Khayil Bakeshop and Café Restaurant in Antipolo City [Antipolo Food Trip Series]

April 08, 2015
I’m on a roll with my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series wherein I write about Restaurants, Cafes, and Food Places in Antipolo City (Rizal Province) that piqued my interest.  This time it’s all about Khayil Bakeshop and Café. Located along Circumferential Road, Khayil started as a specialty bakeshop that offers gourmet cupcakes, cinnabons, and customized cakes until they expanded into a restaurant café.

Their original shop was located along M.L. Quezon Extension in front of the now defunct Puregold JR at Mille Luce Village Town Center, (replaced by the newly opened Rustan’s Supermarket Antipolo.)  From their small shop, Khayil Bakeshop and Café garnered several patrons who love their products. 

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While it is safe to say that continuous patronage of people prompted Khayil for an expansion, the reason, I learned, was way beyond their will to prosper.  That’s what makes Khayil dear to me.

During my visit at Khayil Bakeshop and Café with my family recently, I met Ana, the owner and the talented baker behind Khayil. Although very shy, she warmly welcomed us to their café and chatted with us from time to time while attending to other customers.  I also met one of their family friends who is helping out at the café, Vince - a really nice guy who also generously shared his stories on how Khayil started.

Menu Chalkboard Art Work at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo City Rizal Province
Aside from being a passionate baker, Ana is a wife of a pastor, a mother to four lovely children, and the mind behind The Square Team (Online Outsourcing Company).  Her shy personality is very apparent but when she starts to tell stories about their café and her baked creations, her passion shines through.

Interior Design at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
It is one thing to put up a restaurant as an outlet of one’s passion for creating good food, it’s another when the restaurant was built because you want to help people. Such is the story behind Khayil. Ana and her husband Pastor Jonathan decide one day to expand their mini bakeshop into a full blown café because they want to provide job for their church mates. 

Topography and Chalk Board Art Work at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
As a proprietor, the couple has the freedom to hire well trained and experienced staff but instead, they resorted into extending the job offer to those who need it the most. Ana confessed that it was not easy at first as they need extra time and effort in training the staff, but they do not mind it because what’s important to them is the way they are enriching people’s lives.   

Positive Affirmation Arts at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo
Listening to Ana sharing this story in a very humble way made me realized that I guess that is the reason why the staff at Khayil look all so happy and very welcoming – as if you are visiting their house, you will be welcomed warmly. Their relationship with the café owners goes way beyond business, they are like family.

Positive Quotes as Wall Design at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
I wish I could write more about the things we have talked about that afternoon and on how light and positive Khayil’s staff made me feel. But I can save that for another blog post when I revisit them. For now, let’s talk about the food.

There is decent number of food choices at Khayil, neither too few that you’ll search for more nor too overwhelming. Everything is posted on the blackboard art decorative wall save for the gourmet cupcakes and customized cakes selections. 

Khayil's Restaurant Menu on the Wall
If I remember it right, there are over 60+ variants of gourmet cupcakes that Khayil offers, hence, variety is not a problem. Although Ana tries to mix the selections on daily and weekly basis since there are patrons who go back to Khayil for their preferred cupcake flavors while the others are always excited to try new ones. 

Gourmet Cupcakes at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
That day we were able to try five variants; blueberry, kitkat, salted caramel, almond crisp, and black forest. These gourmet cupcakes I must say are at par with the ones we can buy in Manila. prices ranges from 50 to 65 which is really reasonable considering the quality of the cupcakes.

Of all the variants I have tried it was the black forest cupcake that blew me away. The almond flavor comes second close.

Khayil's Gourmet Cupcakes / Khayil Bakeshop
We also had their Three Cheese Nachos (Php145) which serving portion is enough to feed a group of 3 to 4 person. The cheeses includes Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Cream Cheese. It is probably one of the best nachos I had to date since they did not scrimp on the ingredients. Even my 5 year old nephew took a great liking for it.

Khayil's Cafe Restaurant Three Cheese Nachos
The Chef's Salad (Php115) came in a big bowl filled with fresh greens, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, and bacon drizzled with mayo-based dressing. The hefty serving portion can easily feed two salad-hungry individual - it was huge, I tell you.

Hefty Serving of Khayil Cafe Restaurant's Chef's Salad
The T-Bone Steak (Php240) which my sister was crazy about was served medium well and topped with mushroom gravy which recipe was developed by Ana's son. What I love about this steak is that the flavor was a dead giveaway that it was marinated for a good time before cooking. The savory flavor is very apparent in every morsel of the meat, the mushroom sauce made it all the more impressive.

Steak at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo City
Another notable thing about Khayil is that when it comes to burger, they don't believe in serving single patty - it's double patties all the way! Which for meat lover like me is a big plus. Photo below shows Khayil's Hungry Jon's Cheeseburger (Php255), named after Ana's husband, Pastor Jonathan who has penchant for downright delicious and filling meal. 

Doube Patty Cheeseburger at Khayil Cafe Restaurant is Deliciously Amazing
I love everything about this burger. It is essentially a stack of fresh buns baked in-house 2 hefty beef patties, lettuce, tomato, onion, egg, cucumber, and cheese. Served in a wooden plank with some potato chips. This can easily feed 2 person unless you got a really big appetite.

The Inside of Cheeseburger at Khayil
If the cheeseburger impressed us, the David's Overload Sandwich (Php240) which was named after Ana's son David, the same kid who developed the mushroom sauce for the steak, made me a happy camper. I love sandwiches more than burger and this kind of sandwich usually earns my nod of approval.

David's Overload Sandwich  at Khayil Bakeshop Antipolo
True to it's name, this sandwich is really "overload." Made up of ciabatta bread, also baked in-house, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, chicken teriyaki, ham, bacon, and 2 scrambled eggs. It's really big and satisfying - the kind of sandwich you would want to introduced to your parents, if you know what I mean. The strips of chicken teriyaki sets it apart from the usual sandwich I have tried in the past.

Overloaded Sandwich of Goodness at Khayil Cafe in Antipolo
Their Iced Tea (Php55/Php65) at Khayil's is not the store bought kind one would usually find in some cafes and restaurants. They make their own concoction which makes it a delight to the taste. 

They also offer different kinds of milkshakes/smoothies and some of which are ice cream based making it thick and creamy and really worth the calories and money. Take for instance this Strawberry Banana Smoothies (Php110/Php120) which my sister really enjoyed and couldn't get enough of.

Iced Tea and Milkshake at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
I, on the other hand really enjoyed Khayil's Salted Caramel Milk Shake (Php130/Php140). They made use of vanilla ice cream as based and topped it with salted caramel sauce which Ana also makes. It wasn't too sweet like most caramel flavored milk shakes I had.

Salted Caramel Milkshakesat Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
There are other items on the menu I wanted to try but our feasts was too filling enough I decided to save my curiosity for my next visit. I heard that their Crispy Pork Binagoongan as well as the Carbonara are really good, so I've got more reason to come back. Also, there are plenty of other cupcakes variants which I am sure are well worth going back for.

While in the middle of feasting on our food, Ana's daughters came and that's the time I personally met Khayil, a pretty young lady their cafe is named after. I also met little Sophia, equally pretty and accommodating. I asked if I could take photos of them and they gladly obliged.

The Owners of at Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
Honestly, I have nothing but good words for Khayil Bakeshop and Cafe. Their food is impressive, even more so their aspirations and reason behind building the cafe. This is the kind of restaurant that made me happy seeing being built in my hometown. And I could only wish for them to prosper and continue helping people while serving good food.

If ever you'll be in Antipolo, I encourage you to please visit Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe and try their food or perhaps chat with their staff and Ana if she's around. Maybe you will understand why it took me a long blog post just to share my admiration for this business. 

Khayil's Bakeshop and Cafe Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
Khayil Bakeshop and Cafe
Circumferential Road
San Roque, Antipolo City
(Landmarks: Near Unciano Hospital, in between Gloria's Bahay Handaan and Metrobank)
Contact Nos.: 9185580 | 6965849 | 09209697405
Facebook: /khayilsbakeshop
Instagram: @khayilsbakeshop
Twitter: @khayilsbakeshop

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