Indulgence by Irene's New Cheesecake Flavors

April 14, 2015
Orange Bourbon, Coffee and Baileys, Matcha, Corn, and Earl Grey are the new cheesecake flavors of Indulgence by Irene. You probably heard about these latest creative spin on Irene's cheesecakes through some of our favorite Manila Food Bloggers, and just like them, I am a fan.

And if it is not obvious enough, let's set the record here and say that I have always been a fan since day one. To this day, their Quezo de Bola Cheesecake still rocks my world, while all the other flavors still makes me giddy like a child in a candy store. Now that Indulgence by Irene released its new line of cheesecake flavors, I expect nothing less.

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The previous cheesecake variants of Irene features flavors that are somewhat common but done with distinct flair known for Indulgence by Irene making it familiar yet, different in a good way at the same time. The new creations however features what I would like to think as more mature and sophisticated in a sense.

Corn Cheesecake

If you dig the local popular Filipino dessert called Maja Blanca, then Indulgence by Irene's Corn Cheesecake may be for you. It features the same pure cream cheese based cake incorporated with corn kernels. Yes, Indulgence by Irene do not use gelatin on their cheesecake and that fact alone makes me love these babies all the more. 

This Corn Cheesecake strikes a fine balance of flavor between cheese and corn - salty and sweet. Irene could use pureed corn and still come up with a delicate flavor and prove a point. Yet, the use of corn kernels was a thoughtful addition by adding interesting texture to an otherwise infinite monotonous tongue feel.

Corn Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene
Coffee and Baileys Cheesecake

Irish Coffee is one of my favorite drinks in the world, hence, Indulgence by Irene's Coffee and Baileys Cheesecake is a sure winner for me. The creamy cheese flavor will remind you that it's a cake you are indulging in, the coffee taste will suggest that this is made for kids at heart with affinity for caffeine, while the bold taste of Baileys will prove that Indulgence by Irene is a Rockstar.

Matcha Cheesecake

Just when I thought that I have outgrew my addiction for matcha, Irene released its Matcha Cheesecake and it send me to be all over it again. I am not complaining since this Matcha Cheesecake has the "Matcha-In-Yoh-Face" kind of flavor to it built in progression. 

Coffee and Baileys Cheesecake / Matcha Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene
Orange Bourbon Cheesecake

With the addition of Orange Bourbon Cheesecake, Indulgence by Irene could already market its very own Cocktail Inspired Cheesecake and many would agree, I bet, that Irene is really good at it. While I am not a big fan of the citrus fruit, the bourbon definitely grabbed my undivided attention. Unlike the Coffee and Baileys Cheesecake, this variant has a subtle kick to it. My kid nephew enjoyed a bite of it without complaining. My father on the other hand signed up as one of the fans. 

Earl Grey Cheesecake

Aromatic with Zen-like flavor, Earl Grey Cheesecake, I deem is for those who likes to drink their tea and eat it too. Seriously, it feels like biting into an Earl Grey flavored milk tea with cheese froth. If you feel like being naughty, I suggest you go for the liquor based cheesecakes, but if you feel like indulging on something different and somehow healthy, then this one may be for you.

Orange Bourbon Cheesecake / Earl Grey Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene
With good raves and reviews that Indulgence by Irene's getting from food enthusiasts all over who have tasted it, it is not surprising that Irene constantly creates something that will blow our minds away. I am stoked that she is expanding her cheesecake variants with such creative flair without compromising the ingredients and still maintaining reasonable prices.

INDULGENCE BY IRENE CHEESECAKE New Flavors, Best Cheesecake in Manila, Indulgence by Irene Cheesecake Blog Review Website Contact No. Prices Address Facebook Twitter Instagram

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Indulgence by Irene's Cheesecake Price List 

Regular Flavors - Quezo de Bola, Tablea, Choc Nut, Calamansi, and Corn
9 inch - P1000
6 inch - P 550
4 inch - P 220

Premium - Ube, Earl Grey, Matcha
9 inch - P1200
6 inch - P 650
4 inch - P 250

Liquor - Orange Bourbon, Coffee With Bailey's
9 inch - P1400
6 inch - P 750
4 inch - P 300

At least 2 days advance order

Pick up locations:
1. Astoria Plaza - Ortigas
2. Aseana - schooldays early morning and afternoon
3. Shell Buendia cor. EDSA. - Weekdays 3pm

Indulgence by Irene
Contact No.: 0917-6225800
Facebook: /IndulgencebyIrene
Instagram: @IndulgencebyIrene

2 comments on "Indulgence by Irene's New Cheesecake Flavors"
  1. Of all those who write about this cheesecake, YOU always have the best photos and writings!

    My sister bought the queso de bola all because of your blog. And we all love it in the family!

    Keep it up Yedi!

  2. I haven't tried their cheesecake yet. Maybe I'll find some time if I'll be able to drop by at Buendia. :) I think the corn is so good! :)


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