Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant in Antipolo City [Antipolo Food Trip Series]

May 03, 2015
Kapitbahay Filipino Cuisine is one of the new restaurants in Antipolo City I recently visited and decided fit for my Antipolo Food Trip Blog Series. Located along M.L. Quezon Extension, Kapitbahay Restaurant is fairly easy to spot since it sat just right in Palm Square Building compound in front to Antipolo Doctors Hospital near Lores Country Plaza. It occupies the same space of the now defunct Goto King Antipolo Branch.

We always passed by this restaurant to and from Antipolo Town Proper and with its nice view of its interior made possible by its see through glass walls, I cannot help but be enticed. The name is a dead giveaway that it specializes in Filipino cuisine.

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I have not fully exposed myself in my hometown's restaurant scene since I've come back here but one thing I noticed by far is that most of the locally owned restaurants mostly focuses on Filipino cuisine. I still have some Antipolo restaurants to write about and majority of it is Filipino restaurant. Safe course to take, but it only goes to show that locals love our very own which is not really a bad thing.

Painting Mural at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
The painting of what seems to be a food gathering in the garden is what makes the ambiance of Kapitbahay Restaurant very Pinoy. It's eye catching, yes, but the total vibe of the entire place should not be discounted. Comfortable seats and perpetually arranged table set up and modern lighting fixtures gave the area a touch of sophistication - there's even black chandelier by the cashier counter.

Interior and Table Set up at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
We decided to give Kapitbahay Restaurant a try one dinner time to check how they will fare among other restaurants we have tried in Antipolo. Upon checking the menu, I noticed that the prices are pretty steep compare to other Filipino restaurants in Antipolo save for Marison's which prices are a tad pricey than Kapitbahay.

Inside Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
I was on a fence to splurge because based on experience, not all pricey restaurants are worth it - Trust me on this, I had my heart broken and pocket beaten up several times when I was just starting this quest to try restaurants in Antipolo. It doesn't help that this is a new restaurant, barely an online presence to help me decide on what to go for. 

Good thing that Kapitbahay offers set meals ( known as Sandukin Meals on the menu) for an affordable price of Php95.00 only. Perfect for those who like me, would want to test the water first before the ultimate dive.

Crisp Sweet Dilis at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
Our dinner started with a bowl of crisp sweetened dilis as a complimentary appetizer. This one could be a great way to whet our palate for the things to come if only it still holds the crispness it once held. Nonetheless, it's flavor was nice and it's free anyway.

For a start we had Kapitbahay's Lumpiang Sariwa (Php65.00) made out of ubod and other vegetables. While I appreciate the flavor of the lumpia itself and the serving portion which I deem reasonable given its price, the sauce could be better. Not to say that it was bad, I guess I am just used to lumpiang sariwa sauce which is a bit garlicky in flavor. Nonetheless, I never regret having this.

Lumpiang Sariwa at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
We also had Bangus Sisig (Php165.00) which flavor I admire but the execution reminds me more of a sizzling chopped bangus steak rather than a sisig dish. If their indication of a sisig dish is that very minimal drizzle of mayonnaise on top of the bangus, I cannot imagine how bad their pork sisig will be. 

It could have been better if they scrapped off the mayo, and treat this as a sizzling variety of bangus because honestly, it is good on its own. As a matter of fact, it is so good I wouldn't mind having it on my next visit if only to experience the satisfying flavor of bangus.

Bangus Sisig at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
Now on to the Sandukin Meals (set meals) that Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant offers. All set meals comes with a serving of rice and soup.

First, we had the Adobong Manok at Baboy Sandukin Meal (Php95.00). I swear, first bite on the super tender pork meat with fats that seems to melt in your mouth and I was hooked! It was by far one of the best Adobo dish I had in a restaurant, considering I am very picky when it comes to my adobo. 

It isn't too sweet nor overly sour, it strikes the fine balance of flavors that will make you want for more servings of it. The meat is very flavorful - a hint that it's been cooked for good hours. The vegetables that come as a side dish were buttery in flavor, a really nice addition to the dish.

Chicken Pork Adobo at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
We also had the Pork Steak Sandukin Meal (Php95.00) which is equally impressive inn terms of flavor. Not as tender as the adobo, but the flavor is just amazing since there's also a hint of butter aside from the spices. I love the addition of thinly sliced potatoes as well as the generous onions.

Pork Steak at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
The Pork BBQ Sandukin Meal (Php95.00) on the other hand also has a impressive flavor but the tenderness of the meat was not as impressive as the precious two meals. I love the sweet and smokey flavor of the pork, while the BBQ sauce served on the side was a thoughtful addition. The vegetable siding was the same as all the other Sandukin Meals.

Pork BBQ at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
Native Chairs at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
For dessert we had Leche Flan (Php75). Considering the decent presentation of their food, I expected the same for the dessert but we were given literally what is shown at the photo below. But setting that aside, the leche flan was really good - creamy and sweet, not cloying at all. I remember wanting to have their Turon with Ice Cream but it wasn't available at the time of our visit, so perhaps I would try that next time.

Leche Flan at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
The Sago't Gulaman (Php65) was also good and refreshing. It wasn't too sweet just like the other Sago't Gulaman drinks we could buy in other restaurants. 

Sagot's Gulaman at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal
I am really glad to have visited Kapitbahay Filipino Cuisine Restaurant because it proves that there are more good restaurants opening in Antipolo City. It maybe too early to say since I have not tried majority of their offerings yet especially the ala carte, but based on what we had feasted on that night, Kapitbahay Restaurant is my new favorite Filipino restaurant in Antipolo. 

Bill at Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal

The service is very efficient. The food attendants are all very accommodating and friendly. The store manager event visited us at the table to check if everything is okay and if we are liking the food. They also gave us some feedback forms to answer which is a good indication that they are all for improving since they are just new in the business. With a little polishing, I am sure that many would take a great liking for this new restaurant.

Kapitbahay Filipino Restaurant Antipolo City Rizal, in Front of Antipolo Doctors Hospital, Right BEside Super 8 near Lores Country Plaza
Kapitbahay Filipino Cuisine
Palm Square Bldg.
M.L. Quezon Extension
Brgy. San Roque
Antipolo City (Rizal)
Landmarks: Front of Antipolo Doctors Hospital, Right Beside Super 8)
Contact No.: 0932 369 1784

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