Restaurants To Visit at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

February 15, 2015

Duck and Buvette, Chops Chicago Steakhouse, Gyu-Kaku, P.F. Chang's, California Pizza Kitchen, and Teddy's Bigger Burgers are just some of the restaurants at Shangri-La Plaza Mall everyone who craves for good food has to visit. Although Shangri-La Mall established itself as a perfect destination where shoppers may find choicest retails especially when they opened up their East Wing, when it comes to equally impressive food destinations, they also do not disappoint.

Shangri-La Plaza Mall houses variety of restaurants some food enthusiasts tagged as some of the best in Manila. From locally owned to International franchise, these restaurants are the reason why Shangri-La Mall is deserving to be considered as one of the top food destinations we now have.

WHERE TO EAT AT SHANGRI-LA MALL, Restaurants To Visit at Shangri-La Plaza Mall: Duck and Buvette, Chops Chicago Steakhouse, Gyu-Kaku, P.F. Chang's, California Pizza Kitchen, and Teddy's Bigger Burgers. Address Contact Nos. Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
Recently, Shangri-La Plaza held an intimate dinner to showcase some of the best dishes that the restaurants they houses are offering. The event aims to show that Shangri-La can be the best option for leisurely dining engagement this season. But I think, regardless of the occasion, these restaurants are well worth a visit.

Duck & Buvette
Address: 2/F Main Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City
Contact No.: (02) 631-0675
Facebook: /duckbuvette
Instagram: @duckbuvette

Reincarnate of the now defunct Cafe Provencal, Duck & Buvette's inspiration relies heavily on comfort food tinted with French countryside flair. Categorized not just as restaurant but also a bakery, Duck & Buvette takes pride in serving amazing selections of freshly baked bread made in-house. The secret - they cultivate their own wild yeast used to make their breads and pizzas.

DUCK & BUVETTE Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
There were plenty of Duck & Buvette Dishes that was served to us that night such as Braised Frog Legs with Herby Bread Crumbs, Grilled Octopus Salad, Fennel Wild Mushroom with Shrimp, Mustard Rabbit, Wild Sourdough Bread, and Cacao Walnut Sourdough. 

DUCK & BUVETTE Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
All of these were impressive but what really rocked my world were Duck & Buvette's Crispy Half Duck Confit which was said to be cooked three days in advance using the slow cooking technique to guarantee perfection and of course, their Maple Candied Bacon and Lemon. 

The duck skin was so crisp while the meat was downright flavorful. I have high respect for slow cooking method, something I practice at home. Hence, this Duck & Buvette specialty dish just hit the right spot in my heart. The bacon on the other hand was equally good. Some people may find it a tad sweet when eaten as it is, but the lemon off set the sweetness making it worth a trip back at D&B.

DUCK & BUVETTE Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall

Chops Chicago Steakhouse
Address: Level 5, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City
Contact No.: (02) 477-3888
Facebook: /Chopsresto
Twitter: @ChopsResto

Chops Chicago Steakhouse is home to some of Manila's best steaks - a haven for steak lovers craving for manly piece of heaven accompanied by equally rave worthy side dishes. They prided themselves with their eye popping choicest steak cuts such as Porterhouse, Ribeye, USDA Certified Angus Beef and Wagyu.

CHOPS CHICAGO STEAKHOUSE Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
As expected, it was their steak dishes that took the center stage during our dinner, but the unique dessert of chocolate cigars known for Chops brought delight as well. These cigars are made of thin pastry tube covered with dark Belgian chocolate and filled with mascarpone cream. 

CHOPS CHICAGO STEAKHOUSE Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
Gyu-Kaku Japanese Restaurant
Address: Level 2 East Wing, Shangri-La Plaz Mall, Mandaluyong City
Contact No.: (02) 631-7243
Facebook: /GyuKakuPhilippines
Twitter: @gyukaku_ph
Instagram: @gyukaku_ph

Gyu-Kaku is an International franchise Japanese restaurant that specializes in Yakiniku and other Japanese dishes. For years, they have been making foodies of Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New York, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts satisfied and happy. Now that they are already here in the Philippines, they still aim to do the same and prove that they deserve to be considered as the World's Best Yakiniku Restaurant.

GYU-KAKU Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
I was able to try their Spicy Karubi Ramen which level of heat I cannot really handle since it was only recently that I managed to ditch my aversion to spicy food. Nonetheless, I still enjoy their two other offerings; the tofu steak and the crisp fried breaded pork.

GYU-KAKU Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
P.F. Chang's
Address: Level 2 East Wing, Shangri-La Plaz Mall, Mandaluyong City
Contact No.:
Facebook: /pfchangsph
Twitter: @pfchangsph
Instagram: @pfchangsph

P.F. Chang's is a widely famous International restaurant that debuts its presence in the Philippines last 2012. This US-based casual dining restaurant is known for serving its own spin to Chinese dishes with a sophisticated flair to it. Its 200+ branches worldwide prove that P.F. Chang's is one of the well-loved restaurant that defies cultural boundaries.

P.F. CHANGS Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
I have always been a fan of P.F. Chang's. I've wrote about them several times here at YedyLicious and I even included it in the book I co-authored. Needless to say, the food they serve during our dinner was still well received. I particularly enjoy the Vegetable Quinoa Fried Rice and of course, the famous Chicken lettuce Wrap. That is not to say that the Asian Latino Pineapple Pork didn't do well, because it was equally satisfying nonetheless.

P.F. CHANGS Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
California Pizza Kitchen
Address: Level 5, East Wing Shangri-La Plaz Mall, Mandaluyong City
Contact No.: (02) 687-7842 
Facebook: /CPKPhilippines
Twitter: @CPKPhilippines
Instagram: @CPKPhilippines

California Pizza Kitchen is one of the most established pizza restaurant in the country which is also an International franchise. This casual dining pizza restaurant is known for its gourmet pizzas and other innovative dishes marked with flavor and best ingredients which CPK is known for.

CPK CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
There are plenty of pizza places I adore but what endears me to CPK is the fact that they always take into consideration the palate of the patrons they are serving despite being hailed in an International dining scene. Case in point, CPK introduces new items and flavors exclusive to the country they are catering to. This means that they made use of local ingredients found in the country and in the event that it do well, there is a chance that the product will be brought to the International line up of their menu.

CPK CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
Teddy's Bigger Burgers
Address: Level 6, Shangri-La Plaz Mall, Mandaluyong City
Facebook: /TeddysBurgersPH
Twitter: @teddysburgersph
Instagram: @teddysburgersph

Teddy's Bigger Burgers, known as Hawaii's Number 1 Burger Restaurant hit the Philippine shore just last year. It causes quite a stir among burger-loving Filipinos because of it holds the promise of hefty serving of burgers which can be customized depending to the diner's liking. 

TEDDY'S BIGGER BURGERS Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
Having experienced dining at their flagship store located at Greenbelt, I pretty much have an idea how enjoyable Teddy's Bigger Burgers are. But to my surprise, I was still floored with the delicious burger I got to try that night which although name escape me, the vivid memory of its juicy patty and humongous portabello mushroom filled with melted cheese is still stuck with me - and I am not complaining. Why would I? It was one of the best I have tried in their line up of burgers. 

TEDDYS BIGGER BURGERS Restaurants at Shangri-La Mall
These are just six of the restaurants you may find at Shangri-La Plaza Mall which are all well worth your time to visit. Of course, there are plenty of more. This only goes to show that Shangri-La Plaza Mall may not just be your top destination for shopping, it can very well be a food hub you may want to bring your loved ones to.

Shangri-La Plaza
Facebook: ShangriLa Mall
Twitter: @shangplaza
Instagram: @shangrilaplazaofficial

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