Tipulo Restaurant in Antipolo City: Serving Modern Filipino Cuisine [Antipolo Food Trip Series]

November 04, 2014
Antipolo Food Trip Series: List of Restaurants in Antipolo City, Rizal Province

Just in time when I was acquainting myself to the restaurants in Antipolo City after a decade of my absence, I was introduced to Tipulo Restaurant inside First Pacific Leadership Academy (FPLA). Serving modern Filipino cuisine, Tipulo is considered a dining destination for those coming from different places to experience the beauty of what is tagged as the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines.

Tipulo Restaurant is both new and familiar to me. Now that statement calls for a trip down memory lane. Allow me to do a little rewind up to the summer that I ditched medical school to pursue Arts.

Tipulo Modern Filipino Cuisine Restaurant in Antipolo City. First Pacific Leadership Academy. Tipulo Restaurant Menu, Address, Location, Contact no.

We used to call the place The Pavillion, an eating place exclusive for Meralco employees and its guests inside Manolo M. Lopez Development Center, (MMLDC) now rebranded as FPLA. During that time, Meralco employees are encouraged to recommend their children for a summer job within the company or its subsidiaries for career exposure. My father got me a spot at MMLDC's Educational Technology Team, a department that handles events and programs in the company.

I learned insightful things that summer that steeled my resolve to pursue Communication Arts in college. I learned to handle cameras for productions and presentations, edit, transcribe, and archive videos, and even made some art work for stage design. There are a lot of memorable moments since it was my first job, even if it was just a summer stint. These memories include dining experiences at The Pavilion with my fellow trainees and bosses.

Tipulo Restaurant in Antipolo

Fast forward to the present. I now have a degree in Communication Arts, writing and photography gigs, and recently, I went back at the compound of FPLA to experience dining once again at The Pavillion. This time though, it is now called Tipulo Modern Filipino Cuisine under the management of Manila Catering Service. It was in 2013 when they rebranded the restaurant but it was already open to the public prior to the change.

Tipuo Restaurant inside First Pacific Leadership Academy in Antipolo City

With regards to the place, remarkable changed happened. What used to be a simple set up conducive to a relaxing meal time now mimics that of grand Filipino restaurants in Manila - only way better with its wide open air floor area and ambiance that brings guests closer to nature. In terms of the menu, they now hold an impressive line of modern Filipino dishes that could rival those which is considered rave worthy outside the city.

View at Tipulo Restaurant

Tipulo is named after Tipulo Tree which was abundant in Antipolo during the pre-Hispanic times. Now, few of this native tree can be found within the compound of FPLA where they are greatly taken care of. Dried Tipulo leaves are framed and decorated within the walls of Tipulo Restaurant as a homage to its namesake.

The day of my visit happened when Tipulo introduces new dishes on their menu. Head Chef Decelyn "Des" Olivera and Manager Chef Danilo "Dan" Puga are both hands on in developing menu for Tipulo to best serve their adoring patrons.
Tipulo Modern Filipino Cuisine in Antipolo City / Tipulo Tree Leaf

The luncheon started with a serving of clear soup. At first sip, I knew that it was a Nilaga dish. Its sourness strikes a perfect balance that I wished to explore more of it beyond the clear soup served in front of me. Little did I know, the immaculate soup bowl holding the impressive soup was just a prelude to what will come next. Patience is indeed a virtue.

Soup / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

Inside the equally immaculate bowl that reminds me of a clay pot was the Nilagang Tadyang Ng Baka (Php525) brimming with glistening vegetables and big chunks of beef short ribs. It was the same beef stock that was served to us prior when the grandness of this dish hit our table, I was elated.

The stock was downright flavorful - a dead giveaway that the meaty beef was boiled into soft submission until its flavor generously lend the stock with its presence. The cabbage, corn, green beans, and sweet potatoes were cooked just right that it has a little snap to the bite without overwhelmingly so.

Nilagang Tadyang ng Baka / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

When dealing with Lumpia as an appetizer, one may expect a humble serving portion just enough to whet one's appetite. That is not the case at Tipulo. Their Tinapa Lumpia (Php135) consist of five hefty rolls of smoked bangus flakes and vegetable enveloped in crisp spring roll sheet. Served with spicy vinegar dipping sauce, it can be a viand on its own.

Tinapa Lumpia / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

By the time that the Chicken Inasal Salad (Php215) was served to us, I was already getting the hint that Tipulo Restaurant's all about stuffing their guests with hefty serving portions of great food. This salad for instance was so generous in serving that it can be shared among three people. It basically comprised of chopped grilled fillet chicken thigh tossed in mixed greens, candied cashew nuts, papaya atchara, pomelo, with honey-calamansi dressing.

It was a refreshing salad, light in terms of marriage in flavors but filling in its generosity. 

Chicken Inasal Salad / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City
Open Air Dining Area / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

Heaping bowl of steamed rice can be  aperfect accompaniment to the Nilagang Tadyang ng Baka which I loved, but I cannot gather the courage to say no to Tipulo's Sisig Rice (Php265). As with ay other dishes on the menu, a serving can be good for sharing.

The main thing that I love about this rice aside from its savory flavor is the fact that it does not hold too much oil the way usual sisig rice I have tried do. It has the right ratio of meat to rice and the shredded scrambled egg atop was a  thoughtful addition to the mix.

Sisig Rice / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

A creative take on the usual crab cakes, Tipulo's Escabecheng Alimasag (Php230) shows creativity on the plate. I usually love my crab cake as it is, perhaps dipped in a sauce I fancy at a given time. But this escabeche dish was a welcome change from the usual.

Crisp and golden in its hue, the crab patties can stand on its own as a decent dish but the sauce lends a delicious flair that should not go unnoticed.

Escabecheng Alimasag / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

I already had a preview of how Tipulo treat their grilled chicken through the salad previously served to us that lunch. Yet, the fun of eating the Boneless Chicken Inasal (Php235) all on its own was an experience in itself.

Succulent and tender, the distinct flavor which I love in my inasal dish was ever present on the plate. The fact that it's boneless made it all the more delightful to eat one bite after another.

Boneless Chicken Inasal / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

I thought I was already having a grand time with the parade of great dishes that Tipulo can offer, then the Beef Caldereta (Php345) was served. It came to our table unceremoniously, as if it was just any other caldereta dish you may get from anywhere else. Little did I know, that first spoonful was a beginning of a great love affair with the dish.

Tender slices of beef which flavor penetrates in every strand, this stew dish can be a reason enough for me to pay Tipulo Restaurant a visit again and again and again. topped with crisp potato allumettes, the texture and the flavor of Tipulo's Caldereta was by far the best I have ever had.

Caldereta / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City
Caterng and Open Kitchen / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

Tipulo Restaurant prided itself with its delicious take on Filipino cuisine, needless to say, crispy pata needed to be somewhere in the menu. That leads to the inclusion of Boneless Crispy Pata (Php875) on their arsenal of great tasting Filipino dishes.

Crisp skin, tender meat oozing with pork juices in every bite, a bite to this boneless crispy pata and you would know why it is listed as one of the must try dishes at Tipulo.

Boneless Crispy Pata / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

The serving portion is big that it can be shared by five to six people with decent appetite. Served with three kinds of sauces namely lechon sauce, spicy vinegar, and hoisin, but even in the absence of these three, the crispy pata is still highly commendable. I tried eating it as it is and it made a great impression on me. The skin was decently crisp, although not the mind blowing crispness I experience at Livestock in Quezon City. But it was crisp enough it merits a praise.

Crispy Pata / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

There is a handful of dessert choices at Tipulo Restaurant, the one I tried was the Mango Cashew Torte (Php190) which was a great preview on how Tipulo treat their dessert. I have few favorite mango torte and Tipulo's rendition of it was a welcome addition to the list. Not too sweet nor too tarty, it has the right balance in flavor which I love in any citrusy cake.

Mango Cashew Torte / Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

What I have eaten at Tipulo Restaurant on that visit was just a fraction of extensive Modern Filipino Cuisine choices they have at Tipulo. There are a lot of other dishes well worth going back for. Tipulo also offer Meal To Go which are perfect for those who wants to experience Tipulo's dishes at the comfort of their own home or at any location they want to bring some sunshine in by means of food. They also accept catering services for special occasions and functions.

Going back at First Pacific Leadership Academy to visit and try the food at Tipulo was a great experience for me, personally. During the time that I was working at MMLDC, never in my wildest dream that I thought I would visit the place once again to write about it with main focus on the food they are serving. Funny how life happens in between the day you realized what you want to do with your life up to the time that you are finally doing it. I owe Tipulo Restaurant for reminding me that.

Tipulo Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City

Tipulo Modern Filipino Cuisine
Inside First Pacific Leadership Academy
Km 27 Sumulong Highway,
Antipolo City
Contact No.: (02) 632-8111
Facebook: /TipuloFPLA

15 comments on "Tipulo Restaurant in Antipolo City: Serving Modern Filipino Cuisine [Antipolo Food Trip Series]"
  1. Wow iba na pla name ng MMLDC we've been here before with my friends and nakita na din namin yang resto na yan pero hindi pa tipulo ang name. Yummy food, great pictures! I hope makabalik ako ulet jan para lang kumain. :)

    --- nhengswonderland.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Neri Ann, yes, iba pa yung name ng Tipulo before, we call them Pavillion but it has different name as far as I know. Do share with us if you get to visit them, we'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. Yedy, brave move on choosing art over science. Not everyone in that kind of situation have the guts to do that.

    I understand how you feel about going back to the place you started. I have the same feeling whenever I am in Manila. I'll make sure to check out Tipulo on my next visit.

    1. Hey Jay, it was not an easy feat and up to now, what-ifs still cross my mind from time to time. But life is too short not to follow your heart, so there. Thanks for dropping by, I sincerely hope you get to visit Tipulo when you're in Manila, really good Pinoy food you can expect from them.

  3. Hi!
    I'm Nona Lema. I was in Antipolo yesterday with some friends. My first time to visit the place. Medyo outskirts na ng city ung pinuntahan namin. Lots of big trees and sarap ng hangin. Sabi nila mura daw ang gulay doon daming nagtatanim. I find it very interesting basta gulay. I'm vegetarian kasi.

    Anyway, that's why your article onTipulo caught my eye. and so i browsed na rin thru the dishes you featured mukhang masasarap talaga but if I were to cook them siempre all vegetarian ingredients ang gagamitin ko. Thanks for featuring such a nice place. You can visit my blog http://nonas-cooking.blogspot.com
    Nice bumping into your site. Regards.

    1. Hi Nona, I agree, masarap ang hangin dito sa Antipolo and marami ding fresh na gulay. Even I myself plant my own veggies in our place, nothing beats organic.

      Food at Tipulo are good and I believe they also offer some vegetarian friendly dishes. I saw your blog and I must say it is a good venue to source good vegetarian recipe. I'll try to cook one of them in the future and I'll definitely let you know.

      It's nice to virtually meet you Nona, Blessings!

  4. Thank God you chose to pursue arts. If not, there will be no blog with great photos and writing to enjoy. You're my favorite blogger Yedi.

    1. Hi Jake, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate that!

  5. Hi Yedy, kamusta naman ang mga serving per menu nila? okay naman ba? match naman sa price nila? balak kase namin mag dinner diyans a fathers day :) thanks!

    1. Hi! I find their serving portion decent enough for the price. It's basically family style so the dishes per order are meant for sharing although there are some which are not. It is always best to ask the servers first. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. Hi Yedy... May I ask some tips.. Thanks in advance. Mas ok ba na may reservation kasi baka mamaya pag walk-in lang e wala available table?

    1. Hi L. yes yes, better to have a reservation. Since Tipulo is inside FPLA where seminars, team buildings, and events are held, sometimes Tipulo is fully booked during lunch and dinner service. So better to check if they can accommodate walk-ins for the day. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Feel free to share with us here your dining experience at Tipulo.

  7. hi yedy! how to put up a reservation po? i dunno, maybe lacking lang ang google skills ko but I cant find it sa net. thanks for helping, yedi!

    1. Hi Dhen, just call their number for reservations. Contact number indicated at the bottom of my blog post. Hope this helps. Thanks!

    2. Thanks for the Tipolo briefing. Will surely visit the place this weekend.


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