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RUB Ribs & BBQ

Sunday, November 09, 2014
Seated at one corner of Rub Rbs & BBQ at Sct. Rallos St. Quezon City branch one busy weekend lunch service, thoughts came running through my head. First, I will finally get to try the much raved about Raki's BBQ Ribs and second, holy guacamole the place is so jam packed!

Another diner from the next table was seated so close to me I feared that if he popped in the ribs into his mouth and chew it, I could might as well spit the bone for him.

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture.

RUB Ribs & BBQ Branches at Scout Rallos and Roces Ave. Quezon City, Kapitolyo Pasig City, Nicanor Garcia Makati City, RUB Ribs BBQ Menu, Location, Contact No. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog
Our visit happened prior to the opening of their newest branch at nearby Roces Ave. corner Sct. Tobias St., also in Quezon City. So, it is pretty understandable that people from the area who craves for ribs at RUB were still pointed to the same direction. Hence, I am not complaining. Also, a school of thought dictates that a restaurant crowded with people hankering for their specialty is always a good sign. Indeed, at RUB Ribs and BBQ, it was a good sign.

I was given a heads up by a friend who was with me during my visit that the place is just small. We have the option to go to Kapitolyo or Makati branch instead if securing a table at Sct. Rallos will close in to impossible. Contemplating another tedious drive from Quezon City to Pasig or Makati, we held our head up high and stuck to the original plan. We were in for a gutsy undertaking as walk-ins devoid of reservation.

RUB Ribs and BBQ, Scout Rallos Quezon City
Luck was on our side as we scored a seat before waves of diners came in a minute after. The place indeed is just small but therein lies its charm - at least in my opinion. Peppered with wall decorations I would want to have in my own room, these framed aesthetics ranges from James Dean to The Beatles to other vintage knick-knacks. 

My friend, a fellow Beatles fanatic could have go on and on talking about the art works plastered on the wall if only I was not starving. So, we placed our orders. After which, I primed my camera for some food snap shot but ended up deciding against it. Economy of space mattered that the enormity of a camera with speedlight attached to it was a candidate for competition in space. I let my camera phone, no matter how down-at-heel it may seem do the dirty work instead.

Art Work at RUB Ribs and BBQ
Given the number of diners, I was half expecting that food wouldn't hit our table until my stomach linings were bleeding. Yet, service at RUB Ribs & BBQ was unfussy and efficient. The food servers worked as if they are wired to function as fast as they can without glitch, while being perpetually armed with unfazed swag you wouldn't dare challenge. 

There is an impressive line of appetizers on the menu, but by the rate that our stomachs were grumbling, an unspoken agreement to get the real deal right off the bat came freely.

Pardon the stiff neck inducing food shots, there were some serious arm twisting and will bending that transpired before I was able to get some frames. 

Wall Art at RUB Ribs and BBQ Quezon City
First on the table was the RUB Fried Chicken (Php260). It was vague in my memory if I may have counted six pieces but what I am sure of was each was fried to crisp golden brown perfection. I nibbled on it as if there was no tomorrow because it was the kind of food you would love to munch on while talking about random things and while waiting for your baby back ribs to appear on the table. You would want to have rice with this dish, but even on its absence, it'll do well.

RUB Fried Chicken / RUB Ribs and BBQ
Beautiful, delicious mess. I cannot think of any apt words to describe this Pulled Pork Sandwich (Php195) Photo gave no justice, but judging from the way it hooked me flavor-wise, dare I say it was one of the most sexiest pulled pork sandwiches I have ever come across with.

Crisp fries and equally delicious coleslaw on the side, the sandwich was still the scene stealer especially when it hits your palate. The tenderness of the pork was seemingly noticeable it could have been cooked way back Ming dynasty because it just melts. 

Pulled Pork Sandwich / RUB Ribs and BBQ
Smoked Pork Belly (Php200) isn't really the kind of dish I would skip once it caught my eye while perusing the menu. No regrets that we went for it because just like the tenderness of the pulled pork sandwich, this one merit its own right to be rave worthy. 

The flavor got the fine balance between savory-sweet and smoky. The veggies on the side were great accompaniment that cuts through the meat feast that happened in my mouth. I finished the entire cup of rice with complete disregard that I should be sharing it with my companion. 

RUB Ribs and BBQ Smoked Pork Belly
Then, the ribs.

Raki's BBQ Ribs is available in three serving portion; Family Brunch Php720 (Ribs+3 Sides / good for 4), Super Duo Php390 (Ribs+2 Sides / good for 2), and Singles Php220 (Ribs+1 Side + Plain Rice). 

Side dishes include some great stuff you would want to have with your ribs such as fries, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, garlic buttered corn, bacon and potato salad, coleslaw, and so on. 

RUB Ribs and BBQ Raki's BBQ Ribs
We went for Raki's BBQ Ribs Super Duo with sidings of coleslaw and bacon & potato salad. The cage was big alright, but the bones itself were short compared to the ribs I normally have at home and in other restaurants. But it's not to say that it wasn't any good. As a matter of fact, I was quite happy about it.

It didn't hold the fall-off-the-bone kind of tenderness in my opinion, but it was tender enough that the meat could be easily scraped off the bone. The flavor I deem was the reason why some people rave about it, and I would side with them. Because it is the very same reason why I could vouch for this ribs. 

Raki's BBQ Ribs
There are quite a few choices for dessert but we went for what was tagged as the classic and highly recommended on their list; Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php190). I wasn't so sure about the brand of vanilla ice cream they used but I find it enjoyable. My friend thought it's a bit pricey but it's just fine in my opinion. I also serve fried Oreos at home to my nephew and I tell you, making these babies isn't a walk in the park especially if you are aiming for that perfect round shape. We both agree however that it was a great way to cap off our meal.

Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream / RUB Ribs and BBQ
The tab went up to a little over a Thousand bucks only, and considering the quality of food and service we got, I say it was a good lunch.

It was a 180 degree turn, from starving to nearly passing out due to the degree of satiety I got myself into. But it was a great experience that when everything comes full circle, when hunger pangs and cravings for a good meal came knocking, I did itched to go back at RUB RIBS & BBQ once again. 

RUB Ribs and BBQ

RUB Ribs & BBQ Branches:
Quezon City
- 64 Scout Rallos St. 
- Don A. Roces Ave. cor. Scout Tobias
Pasig City
- 88 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo
Makati City
- Nicanor Garcia (Formerly Reposo St.) cor Baler Street
Contact Nos.: 501-2799; 625-2939; 8900972
Facebook: /RubRibsBBQ
Instagram: @Rubribsbbq

10 comments on "RUB Ribs & BBQ"
  1. You used a phone camera but you still managed to produced creative shots for your blog. Amazing!

    1. Hey Jay, thank you for your kind words. It wasn't a walk in the park, to be honest. Beat up Nokia phone isn't really a gadget best fit for food photography, but little editing do wonders. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. Grabe ang galing mo talaga magsulat, Idol! Ms. Yedy, paki feature naman yung iba pang mga restaurants sa may bandang Kapitolyo.

    1. Salamat, Kiel! Susubukan ko magsulat pa tungkol sa mg restaurants sa Kapitolyo. I appreciate your input!

  3. Hi Ms. Yedy, I'm one of your blog readers since you started. I met you once at Shanrila Mall when you were shopping at National Bookstore. I have a photo with you pa nga :)

    I have a question, please don't get offended. Do you ever think that restaurants recognized you and give you special treatment? I trust your opinion kasi masasarap naman talaga yung mga foods sa mga nakainan naming restaurants na sinulat mo na. Pero naisip ko lang, kung pano yung mga bloggers pag kumakain sa restaurant. Please don't get offended ha, i'm your fan Ms. Yedy :)

    1. Hi Anon, I wish you indicate your name so that I can address you properly. But yeah, I remember that instance at NBS in Shangri-La, I'm just not good at remembering names, I apologize.

      About your question. I am not offended, really. I appreciate people throwing questions such as this, curiosity is a sign of intelligence, no need to say you're sorry.

      You see, I am not a famous blogger and to be honest, I do not intend to be. That is not my goal, never was and never will be. I am just here to share my stories.

      Was I ever recognized by restaurants while dining out? Yes, on a very rare occasion. They recognized me simply because I attended one of their events before. They just gave me a sampler plate of their new dishes and invited me to come back again for a blog feature because that night, I wasn't there for blogging purposes.

      Given that, the deal about being recognized by restaurants while eating out and being given special treatment never really crossed my mind. The idea never really bothers me. This is not even the reason why I rarely post photo of myself here on the blog, I just don't think it is necessary.

      Now when it comes to event invites, that's a different story altogether. Hosts are expected to know their guests, so, they pretty much know who I am and what food website I am representing.

      Then again, I kept on mentioning in most of my blog posts that YedyLicious is not a restaurant review blog. I am not in a position to pass judgement to people who creates food for a living. We will go back to the same premise that I am just sharing my stories. I am not a food critique, thus, no special treatment necessary.

      I hope this answers your question. If you have more inquiries, please feel free to shoot a comment. Thanks for reading my blog :)

  4. You are one of my favorite top food bloggers ms. yedy, thank you for sharing your blog posts about restaurants. I am also curious about food bloggers getting special treatment when they are dining out. How do you deal with that?

    I am also suggesting that maybe we can use our facebook to comment here on your blog. Just like what other food bloggers have.

    1. Hi Jade, thank you for your kind words. But let us steer clear of the term "top bloggers" if you don't mind. Those words are too scary to deal with :) Anyway, the answer to that question is indicated on the previous comment, lengthy but that's just what I have to say.

      Regarding the comment section, the Facebook comment app tends to slow down my blog's loading time. But I am working on other options. Thanks for dropping a comment.and visiting my blog!

  5. Ms. Yedy, sana mag post ka rin lagi ng photos mo dito sa yedilicious para naman if ever makita ka namin sa mga restaurants na pinupuntahan mo, makilala ka namin in person. Sana hindi ka suplada :)

  6. Hi Yeds, I've been very curious about this Rub restaurant near my parent's house in Makati. I'm deciding to go there this week. Since, I dunno about the place yet, I decided to read reviews, came across yours and changed my mind to tonight instead. Lol.

    Great writing style I must say. These restaurants should pay you for adverts. ��������


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