Marison's Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City [Antipolo Food Trip Series]

April 18, 2015
I was not really planning to visit Marison’s Restaurant in Antipolo that day.  Not that particular day at least. The original plan was to check out the coffee shop near home after some grocery shopping at the newly opened Rustan’s Supermarket at The Village Center. After all, we just had a lunch at home.

I was dead set on just getting my caffeine fix until my mother blurted out that she’s craving for Kare-Kare. I can’t really say No to my mother’s craving since such things rarely happen. I was thinking of restaurant nearby I know that serves the dish when my father reminded me of Marison’s, located on the second floor of The Village Center.

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Since it’s advertised as a Filipino restaurant, it would be impossible that they don’t serve Kare-Kare so headed upstairs after loading our grocery bags in the car. True enough, the menu board standing by the entrance of Marison’s shows several Filipino dishes including the dish we’d hoped to find.

It was around late in the afternoon and the restaurant was devoid of diners. The staff was obviously taking a rest in between lunch and dinner service but we were welcomed and given table. They have a pretty impressive menu, way extensive than some of the restaurants I have been to in Antipolo.

Marison's Restaurant in Antipolo Interior
The main purpose of our visit was to curb my mother’s craving for kare-kare, my father insisted on ordering other dishes on the menu. Sadly, most of what we chose was not available. So, we ended up ordering just two items, three including rice. 

Marison's Antipolo
I was on the brink of disappointment but when they finally serve us the food, I figured the non-availability of other items was a blessing in disguised as the serving portion was big enough to feed us three.

Semi Open Kitchen at Marison's Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City
Upon seeing the Kare-Kare dish on the menu called Kare-Kare Marison’s which is tagged as a house specialty, best seller, and chef’s recommendation, I set a pretty high expectation from it. If these tags are indeed true and reliable, then I guess we’ve come to the right place.

Kare-Kare Marison’s (Php330) as described on the menu is essentially beef with crisp stripe in peanut and cashew-based sauce served with house bagoong.  Indeed the description is apt. Chunks of beef were very tender, the sauce was remarkably thick and savory, I was able to taste the distinction as compared to the usual Kare-Kare sauce made with the use of peanuts only. Although I am not really a fan of their bagoong.
Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare at Marison's Antipolo
The notable thing that sets it apart from other Kare-Kare is the use of downright crisp strips of beef tripe sitting atop the entire dish. The serving is good enough to feed 2 to 3 persons.  My father who is not a big beef eater took a great liking to it that surprised even his self. My mother was a happy camper.

Kare-Kare Marison's Antipolo
We also had the Humba (Php310) a braised pork dish cooked in sugar and saging na saba. A simple dish at a glance, the addition of banana, chunks of sweet potatoes, and hard boiled eggs do more than just being mere decorations - It adds nuances to the flavor. 

Humba at Marison's Antipolo
It was a good dish although not as impressive as the Kare-kare. Yet, since I have a thing for really tender pork which fat melts in the mouth, I wouldn’t have a second thought having it again the next time I visit. I really wish the photos can do justice to the hefty serving of this dish.

Humba at Marison's Antipolo
Rice per serving is Php30 each, but for groups, Marison’s offers Rice Bowl for only Php90 which we opted for. The serving was big enough to feed 3 to 4 persons. Although we had a hard time polishing off the rice bowl despite having really good viands. I guess it’s because we already had lunch back at home prior to dining at Marison’s.

Rice at Marison's Antipolo
Prices of the food aren’t cheap, it’s not the restaurant you would want to go to when you are in Antipolo and on a tight budget. But given the hefty serving portion and the quality of food, somehow it’s reasonable. 

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I am working on Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series and Marison’s is really included on my list to visit. It’s just that I was not expecting that we will be dining there that day. Had I known, I probably skip lunch or spent our lunch there instead so that I could have the enthusiasm to try other items since those which I really like to try we’re not available. 

I could easily wait for my next visit before writing a blog post about Marison’s but the Kare-Kare was too impressive not to share right away. 

Marison’s Antipolo, Restaurants in Antipolo, Where To Eat In Antipolo, Antipolo Food Trip Blog, Marison’s Filipino Restaurant, Marison’s Antipolo Blog Review Menu Address Website Price Facebook Twitter Instagram
Marison's Home Cuisine
Filipino Restaurant
Level 2, The Vilage Center
Mille Luce
M.L. Quezon Ave. Ext.
Antipolo City
Contact Nos.: (02) 964-8766 / 0917-5231949
Facebook: /MarisonsPH

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  1. yay! another good place to eat in Antipolo! taga Antipolo din me and its nice to know place like this na hindi ko pa napupuntahan


    1. Hi Neri Ann! Thanks for reading my blog. There'll be more blog posts about coffee shops and restaurants in Antipolo City here at YedyLicious soon :)

    2. Hi guys, can you please tell me how to get there from Antipolo church? Thank you.

    3. Hi Guys, can you please tell me how to get there from Antipolo Church? Thanks. ^__^

    4. Hi MJ, if you're commuting from Antipolo church, you can ride a tricycle (the only means of public transpo in the area) and tell the driver to bring you to Marison at The Village Center of Mille Luce (same building as Rustan's Supermarket). That's located at M.L. Quezon Ext. Ave. The resto is pretty popular in Antipolo so there is a big chance that the tricycle driver would know the place right away.


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