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April 28, 2015
"So, you haven't tried McRib yet? I believe it's already available at all branches of McDonalds Philippines." Says my McRib-loving friend preceded by that kind of look as one would stare on a gloomy sky where a rainbow has recently been - with such pity and regret.

As a self-confessed pork-loving individual, I understand such frustration. But in fairness to my part, this famed sandwich from Mickey D's has always been elusive. Popping on the menu when I least expect it, then vanishing away in a heartbeat like a rockstar taking a break from the limelight much to the dismay of its cult following.

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So yes, I have not tried McRib yet until recently when McDonalds Philippines announced McRib's availability here in our country, although for a limited time only. It's available at all McDo PH branches nationwide except in Cotabato (where majority of people I believe do not eat pork), so no reason to miss the chance to finally try it and enjoy its promised goodness while it last.

Mc Rib Philippines Meal
Described as rib-shaped juicy pork patty dipped in sweet, tangy, and smoky barbecue sauce, topped with pickle slices and slivered onions, sandwiched in between two elongated caramelized buns -- it definitely is something anyone with affinity for pork, barbecue, and burger all at the same time could fancy. 

Even its TV commercial itself could send anyone into a mental stupor with its enticing appearance. Needless to say I was excited when I finally got my hands on one.

McRib, Available Now in the Philippines!
Essentially, McRib is the pork version of McDonalds' well-loved beef burger patty, shaped in such a way that it fits the special elongated caramelized buns. What makes it special aside from it being a pork is the special barbecue sauce the patty is generously doused with. 

I have always been a fan of how McDonalds' treat their barbecue sauce, the one which goes with their Chicken McNuggets. I love it so much I put it in almost everything I eat at McDo. ("Almost" being the operative word since the sauce obviously wouldn't work quite well with the sundae or pie, for that matter.) The McRib Special Sauce I must say is way better if not at par with it.

The McRib, Your New Desire
The toppings are kept into a minimum having just pickles and onion, but I trust it is a good move since it allows for a subtle enhancement of the flavor of the patty and not overshadow it altogether. However, for those who counts on their toppings for added texture and mouth-feel, McDonald's also has a McRib Deluxe which has crisp lettuce and creamy mayo instead of pickles and onions.

McRib, McDo's celebration of pork goodness!
So, what I love about the McRib? First, it provides a good option for those who wants their burger but is veering away from beef and isn't really up for a fish and chicken burger - in short, pork lovers. Second, the McRib special sauce is just amazing it makes the pork patty's flavor shines through and not overpowers it. Third, the patty to bun proportion is perfect, you know you are getting your money's worth.

What I don't like about it? It's available for limited time only! But then again, it's a good reason to head on over to the nearest McDonald's branch and try this rockstar offering from McDo PH. It goes perfectly well with McDonald's French Fries and Coke, I tell you.

McRib with special McRib Sauce
I suggest that you do not miss out on this limited-time offer. The McRib ala carte is priced at Php99.00 only, while the McRib Deluxe is at Php119.00 only. The McRib is available in all McDonald’s stores nationwide save for Cotabato branch via Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru and McDelivery via the McDo App, 86-2-36, and

McDonald's Philippines MCRIB
If you are so inclined, share your McRib experience through McDonald’s Facebook fan page,, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #McRibCraving.

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