Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines

May 12, 2015
Kumori Japanese Bakery which hails from Japan hit the Philippine shore recently and has now two branches; one in the basement level of Landmark Makati and the basement level of SM Makati. Kumori which bears the slogan “It’s Japan baked Daily” prided itself with their natural, handmade, fresh, and quality breads, cakes & pastries that echo artisanal baking craftsmanship of Japanese tradition.

First time I learned about Kumori was when I read it from Table For Three, Please blog. I am a big fan of cheesecake, hence, the Hanjuku Cheese, a bite sized Japanese cheesecake caught my attention immediately.

Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines
I have not visited the physical store as of yet, but it is one of those places I wish to check out sometime soon when I visit Manila. Friends from Kumori however sent over a package recently as a prelude of what to expect from Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines.

The package includes Croissant, Soft Matcha Bun, Fuwa-Fuwa Cream Bun, Salmon Bonito, and a box of Signature Hanjuku Cheese complete with its chocolate variant.  

The first thing I have noticed after trying out everything was the softness of the bread. Indeed, the term Kumori which means cloud is very appropriate. It felt like biting into clouds. It is said that the ingredients used to make these breads and pastries are flew in from Japan giving everything distinct taste you cannot find anywhere else here in Manila.

Breads and Pastries at Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines
The Croissant, Soft Matcha Bun, and Fuwa-Fuwa Cream Bun were good on its own rights. Yet, it was the Salmon Bonito which made me feel like visiting Kumori pronto. By appearance, its cuteness did not just end by the mere fact that the two soft buns filled with salmon flakes are on a stick, it is also glazed with teriyaki sauce and generously peppered with bonito flakes on top.

Croissant, Soft Matcha Bun, Fuwa Fuwa Cream Bun, Salmon Bonito and Hanjuku Cheese at Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines
The Signature Hanjuku Cheese as expected also became one of the reason why would I go to Kumori. Essentially, this bite sized heaven is a half-baked Japanese style cheesecake with a rich & moist cream cheese center. For the record, this is the best Japanese Cheesecake I have ever tried by far.

Signature Hanjuko Cheese at Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines
Hanjuku Cheese is also available in chocolate variant which is perfect for those who loves chocolate such as myself. The same soft texture and rich flavor makes this variant also my favorite. I love the fact that the Hanjuku Cheese are covered in plastic separately. The packaging is also impressive. 

I love everything that comes in my box of goodies hence, I can see myself visiting Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines soon.

Best Japanese Cheesecake in Manila, Hanjuku Cheese at Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines
Kumori Japanese Bakery Philippines
Landmark Makati
SM Makati 
Contact No.:  0917 828 5012
Facebook: /kumoriph
Instagram: @kumoriph

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