

Just like the rib eye steak, I was also happy with this healthy serving of salmon steak. The photo did not do justice in showing how hefty the serving portion was, but you can take my word for it, it was well worth its price tag.

Salmon at Sizzlin Steak

I had a grand time feasting on the two previous dishes but since I was already on a roll, I also tried one of the new item on Sizzlin' Steak menu, the Sizzlin' Beef Pasta. Other options include Sizzlin' Pork Pasta and Sizzlin' Chicken Pasta.

Beef Pasta at Sizzlin Steak

Pasta on a sizzlin' plate may be a tad to weird for me to process but it was a good thing that I gave in to the proverbial call of thinly sliced beef on the side. It was an amazing pasta dish, to be honest. With the advice of one of their food attendant which name escapes me (I apologize), I opted for the Teri Mayo for the sauce.  

Sizzlin Beef Pasta at Sizzlin Steak

Since the pasta is served on the patented sizzlin' plate, one should be careful in cooking this dish because seriously, who wants to deal with burnt pasta? Just like the way a Beef Pepper Rice must be treated, this pasta dish needs a whole lotta mixin' before the plate creates charred on the food.

Sizzlin Pasta

I incorporated the teri mayo sauce on the pasta and beef while mixing the combination but since the sauce was so good, I asked for a second serving of it which comes without additional cost. 

Just like what I've said, it was an amazing pasta dish. It feels like eating cream based pasta with a very apparent savory note to it. The thin slices of beef added to the delightful experience, of that I am sure.

Sizzlin Beef Pasta with Teri Sauce at Sizzlin Steak

For the dessert I tried two variants of their ice cream; the Cookie Butter Ice Cream and the Blue Berry Ice Cream. Both are priced at Php50 with additional Php10 per toppings (I opted for crushed graham). Between the two, I enjoyed the Cookie Butter Ice Cream more since it has always been my habit to enjoy a dollop of cookie butter with vanilla ice cream at home, so I find it comforting.

Cookie Butter Ice Cream and Blueberry Ice Cream at Sizzlin Steak

Re-inventing oneself to keep up with the changes happening around is a good thing. Same goes for food businesses such as Sizzlin' Steak. It cannot be denied that there are plenty of restaurants sprouting all over the place these days and people's preferences changes as well. I must say that this re-branding is a good move for Sizzlin' Steak. It is comforting to know that there are old timers in Manila restaurant scene that are willing to make changes to better serve their diners.

Sizzlin' Steak

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