Hap Chan Restaurant in Antipolo City [Antipolo Food Trip Series]

May 11, 2015
Hap Chan Restaurant located along Circumferential Road in Antipolo City is one of the few Chinese Restaurants in the area. Few being the operative word since majority of the restaurants in Antipolo is either Filipino or anything else not Chinese. For someone who loves Chinese food such as myself, it can be disheartening. Good thing though that there is Hap Chan Restaurant, one of the famous Chinese restaurant chains in the country.

There are two Hap Chan branches in Antipolo, the other one is located at the new Robinson's Place along Sumulong Highway. But the branch my parents swear by is the one along Circumferential since it is the one they frequent to especially when having our car checked at Goodyear Servitek located just in front of the restaurant.

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While I have attended a family gathering held at Hap Chan Antipolo way back, I have not really dined in there as a customer ever since I moved back in Antipolo. But I know some people aside from my parents who are pretty much happy dining at this branch hence, I know I should visit sometime soon. 

We were not supposed to dine out today to celebrate Mother's Day since our family is not really the type who will brave traffic jam, long lines and jam packed restaurant to celebrate the occasion. None of us have the patience for Mother's day restaurant madness, especially my mother. So we usually celebrate mom's day on a different day.

Hap Chan Chinese Restaurant in Antipolo Rizal
I have everything all planned out. I'll be bringing my family this week in this new restaurant in Ortigas that specializes in Tempura, a dish my mother loves. But devoid of anything to do and stricken with boredom on a Sunday, just a mere mention of Hap Chan and already I found myself inside the car waiting for everyone. I already had my lunch, but I thought who cares.

Minutes later we were already at Hap Chan. It was already passed lunch time but people were still coming in, probably to celebrate Mother's Day.

Hap Chan Restaurant along Circumferential Road Antipolo City

The day prior, I had a luncheon date with a friend at Crystal Jade in Greenhills where we feasted on too much dim sum and dumplings. So, those weren't really on top of my priority despite being in a Chinese restaurant. I let my parents choose the food while I was taking a snap shot of the place which by the way is really impressive in its hugeness and interior design.

A little waiting time transpired then we were served the food by one of the food attendants whose name escaped my mind but efficiency leaves a good impression. 

Hap Chan Antipolo Franchise

My parents are dodging beef meat these days so instead of the usual beef with broccoli dish, we had the Fish and Broccoli (Php340.00). A tad pricey in my opinion considering the serving portion. Good thing that the vegetables were cooked to my liking - not too soft, just perfect to the bite. I am not really big on fish on soup nor fish with sauce so I only took a bite of the fillet, and just finished the vegetables.

Fish and Broccoli at Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Antipolo
I wish my photo could do justice to the generosity of the seafood and other meat included on the Chop Suey Guisado (Php260.00) served to us, but it just probably one of those days. I love that the serving is quite hefty compared to the Fish and Broccoli. The vegetables were also cooked to my liking and the sauce had the perfect thickness and savory flavor.

Chop Suey Guisado at Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Antipolo
The Camaron Rebusado / Fried Shrimp (Php340.00) was the runaway hit among all the things we ordered. Shrimps were plump, juicy, and sweet. The batter that served as a foil to the shrimp were crisp without overbearingly so. I could eat it as it is and still enjoy it but the sweet chili sauce it came with lends a depth of flavor that made me want to eat everything in one go.

Camaron Rebosado at Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Antipolo

Another favorite was the Lumpiang Shanghai (Php230.00)which has the pork-in-your-face kind of flavor to it. Although some veggies were visible, the main star of this dish was really the pork which thankfully Hap Chan didn't scrimped on. I appreciate that it was crisp - a clear indication that it was freshly cooked upon serving. I also love that they cut off the edge of the rolls because I am one of those who does not want to deal with extra spring roll wrapper. Balanced meat to wrapper ratio is always a winner for me.

Lumpiang Shang hai at Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Antipolo
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php250.00) was probably the main reason why we dined at Hap Chan that afternoon - my mother's been craving for it. Our family has several favorite Yang Chow such as the one they serve at Crystal Jade, President Tea House, Xin Tian Di, Little Asia, and Super Bowl just to name a few. But hap Chan's own rendition did not disappoint, nonetheless. 

The servings was hefty and the ingredients incorporated too it lean on the generous side of the spectrum. The flavor was just right and the most important thing, it wasn't too oily.

Yang Chow Fried Rice at at Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Antipolo
After feasting on flavors, everyone seems to be happy with the house tea provided as a complimentary drink. I on the other hand opted for Hap Chan's Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea (Php60.00) which was a good call since I like how it wasn't flavored with sugar. It was just straight up tea and milk which I appreciate.

Milk Tea at at Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Antipolo
Just like all the other Hap Chan branches, the menu has an impressive line up of Chinese dishes one can fancy. The price aren't cheap but it was competitive enough considering Hap Chan has been in the business for quite a while now, meaning it's been tried and tested. 

Mother's Day Lunch at Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Antipolo
In retrospect, I feel kind of weird that I did not order some dim sum since that is what Hap Chan is also known for, but I guess it gives me another reason to come back again. And I definitely will since the first time was a good experience for me. 

The food I must say, based on what  have tried, are undoubtedly of Hap Chan quality. I guess they wouldn't stay long in the business for nothing. The food attendants were very accommodating and efficient. The place was impressive - they even have function area to accommodate special occasions.
Hap Chan Tea House Restaurant Antipolo
Hap Chan Restaurant
Circumferential Road
Antipolo City
(Landmark: In Front of Goodyear Servitek. Within the compound of Gems Hotel and Conference Center)
Contact No.: 02-661-2928

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  1. While we were at Gems Hotel in Antipolo for a 2 weeks vacation to visit my brother to bring him back to the States, we had enjoyed coming for our lunch and dinner at Hap Chan. I do not even know Hap Chan I was not even aware. And my first time to visit Antipolo. Everything around me is strange after 30 years living in the States. The price is amazing that I couldn't imagine! I enjoyed their Pata Tim which everybody had enjoyed and the first plate that was eaten so fast! I was left with the fats but that was okay! I had some other foods to try anyway I also like the lomi and my American husband always enjoyed the spring rolls. Overall, the food was great and still missing it and hopefully to go back to Hap Chan when we do visit the Philippines again. There is a Chinese Buffet along the highway that we didn't even try. I think the reason was because of the motorist and tricycles driving fast. We were just so scared to cross the street. There was no even any pedestrian lane if I recall. Thank you for your posting and allowing me to remember our experience in Hap Chan.


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